Lindsey Stands Up for Newt


Lindsey had some very nice things to say about Newt the other night. In many ways, it was very much a slam against Romney. Said that Newt was the real conservative in the race.  It also makes you wonder why we’re getting one story about the “coup” against Newt from Romney supporters and another from Lindsey.  It’s like this, The Pink Flamingo trusts Lindsey more than I trust anyone else in DC.

I guess the bitter irony here, as a friend mentioned last night, the very person who is defending Newt, is the one so many of Newt’s supporters dislike the most.

“…“Looking back, I appreciate how hard his job was better than I did in 1997,” Graham, who represented the Palmetto State in the House during the failed coup, said Thursday on Fox News. “I’m here to say that as a guy that was in the coup, that looking back we were too hard on him, and if he got to be the nominee I think he could win.”

“When he’s on, there is no better messenger for what we believe as conservatives, and when he’s not on, he’s a danger to himself and others at times,” Graham said…”

The Hill