PART II: Romney’s Hostile Take-Over of the GOP


(Wherein The Pink Flamingo admits to being wrong?)

Yesterday The Pink Flamingo discussed the fact that many of us feel as though Mitt Romney has engineered what amounts to a hostile take-over of the GOP.   Conservatives all over the web are discussing what can be done to stop this.  There are threats of leaving the GOP, letting Romney and his bunch of pandering press prostitutes have it.

Sorry, I’m not going anywhere.

There are about 60% of us, and maybe 25% of them.

Perhaps we are right and they are wrong?

We are told that Romney had a HUGE win in Nevada.  I’m hearing that less than 50K people voted, down from 2008.  He got all of about 12 delegates.  Big fat hairy deal.  Because of this, we’re being told that Newt should bow out, even though there are a good 2000 delegates or so to go.

Maybe the problem is that two-thirds of Republicans in the US simply do not want Romney, and refuse to allow people like Romney’s pandering press to tell us how they want us to vote.  This cardboard cut-out candidate they are propping up is incapable of winning against Obama.  The real problem is Romney’s pandering press who are completely out of touch with the GOP base.  We are absolutely and utterly furious with the way Romney is being pushed, promoted, and treated as though he is a second coming of a second coming.

This has been an interesting process for The Pink Flamingo.  Along the way I’ve learned something, and must admit a huge mistake.  My regular readers know how little respect I have for the tea party and tea partiers.  Something I’ve learned by following Twitter is that all tea partiers are not created equal.

I am utterly shocked to find that I am aligned with the dreaded tea party “element”.


No way.

I’m not all that conservative.  In fact, I am a compulsive Neo-con.  I proudly supported George W. Bush and still do.  I don’t have anything in common with these Ron Paul worshiping,  Glenn Beck watching, FOX news brainwashed, RINO hating, Lindsey Graham hating weirdos. They dress like patriot Trekkies, march on Washington, and have generally made life a living hell for the GOP.


Okay, I was wrong.

Like Newt Gingrich, I’m not afraid to admit when I am wrong.

All tea partiers are not created equal.  There are still the Ron Paul Bots.  BUT – if the rumors are true, they are soon to be betrayed.  There are stories that Ron Paul is going to sell his soul to Romney for a speaking slot in Tampa for both he and his son.  If this is true, we are going to have a lot of unhappy, peppy, people.  Several things could happen here.  A few will blindly take their orders and turn into Romney Bots.  We’re hearing this is already happening on certain levels – two groups working as one.  Some will become serious libertarians, others will crawl back into the woodwork.  Those who wish to stay in the GOP and become real Republicans should be welcomed. We need their enthusiasm and dedication.  I don’t think many will.

Then there are the Glenn Beck junkies.  These are the ones who are being manipulated all the way toward Romney.  They have bought into the entire FOX the end is near scenario.  The other night I was visiting with a colleague who is beginning to think along the same line I am.  What if Beck and his former FOX colleagues made Obama look worse than he actually is, in order to create his minions who are ready to fall into his end is near scenario?  Frankly, I expect this version of the tea party to vote for Romney. That is why they were created.

The “corporate” tea partiers are owned by Dick Armey, Crossroads, Koch, and FOX.  They are being manipulated into supporting Romney. That is why they were created.

Then, there are the rest of the tea partiers.  I’m seeing a good 75% of tea partiers – the men and women I once denigrated as mindless – as just good conservatives.  A theory was presented to me that these people were not intended to even be part of the ‘tea party’, but they liked the idea and ran with it.

These people are NOT for Romney.  I am discovering a group of patriotic, decent men and women who are bright, articulate, and very well engaged.  They are far more pragmatic than the so called GOP “base” who are supporting Romney. They want to win, but are not willing to sell their souls for the false narrative that Romney is the most electable.

What I have found are good men and women who are as pragmatic, well-read, and as reasonable as I think I am.  In doing so, I discovered a vibrant and living GOP base.  They are so angry and so furious, many are considering leaving the GOP.  Like The Pink Flamingo, they feel as though we are being shown the door, and told not to let it hit us on the way out.

There is one little problem with this scenario. I am not going anywhere.  Why should I allow myself to be kicked out of the GOP by a group of pandering, prostituting, prevaricating pundits who are in it to enrich themselves, sell books, and improve their ratings.  They have hitched their wagons to Romney.  Fine.  Go in peace and leave the rest of us the heck alone.

We are being told that we are irrational, supporting candidates who cannot possibly win.  We are being required to buy in to the story that Newt Gingrich is mean, mentally disturbed, corrupt, and evil.  He is an angry man who will stop at nothing to destroy their perfect candidate.


Mr. Perfect is a cold-blooded, calculating prevaricating obsessed individual who is running for POTUS because of daddy.  Everyone stops to discuss Newt’s mental state, but no one dares mention the pathology of a man who lies to himself about his perfect family, his perfect sons, and his perfect life.  What would he do if he were to discover that one of his sons were gay, addicted to drugs, or an alcoholic?  What does Mr. Perfect do then?

During a time of war, this is a man who said that being a missionary for two years was the same thing as serving in the military in a war zone.

This is a man who cannot change his position without consulting with the heirachy of his church, which he did when betraying his beliefs about abortion when running for governor.  There is nothing wrong with consulting with a spiritual adviser, minister, priest, or rabbi.  BUT – when you belong to a religious sect that says the head of the church must make all decisions, and you must abide by them, this is a bit of a problem.  Will Mitt Romney be loyal to his country before the requirements of his church?  And yes, the same thing was asked of JFK, in all fairness.

In order to win, Mitt Romney is utterly vicious.  His win at any cost is fine for his supporters, but it is starting to wear thin for the rest of us.  Now, in order to win at any cost, he must become the perpetual victim, beaten, abused, and treated badly by Big Bad Newt.   Sure, P. T. Barnum said there’s one born every minute, referring to a ‘sucker’, but the old adage is that you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.  By playing the perpetual victim, while being utterly ruthless, he is running a danger of people eventually seeing through him.  Let is hope and pray this happen before Tampa.

The Pink Flamingo would like to propose that the punditry demanding we fall in line with their version of Mr. Perfect is woefully out of touch.  I also think it is time that we, the GOP base, stand up and tell the “elite” that we are not going anywhere.  Come November 7, 2012, WE are the ones who are going to be picking up the pieces of THEIR mess.

Don’t get me wrong, I will NOT vote for Mitt Romney if he is the nominee.  My vote is my own, not to be bullied, manipulated, or subject to a hostile take-over by Romney’s supporters.  I have no intention of supporting a man I feel does not have the psychological capacity to be the President of the United States of America.

As for the punditry pushing this disaster upon us, my heartfelt sentiment, don’t let the door hit you on the way out.  YOU have betrayed the spirit of the GOP.  I am going nowhere. Deal with it, and your abysmal failure of a seriously disturbed candidate.




3 thoughts on “PART II: Romney’s Hostile Take-Over of the GOP

  1. I’m shocked to learn of your terrible ordeal as a hostage of these pundit people! You never dropped a single clue… your brain always seemed delightfully free and independent to me… you dealt with life in all its tackiness without losing your sense of humor. And if Mitt Romney was in some small way responsible for your release I am grateful to him even though he eats live babies for lunch.

    In all seriousness, I can’t follow most of this intrigue, it hurts my brain to even try. In my little corner I am seeing Pubbies beginning to coalesce around Romney, all on their own, as they size things up. Sure, some would like to see a little more rollicking rhetoric, Newt style. Some wish he showed a little more passion on certain pet issues. But people are starting to look at the whole Romney package, including the clean cut fam and the darling wife, and see something rather appealing and solid and very sincere.

  2. Wasn’t it I who told you that the original tea partiers weren’t the Paul bots? Unfortunately, like with the GOP, the Losertarians pretending to be the base of the Republican party (which they absolutely REFUSED to call themselves a Republican), went on to put themselves forth as THE tea party. And so by the time you went off on them, they had earned it.

    It took awhile, as I saw them as more Independent, but I finally had to admit you were right on that score. I believe you see them differently now because the tea party (the Losertarians) realize the tea party has no power and has started to drift away.

    However, the TEA PARTY, what’s left, still poses a HUGE problem for Romney and his pals since originally, the tea party came about for one reason and one reason only…OBAMACARE and guess who is the father of Obamacare?

    YUP…and the tea partiers are now going to be ordered to support the guy who makes no apologies about starting this whole mess? This is going to be interesting.

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