PART I: Church, State, Morals, Pontificating, Religious Freedom, & Another Fine Mess


This is first of three posts, all of which will  anger just about everyone. I really don’t care. I don’t know about you, but I am sick of this so-called trumped-up culture war, created by FOX News to promote their bimbo blond news readers. I’m tired of having everyone’s version of morality shoved down my throat. You must believe one way or another. It is either or, no shades of gray, and forget any resemblance to kindness, human decency, tolerance, and grown-up behavior. Our politicians on both sides of the aisle are so busy pandering to a “base” that they are afraid to do what is right, honorable and maybe what is best for the country.

“… Another thing that the Fox discussion seems to be ignoring is the fact that 26 states require insurers, that cover prescription drugs, to also provide contraceptive coverage with churches being exempt – just like the Obama policy. They also ignore the reality that some Catholic institutions of higher learning, like DePaul, currently cover contraception in their health plan. Fox News “fair & balanced” as always….”

There are very few reasonable discussions on the subject. The Opinionated Catholic has one. There is an interesting article in the Atlantic that makes the Obama Administration look like the bungling morass of idiocy it always is. I do find this one thing rather interesting. What we are looking at is a bunch of liberals being hung on their own petard.

“...Without the work of women like Sister Carol Keehan, president of the Catholic Health Association, and Sister Simone Campbell of the Catholic social justice group NETWORK, there would be no health reform and therefore no contraception coverage mandate to argue over — not just for the employees of Catholic hospitals and universities, but for the estimated 24 million other women who will benefit from this aspect of the law.

So, yes, a little gratitude from women’s health advocates and other liberals would be appropriate. Instead, when these Catholic sisters and others asked for some flexibility with regard to the mandate, the advocates pooh-poohed as irrelevant their concerns about religious liberty and insisted that “the bishops” were the only ones who had a problem with contraception coverage….”

Let’s put it this year, there is no honor among liberals. In a way, both parties brought it on themselves.

The Right Scoop

When I was in high school, the teacher who most molded me into what I am today, a Republican activist and writer, was also my government and American history instructor. I will always remember something he said about religious freedom in the US. This came from a man who bore the scars from a WWII prison camp in Germany, fought at Tobruk, took Sicily with Patton, and was the person who was given a task by Patton that caused him to view the next thirty years of his life through the bottom of a booze bottle. It was the only way he could cope with what he saw and was required to do.

He was the most patriotic individual I ever met in my life. When I stepped into his class, for the first time, I learned exactly what the horrors of war did to a person, body, mind, and soul. The physical and emotional scars caused by being a part of the Greatest Generation never fully healed.

I preface what I am to write with something Mr. Puckett said that has stuck with me, more than any other lesson, aside from how lousy Democrats were. When he was discussing the Constitution, Amendments, Bill of Rights, and the founding of this country, he constantly reiterated that this nation was founded on Freedom From Religion, not Freedom of Religion.

After one of his lectures about the founding of this nation, by many individuals who were coming here to get away from one form of religion or the other. Not only did they come here to worship freely, but they came here to be free from having religion thrust upon them.

Mr. Puckett was the first person who said we need to completely get rid of all prayer in schools, to remove all religion from public schools. At the time he said it, he was chairing our county GOP and the regional prayer breakfast. His reasoning is extremely important, today. If prayer was not removed from all public schools, one day a religion would come along and those students who did not want to take part in it would be pushed into doing something both they and their parents did not want.

According to Mr. P. it was not as much about removing prayer from schools, but protecting students from being coerced into participating in a religion that was offensive to others. At the time he said that we, as Christians, needed to understand that, while we might enjoy the fact that we were allowed to pray in school, what would happen if another religion were to come in and make the same demands. He specifically asked what our parents would do if someone came in and demanded we stop so many times a day to pray toward Mecca.

The only way to stop it was not to allow any religion in public schools. I was shocked at the time, but the man was very astute. We are are now involved in that very fight. Like he said, any parent who claims to be “religious” should be teaching their child at home, and not demand teachers do the work for them.

This current political posturing over Obama,6 religion, the Catholic Church, Contraceptives, RU-486, conservatives, and how the Obama Administration is destroying this nation is idiotic. It is a culture war on religion, etc. etc. ad nauseum.


I find hyperactive and hysterical commentaries such as this to be absurd and completely lacking in all historical perspective.  Tomorrow we will discuss the various historical incidents that have led to this point.

The Telegraph

8 thoughts on “PART I: Church, State, Morals, Pontificating, Religious Freedom, & Another Fine Mess

  1. This is what happens when a country gets involved in socialism. The Bishops were really naive not to see this coming when they backed Obamacare in the name of social justice. When the state controls your health care, they control your life. This is just the beginning, so get ready.

  2. Pinky, what is hyperbolic or hysterical about the comment in The Telegraph? Clearly, if Obama gets his way, it means that it would be impossible under the law to start a medical insurance company explicitly dedicated to Catholic bioethics, or for a “bigger” insurance company to offer such a plan. It sounds like it will be impossible to buy a major-medical-only plan as well. What can possibly justify this?

  3. Couldn’t agree more! Amen!

    I think Axelgrease dreamed this one up to wag the dog and “the base” is responding beyond expectations, like a pack of Jack Russells on Red Bull. It was pretty savvy of Axelgrease… almost an *inspired* act of political sabotage.

  4. The best part is how Obama totally screwed the GOP today. Pure genius. He and his team may be incompetent when it comes to governing, but they are impressive when it comes to campaigning.


  5. I was listening to an interview with a Bishop that was meant to convey the idea that this was going to be a war between the church and the Obama administration.

    I thought of all the Catholic Democrats that somehow manage to vote for the only politician to support the barbaric partial birth abortions and mentally shrugged. Those who support the Liberal cause and is still in love with the idea of a Black president will find some way to justify voting for the man again.

    Oh well.

    Then, the Bishop said something…he stated that the church was involved in too many things to “pay some kind of fine”. He went on to mention the hospitals, schools, outreaches for native Americans, abuse of all kinds, the elderly, the poor, the sick…and how they would have to CLOSE it all down.


    This may have been the single most stupid move Obama has ever done. If he retreats right now, he loses HIS base. If he pushes the Catholic Church and the church is forced to shut down all its charities, I can promise you that the GOP will be screaming for Obama’s head and the Dems will be ducking as millions of people will be calling and marching, demanding to know what happened to services they are “entitled” to!

    At this moment, Christians still smarting from secular attack on Christmas are looking at both Romney and Obama and seeing Santorum as lookin’ like their kind of guy. And Obama’s attack on a church’s beliefs may add fuel to the fire, but will it be enough to keep the Christians in the Santorum camp till the convention? Probably not.

    But a shut down of all services touched by the Catholic Church…you won’t need all the Christians because you’ll have the GOP and that all important group, the Independents bound and determined to get Obama out…IF the Dems don’t beg Hillary to run against him first.

    Again, interesting times.

  6. Well, I’ll have to wait on the rest of the story but in principal I don’t like ‘federal’ government involvement in healthcare, I don’t like ‘federal’ government involved in the public school system.

  7. I was going to wait until after the series ended, but I need to comment on your teacher.

    In full respect for his service, this man experienced what it was like to live under ungodly conditions, then he came home and lived in a nation that based its laws on the Judeo-Christian beliefs of right and wrong. Unlike the millions he left behind, he did not know what it was like to live under a nation where religion was removed from the government…like the Soviet Union, Germany, China, or North Korea.

    In fact, removal of religion from government institutions doesn’t guarantee freedom of religion for all but the opposite. This was brought home to me by my Tory partner who mentioned the Polish immigrants who were strong in their Catholism because they had, for so long, been denied the right to practice their religion.

    You mention Moslems, but they have always been the exception to the rule, being the religion that believes in the subjugation of women.

    The point is that the freedoms we enjoy, the very right that allowed your teacher to express his opinion, was given per our Declaration of Independence, NOT by a secular entity but by the CREATOR.

    We must always remember to guard that core belief. It is the single trump card that gave us, the people, the RIGHT to leave England and form our own nation, to make our own laws, to unite, to protect, to survive.

    We did so by the grace of God, the CREATOR. There can be no real separation of God and state for without God there is no real right to the latter.

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