Mitt Has Already Lost VP Stakes


To hear the talk around the conservative world, we are doomed.  If Newt is nominated, according to Brit Hume, we are going to lose the House and Senate, that everyone will distance themselves. Strangely enough, The Pink Flamingo has been hearing the same thing from one of my sources. Only, I am hearing that there is already a move to put distance between Republicans in the House and Senate from Mitt Romney.

There is a tremendous amount of anger in the ranks of real, actual living breathing Republicans who are not supporting Mitt Romney.  It is not about the candidate’s dirty tricks, and he is among the worst of them, but the way the conservative punditry is treating him.  Not only are they insulting our intelligence, but they are hurting themselves.  Saturday night, Brit Hume made a fool of himself.  Ann Coulter has become a joke.  The WPost’s Jennifer Rubin is an object of derision.  Charles Krauthammer has reached the point of no return, even propping up Ron Paul at the expense of Newt.

One of the reasons Mitt Romney is unelectable, and will bring down the entire GOP ticket is because of his tone deaf treatment of Hispanics. Nothing he can do, short of assisting the Border Patrol as they round up John Tanton, Tom Tancredo, Kris Kobach, and misc. members of Numbers USA can salvage this severed relationship.  Hispanic GOP groups have already begun steps to support conservative Dems or independents in the general election.  They are planning to boycott the GOP.

He has completely destroyed any relationship he will ever have with them.  Some conservative pundits are trying to push Marco Rubio in order to say they are not anti-Hispanic bigots.  The problem with this picture is Rubio is Cuban.  There is a major difference between the Cuban community and the Mexican community. Rubio as VP will not solve the problem.

The only way Romney might solve things is by choosing NM’s incompetent governor, Susana Martinez.  The problem with this is she is probably a one termer, liked by more Dems than Republicans, and that isn’t much.  She has already made the humble decision to say she would not accept a spot on the ticket.

This leaves Romney with a huge problem in the Southwest and with the Mexican Latino community.  Newt Gingrich has no problem with the Hispanic community.  He is their candidate of choice.  By treating them as viable American citizens and not associating with individuals who are listed as part of a hate group, he has their respect and support.

Why is this important?

Newt has already cemented the Hispanic community.  The nasty associates of Numbers USA ruined John McCain’s chances with Hispanics in 2008, and cost him, dearly.  George W. Bush carried enough of the vote of our fastest growing minority to put him over the top.  Newt can do the same thing.  Mitt cannot.  A Republican cannot win the White House without a percentage of the Hispanic vote.

This leaves Newt open to make a strategic VP choice.  If need be, to cement Florida and check-mate Obama, he uses Allen West. Game, set, match.  He could choose Condi Rice, which would be the smartest thing anyone could do.

Romney doesn’t have that freedom.  We see Nikki Haley pandering to be on his short list.  She is an utter disaster, in more ways than one.  Bob McDonnell of Virginia wants to be on the list to the point where he did not lift a pinky to do the right thing in Virginia with the primary.  He helps no one.

The Pink Flamingo fully expects Romney, if nominated to choose a white male.  He does not have a track record for promoting women.  Newt, on the other time, is getting kudos from the women who worked with him in Congress, for promoting them into positions of responsibility and leadership.

Be honest here, Mr. Perfect has boxed himself into a corner.  When John McCain chose Sarah Palin in 2008, he raised the bar for GOP candidates.  I doubt if Mitt understands that we women want a creative VP solution.  I suspect Newt does.


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