Newt Gingrich – Practicing Christian


The Pink Flamingo has been a fan of Newt Gingrich since the days of the battles to save our space program in the 1980s.  I’ve been annoyed with him at times, but I always thought of him a little like John the Baptist, a voice crying in the wilderness.  I never realized how terrifyingly accurate my whimsical thoughts were, until these past few days.

My admiration for Newt Gingrich has grown considerably these past few weeks as I have watched him try to run a Presidential campaign around the Sermon on the Mount.  I suspect if the Sermon on the Mount was not my favorite part of the Bible, I wouldn’t be paying much attention to it.  But, I recognize someone who is trying to live their life the way Christ wanted us to live our lives.  For that, I admire him greatly.

I also respect him for trying to own up to his mistakes.  When he has done or said something wrong, he admits he.  Like George W. Bush, he is adult enough to admit that he has screwed something up, badly.  Trust me, as one screw-up to another, I truly find this refreshing.  I’m forced to admit my mistakes on a daily basis.  Someone running for POTUS should also have that quality.  If not, quite frankly, I don’t want them in office.

It’s strange how Christians refuse to acknowledge certain things here about this man.  As far as the forgiveness goes, it is not our duty to forgive someone for something they have not done to us, personally.  A person is not required to crawl in the ground begging our forgiveness for something not done to us.  The truly sad thing is when  person offers forgiveness, one is not required to accept it.  You’d better, if you want your sins to be forgiven, but that is between you and Christ.

Don’t you find it strange that those who are opposing this man can call him grandiose and narcissistic when he readily admits his faults?  A grandiose individual cannot do this.  Neither can a narcissistic one. Neither can a person who possesses not an ounce of humility.

As Christians we are required to examine our faults and short-comings, and attempt to improve them.  I find it rather pathetic when alleged Christians are so damn self-righteous and so biased against someone that they cannot recognize when a man or woman is trying to follow Christ in their life.

Newt’s attempt to live his life as a Christian and campaign as a Christian may be his downfall.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that a person who is attempting to do this is helpless against the onslaught of lies, canards, prevarications, and half-truths that are being told them.  Turning the other cheek is an admirable quality, but it doesn’t play well in Presidential politics.

When attempting to live a Christian life, and campaign using the Sermon on the Mount fails, it is not as much a criticism of the person attempting to do this, than it is our society.  When even Christians in our country cannot recognize this, they are the ones with the problem, not the candidate.  I don’t know about you, but I respect and admire anyone who is attempting to life a Christ centered life.  I don’t admire talk, but I admire the walk.

Anyone can get up and mouth Bible verses, say what a good person they are, and brag about their perfect, sinless life, and their perfect families.  Anyone can do that.  But – what are they doing behind the scenes?  Are they living a Christ centered life?  It is easy to condemn another person, but first, you need to look at yourself in the mirror.  Christ taught that we are to throw the first stone, only if we are sinless.

I don’t know about you, but I’m a lousy sinner.  I’m far from perfect.  Recognizing reality, I expect men and women who are running for office to be the same.  We’re all sinners.  There was only one perfect person, and He was crucified.  I find refreshing the man or woman who had no problem telling the world that they  have screwed up in life. If they are apparently trying not to make those mistakes, again, we have no right to repeatedly punish them for it.

Living a Christ centered life is not easy.  Neither is holding one’s head up high, day after day, when those about you, people you thought were your friends, are doing their best to destroy you. This time around, it is vicious.  We are watching a very nasty individual who does not play by the rules, hid behind the shadow of others, to do his dirty work for them.  When caught, he lies about the lies that are being told.  Typical of a true liberal, he then pretends he knows nothing about it.

I don’t want someone like that in the White House.  I want a man or woman who is capable of taking responsibility for their actions.  I want someone who knows how to humble himself or herself, and has done so on various occasions.  The greatest POTUS we ever had was a total screw-up in life.  That is one of the reasons I so greatly admire George W. Bush.  He admits to having been a screw-up.  He admits to having been less than perfect, and having lived a less than perfect life.

As Christians were are taught to have only one God – Our Father in Heaven.  We are not to worship greed, money, profit, or the making there-of, any more than we are to worship poverty.  Christ once said that it is easier for a camel to go through an eye of a needle than it is for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God.  Now I see why.

Nothing has brought this home, more this year, than the differences between Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.  Suddenly, the worship of money, greed, and the accumulating of money – profit, no matter how it is done, is more important than principle or honor.  When this happens to a political party, they’ve lost their heart and soul.

Republicans once prided themselves on being Godly men and women, on living their lives according to the Ten Commandments.  In order to prop up a terribly flawed man who has perverted what the entire party stands for, his supporters must destroy a good, Christian man.  They must sell their souls to the gods of greed, profit, dishonesty, and lies.

I believe that is called a deal with the devil or a Faustian bargain.

It doesn’t bother me if you criticize my choices.  I cannot support someone like this, ever.  I am going to stand with a person who is stumbling along in life, sincerely trying to follow Christ.  That is all I’ve ever done is stumble along in life, trying to follow Christ.  It is the best any of us can do.  To demand more from a person in order to support someone who is a truly dishonorable and unprincipled human being, but who had made a tremendous amount of money, and has the prefect life and the perfect family is just play hypocritical.