The Itsy Bitsy Problem in Maine


The Pink Flamingo doesn’t even know why I am now shocked at the way the caucus states end up in such a disaster.  There is major talk behind the scenes of all sorts of vote fraud.  Frankly, if I were a Ron Paul supporter, I would still be postal about Nevada.  I think he was “robbed” there.

Things must be dirty when I am defending Ron Paul!

As for Maine – well, it doesn’t get any dirtier.

“…Results from the Maine caucuses were announced Saturday, with Mitt Romney claiming a slim 194-vote victory over Ron Paul. But the last-minute postponement of one county’s voting means the race is still wide-open — at least in the eyes of many Paul supporters.

Washington County, in the far eastern part of the state, postponed its caucus Friday evening, noting a forecast of snow. At the time the county’s GOP chair, Chris Gardner, apparently believed his county’s votes in the presidential preference poll would count.

The county, however, only received a dusting of snow; and come Saturday evening, state party chairman Charlie Webster announced that no subsequent votes would count. Gardner, shocked, told the Associated Press, “Refusal to reconsider under those circumstances would be extremely disheartening.”

“We will proceed next Saturday,” said Gardner, a Romney supporter. “We’ll have our vote and we are going to submit it to the state party for them to reconsider.”…”

Let’s face it, this nation is ripe with vote fraud.  The Romney campaign, from what I have been told, is manipulating some of this, to put it mildly.  One of the ways Romney is winning by cheating is by having his operatives in place in various states.  Virginia is one of those situations where having his operatives in place has seriously damaged both Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich.  Watch for the same thing in Indiana.

The Maine caucuses are just plain dirty.

“...Pressure is mounting on the Maine Republican Party to reconsider its weekend declaration that Mitt Romney won the state’s caucuses, at least until all votes have been counted.

The Maine GOP announced Saturday that Romney narrowly edged Ron Paul, 39 percent to 36 percent, in a nonbinding presidential preference poll taken during the caucuses. The margin was fewer than 200 votes.

A number of communities were not included in that poll because they had not held their caucuses by the deadline spelled out by the state party.

Washington County Republicans postponed their caucuses, originally scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 11, because of a pending snowstorm and will now meet this Saturday. Other communities across the states also have caucuses scheduled for this weekend and later this month.

All along, state GOP officials said communities knew that their votes would not be included in the final results if they did not hold their caucus by Feb. 11.

However, a review of the town-by-town results released Saturday by the Maine GOP suggests that some communities that had caucused prior to Feb. 11 were not counted. Nearly all Waldo County towns held caucuses on Feb. 4 but those towns were blank in the results released by the state party. Additionally, Waterville held its caucuses ahead of time but were not included in the results.

Waldo County GOP Chairman Raymond St. Onge said the results were sent to the state party on Tuesday, Feb. 7. He said those results probably would not have changed the outcome but was disheartened the votes were not included.

St. Onge said he spoke to party officials late Tuesday about why Waldo County’s results were omitted.

“They said it was a clerical error,” St. Onge said. “I’m going to believe them because there were other errors that occurred. I don’t think it was intentional because our results wouldn’t have changed the winner.”…”


One thought on “The Itsy Bitsy Problem in Maine

  1. Romney campaign = corrupt caucuses, missing ballot boxes, people being denied access to caucus, not counting caucus votes, dead people voting, absentee voters registered in two states who vote in two states (Florida has not changed), keeping candidates off the ballot in VA, trying to do the same in IN with the head of the Romney campaign in charge of the decision, etc.

    All of that sounds like the Democrats campaign in 2008 when Obama did the cheating against Hillary starting in the caucuses. Is that where the Romney group learned to cheat?

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