Obama Vs the Church or Something Else Entirely


The past few days The Pink Flamingo has had a bit of fun with the entire church/state and Barack Obama storyline.  There are several things going on here, and I swear on my toy poodle, that they have nothing to do with religion.

Something is up with Obama and his Administration.  Every political instinct The Pink Flamingo possesses thinks this is not about contraception, the Catholic Church, or even Obama Care.  Why do you float such a ruling so close to a CPAC weekend?  It doesn’t make sense.  It only makes sense if you look at it like one would Bill Clinton.

What Would Bill Do?

Or – Why Would Bill Do It?

Once we stop thinking with our hearts and emotions, and begin applying cold logic to the situation, I think we are being manipulated by a master.

“…The Blunt amendment he was specifically referring to would “ensure that health care stakeholders retain the right to provide, purchase, or enroll in health coverage that is consistent with their religious beliefs and moral convictions” under the Affordable Care Act. Similar legislation was introduced by Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) before the White House announced Friday that it would allow religious nonprofits such as charities, hospitals and universities to opt out of paying for contraception coverage and force the insurance company to do so instead.

White House chief of staff Jack Lew, asked about the Blunt amendment after McConnell’s remarks, declined to delve into the issue but predicted that “it’s not going to come to pass.”

A debate over access to contraception could be politically problematic for Republicans as polls show Americans overwhelmingly support the use of birth control and want insurance plans to cover the service for free. Tellingly, McConnell was eager to keep the focus on religious freedom as opposed to contraception itself.

“The fact that the White House thinks this is about contraception is the whole problem. This is about freedom of religion, it’s right there in the First Amendment. You can’t miss it — right there in the very first amendment to our Constitution,” McConnell said. “What the overall view on the issue of contraception is has nothing to do with an issue about religious freedom.”…”

  • Obama’s concern for the “little” people now the headlines

“…He went on to explain that when pricing two insurance plans—one with contraception, one without—the plan without contraception costs more than the one with it, as “the total cost of care for a person is higher” without the form of birth control.

“So this will not cost the insurance companies money. It will not put religious institutions in a place where they have to violate their principles,” he said. “I actually think there won’t be as much resistance to this from insurance companies as people might think.”

The plan has received mixed reviews among Catholics. The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops denounced the new proposal on Friday, saying it “continues to involve needless government intrusion in the internal governance of religious institutions.”

However, other Catholic groups called the Obama compromise an acceptable solution, including the Catholic Health Association, the University of Notre Dame, the Association of Jesuit Colleges and Universities and Catholic Charities USA….”

  • The primaries lose headlines
  • Things don’t make sense to the point where I am beginning to smell a rat
  • Newt gets no publicity
  • Mitt’s status as “front runner” is protected (and Obama wants to run against him)
  • Obama turns the Catholic Church against the “little people”

“...Many Catholics are confused and angry. They should be.

Quite a few Catholics supported President Obama in the last election, so the ironies here are bitter. Many feel betrayed. They’re baffled that the Obama administration would seek to coerce Catholic employers, private and corporate, to violate their religious convictions.

But it’s clear that such actions are developing into a pattern. Whether it was the administration’s early shift toward the anemic language of “freedom of worship” instead of the more historically grounded and robust concept of “freedom of religion” in key diplomatic discussions; or its troubling effort to regulate religious ministers recently rejected 9-0 by the Supreme Court in the Hosanna Tabor case; or the revocation of the U.S. bishops’ conference human-trafficking grant for refusing to refer rape victims to abortion clinics, it seems obvious that this administration is – to put it generously – tone deaf to people of faith….”

  • AND What if either Newt or Rick are the nominees?  They are Catholic.

Quite frankly, The Pink Flamingo thinks this is a well thought tactic that is playing right back into Obama’s hands.  He is a lousy leader, can’t govern, but he is a political master.  Unfortunately, he is a political master who has been caught off guard.

It is quite apparent, Barack Obama, like the conservative punditry, was planning on running against Mitt Romney, Mr. Inevitable.   I am absolutely certain this is the reason Occupy Wall Street was created.  They have been working for months building an opposition machine to go after Mitt.

Suddenly, though, it is possible that one of the candidates  nominated will be Catholic.

What’s an utterly incompetent POTUS to do?

Well, you go after the Catholic church.

There are indications that Catholics, as a voting block, are turning against the Obama Administration in large numbers.  The way to stop this, is to fire a shot across the bow of both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich, both Catholics.

The problem, though, is Obama appears to have miscalculated.  According to a Pink Flamingo source, Catholics are pumping mega donations into Rick Santorum’s campaign.  Obama knows this.  He must separate conservative Catholics from liberal Catholics, women from men.  This is not about “Catholics”.  This is about cold hard calculating voting blocks here.

Obama must have Ohio and Pennsylvania to be re-elected.  A Rick Santorum nomination puts a different spin on Ohio and puts Pennsylvania in play for the GOP.  Obama’s handlers must make Santorum and the GOP appear to be anti-woman.  Right now they’re doing a very good job.

This brings The Pink Flamingo to one of my great soap-boxes.  Why must people have 100% insurance coverage?  Why are people so idiotic about this?  It’s not going to hurt to have some out of pocket.  I know. My insurance is a $2500 yearly deductible with no coverage for medication before that.  That’s an improvement.  For years all I had was a $5000 per issue deduction.  I’ve always paid for things, out of pocket.  I have insurance through United.  My premiums are $164 a month.  I hear people discuss their premiums that are in the hundreds and don’t get it.  I would rather pay less and pay medication out of pocket.  I save money.

Then again, because I have such a high deductible, I don’t go to the doctor for a runny nose.  I do my derm twice a year for a melanoma checkup, and that is $60, out of pocket.  Other than that, I must have a major injury or a broken appendage before I go to a doctor.  I don’t believe in over-medicating, and have a very low opinion of the medical profession in general when it comes to my personal health.  I like alternatives.  (When it comes to my parents, that’s another story).

But, to expect insurance to pay for contraceptives is just plain pathetic.  I checked on Amazon.  You can buy 48 condoms for $15, shipping included.  You can get generic birth control pills for under twenty bucks.  A cervical cap with a spermicides is about $60 a year.  A diaphragm can cost about $60 a year.  IUDs are more expensive.  This is just a stupid and useless argument.    Cut out a carton of cigarettes or a carton of beer, or a few less margaritas a month and it pays for itself.

The bottom line here is quite simple, and rather exciting.  Evidently Obama views both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich so much of a threat that he and his people are going to create an “Occupy Wall Street” to make their lives a living misery.  If he can make conservatives, in general, appear to be anti-woman, that helps, lots.

Because Mitt Romney is all over the map on this one, it only helps Obama.

You gotta love it.

This is so NOT about persecuting the church.  This is about getting Barack Obama reelected.