God Save the Queen!


She has seen 11 US Presidents come and go.  She has outlasted 13 Prime Ministers. Her family is far from perfect.  She has withstood the scandals of her various offspring, been the subject of an award winning movie, yet has emerged with grace, charm, and dignity.

She has endured.

There have been slings and arrows.  Those who are completely unaware of history or the British Constitution have demanded she retire.  She cannot.  She’s stuck for life.  Her critics have been vicious, but ironically, they are primarily from the US.

Weirdly enough, there are those here in the US who still malign her for her late ex-daughter-in-law.  We are such fools over here, across the Pond, the average person being unable to even comprehend her importance in the world, and to history.

The American political scene could learn a lot from her.  For sixty years she has been one of the most important people in the world.  It’s not a power thing, it is her position in life.  It is a position she has never abused, betrayed, or degraded.  She is gracious, kind, and understands her place in the world.

She has a wicked sense of humor.

Perhaps it is because she treats people decently.

Perhaps she endures because she is a very special lady.

“God of time and eternity,
“Whose son reigns as servant, not master;
“We give you thanks and praise
“That you have blessed this nation, the realms and territories with Elizabeth,
“Our beloved and glorious Queen.
“In this year of Jubilee,
“Grant her your gifts of love and joy and peace
“As she continues in faithful obedience to you, her Lord and God,
“And in devoted service to her lands and peoples,
“And those of the Commonwealth,
“Now and all the days of her life;
“Through Jesus Christ our Lord.

God save the Queen!


One thought on “God Save the Queen!

  1. Good Lord, you and I do have similar tastes don’t we?

    I’ve told my Tory partner that perhaps the greatest “natural” asset the UK has is Elizabeth II. Actually, the first wasn’t too bad either–and I’m a Catholic!

    I just appreciate excellence and as queen and leader, these two women who shared the same name was incredible.


    Because they were in love. With the kingdom they ruled.

    It is this kind of emotional and spiritual connection with their people that separates real leaders from those who only seek power.

    God HAS saved the Queen…thru World Wars and ungrateful relatives…may he continue to do so.

    This world needs grace, beauty, and class.

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