PART I: Romney’s Hostile Take-Over of the GOP


Are you a normal Republican who feels as though our Grand Old Party is being hijacked by the Pandering Pipsqueeks Prostitutes of the Romney Media?  If so, join the crowd.  No, you are not alone.  Your feelings of betrayal are being felt by many, a good 60% of the GOP, in fact.

It is so bad, I’ve had two friends confide, in confidence, apologizing for supporting and voting for Newt, because they are afraid I’m supporting Romney and will castigate them.  It is so bad, I had this email from my best friend (name with-held to protect the guilty).

“…We voted for Newt and believe the money groups are favoring the competition.  Plus that with his ex wife was a fiasco here in S.C. Scorned woman.  Made Newt look like a gentleman.  anyway, it does not look good for the only person who could really defeat Romney…Newt is a bulldog and we need what else can come out about him?  we know it all.  This is a critical election…”

When best friends must apologize in advance, for supporting someone, for fear of being castigated, something is very, very wrong.  I have a friend in Colorado who put off calling me because she was afraid I would ask who she was supporting, then fuss at her.

Something is extremely wrong with this picture.  Never, ever, have I seen anything like this. I don’t mind admitting I avoided someone because I thought they were supporting Romney and were avoiding me.  This is how bad things are out there in the real world.   If it were just The Pink Flamingo, then I would think it is all about my take no enemies approach to politics.  The problem is, it is not me.  I thought it was, but, after seeing this in several close friends, I am absolutely positive something very nasty is going on here.

The Pink Flamingo finally understands what Mitt Romney is up to in the GOP.

“…The post goes on beyond Virginia, all the way to the General Election. The establishment is seriously underestimating the resistance to Mitt Romney. Cool-headed, none bomb-throwing friends of mine are already throwing up their hands in exasperation, vowing to sit-out the general if he’s nominated. Either the GOP doesn’t get it, or they’re as stuck with Mittsy as may be conservatives in the end. The difference is, we don’t have to live, or die with him. They do….”

He’s playing conservative for fools, mounting a hostile take-over of what was once a great and promising party, lowering our standards, and offering socialism on a silver platter.

“...To continue to enable and even empower the Republican Party that Mitt Romney represents, one that fundamentally shares the very same view as the Democrats but for a few tweaks here and there and a slower pace, has nothing to do with stopping America’s decline. It is to become a willing participant in the very process we claim to abhor and fight against every day….”

David Frum gave it all away.  It is all about Romney’s own gentle little form of socialism.

“…Because of the Affordable Care Act, near-universal health coverage is coming at last to the United States. That’s not a clock that can or should be turned back. The conservative task ahead is to reform that new social commitment so that it is affordable and sustainable, so that it is financed in ways that do not discourage work, saving and investment.

It’s unexpected but welcome to see Ann Coulter enroll among those who favor that kind of pragmatic conservative reform. Could the ideological fever that has gripped the right over the past three years at last be breaking?…”

Outside the Beltway

Dan Riehl has an interesting little tid-bit.

“…Romney has reportedly been chasing Trump around frantically in the last few weeks. I bet! A third party run would do him in. Maybe Trump’s broke, again and blackmailed Mitt with the threat and in exchange for some friendly loan terms from Bain, or whomever, it’s going to be an endorsement, instead?…”

Trump has had little good to day about Romney.

“…“But Mitt is in this never-never land – in tennis they call it the never-never when you’re off the baseline a little bit – and it is putting him in a very bad position. I’m sure he has got nothing to hide, but he has got to make sure of the fact that those returns get out,” Trump said….”

In order for conservatives to support Romney, they must betray everything they believe.  The Pink Flamingo would like to complement Rush Limbaugh for remaining true to his beliefs, unlike the other radio talk show hosts who are pandering for Romney.  I gather this is not that easy for Rush, considering that Bain owns Clear Channel.   I’ve been hearing that considerable pressure is being put on Rush to endorse Romney.  One only wonders how long he can hold out against what must be tremendous pressure.

Rush Limbuagh

The real problem is that those of us who are rank and file Republicans are being made to feel as though we no longer have a say in the GOP.  This is all to prop up an increasingly out of touch candidate who has no real grasp of the real world beyond his platinum spoon.

There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with being born with a platinum spoon in one’s mouth.  The problems is when a person has lived such a sheltered life that they have no grasp of reality or the real world.  Romney is utterly tone deaf when it comes to anyone but his little group of followers.

Don’t think that it is about Romney’s rank and file supporters who just want to beat Obama.  This is all about the powers that be who have completely rigged this entire process. Those of us who are not supporting Romney are absolutely furious over the way the game is being played within the RNC and the media.   The process is being gamed.  Anyone not following Romney can see this.  It is as though those of us who are not supporting him are being pushed out of the GOP.

Part II of this rant conclude on Monday.