Perception Is Everything? (right – ?)


What happens when you build a campaign on one issue – electability – and are no longer seen as all that electable?  What happens when it is quite obvious Obama is going to win this election?

“…With Romney now needing 1,057 delegates to win the nomination, Santorum needing 1,109, Newt Gingrich needing 1,112, Paul needing 1,131, and anyone else who might yet choose to enter needing 1,144, the outcome of this race is now anything but inevitable….”

Scott Rasmussen mentioned that he thought Barack Obama was going to be re-elected.  Rasmussen, the pollster most closely aligned with the GOP basically endorsed Rick Santorum on Monday.  With his comment that he thought Obama was going to be re-elected, he fired a shot across the bow of Mr. Electability.

GOP 12

So, when a recent poll showed that Romney was not as electable as he once was, Team Romney went into orbit, protesting the poll, way too much.  They should be.  There is a serious likability factor here.  Romney does not poll well with likeability.  Obama will slaughter him on  the issue.

Then there is the here to for not noticed fact that Romney is not as easy to “handle” as his supporters have thought him to be.  All candidates make verbal gaffs. Evidently his supporters in the media thought he was, well, Mr. Perfect.  One of the serious problems they need to watch is the gaff.  Last week, if he had not received such “favorable” press, there were several gaffs that would have nearly ruined a different candidate.  The teflon finish can only last so long before it gets scarred, scratched, and no longer works all that well.  It happens to every one in office.

Once Romney is viewed as not as electable as he was once seen, it is going to be a serious problem for him, and for the GOP.  There is also a interesting phenomenon we are starting to see.  In Florida and New Hampshire, after his scorched earth campaign, once the primary was over, there is almost a buyer’s remorse.

Now that Rick Santorum basically shellacked Romney on last Tuesday evening there are a few former Romney worshipers who are starting to run for cover.  When it comes to Romneycare and what he plans to do, they should.  There are a few pundits who are starting to hedge their bets, just a little.  Not to matter, though, they all swear up and down Romney is THE ONE.

When cornered, Mitt Romney is vicious.  He is now planning to attack Rick Santorum.  I don’t think that the attacks on Santorum are going to be as successful as they were against Newt.  Team Romney has had months to destroy Newt, which they have done quite well.  I don’t think they can get away with it with Santorum.

They are going to try. The strange thing is, though, that the concentration is still on literally ruining Newt and to continue to, in the background, destroy Rick Perry.  This confirms the information from a Pink Flamingo source, that Mitt Romney is one of the most drive, obsessed, and utterly vicious individuals to ever run for POTUS, especially as a Republican.

This is not about Romney winning, it is about totally and utterly destroying the opposition the way he did in 2008 when he attacked Rudy Giuliani.  There is already talk about Rick Perry preparing for a 2016 comeback.  That can’t be allowed.  Deep in the heart of Texas, Romney’s operatives are doing what they can to destroy him, preemptively.

What Mitt Romney has done to Newt Gingrich is utterly despicable, dishonorable, and abjectly immoral.  It shows a side to his personality that abjectly renders him completely unfit to be POTUS.  The behind the scene stories about this man are that he was abjectly ruthless in business, slashing and destroying anyone who stood in his way.  That is “fine” for business, I guess, but it is absolutely the wrong psychological profile for someone being POTUS.  What is shocking is that no one has bothered mentioning it.

No, it isn’t shocking.  Romney’s water carriers on the right are road testing a new excuse for his poor showing and the fact that two-thirds of the GOP are refusing to support Mitt is because “we” are more conservative than in 2008. I don’t know about you, but I find that argument insulting and dishonest.

Democrats for Sale

What happens when you build a campaign on a single issue and you start losing?  Well, if you are as vicious and obsessed with winning as Mitt Romney, you will do anything, just about anything to win.

“….As the full extent of the chaos unfolds, sources close to the Paul campaign tell Business Insider that it is looking increasingly like Romney’s team might have a hand in denying Paul votes, noting that Romney has some admirably ruthless operatives on his side and a powerful incentive to avoid a fifth caucus loss this month.

According to the Paul campaign, the Maine Republican Party is severely under-reporting Paul’s results — and Romney isn’t getting the same treatment. For example, nearly all the towns in Waldo County — a Ron Paul stronghold – held their caucuses on Feb. 4, but the state GOP reported no results for those towns. In Waterville, a college town in Central Maine, results were reported but not included in the party vote count. Paul beat Romney 21-5 there, according to the Kennebec County GOP.

“It’s too common,” senior advisor Doug Wead told Business Insider. “If it was chaos, we would expect strong Romney counties to be unreported, and that’s not what’s happening.”

The Maine Republican Party won’t decide which votes it will count until the executive committee meets next month. But Wead points out that even if Mitt Romney holds on to his slim lead, it will be a Pyrrhic victory. …”



3 thoughts on “Perception Is Everything? (right – ?)

  1. You forgot to mention who you ARE supporting.

    We have a menu of flawed candidates before us. No one is happy about that and no one likes to imagine that the sub-par situation is a reflection of who WE have become.

    Mitt Romney WAS the most electable. I doubt that is true anymore. Instead of one stand-out candidate who didn’t frighten the walking dead among us we now have four losers. Congratulations. All hail Barack Obama.

    But the real bottom line may be that even the pre-piranhaed Mitt couldn’t have contended with the Left’s brilliant ‘condoms & candy’ for all campaign.

  2. I am proudly supporting Newt.
    Romney is to blame for his own problems. If he cannot take responsibility for his campaign and how he has conducted it, then he has no right being POTUS. We’ve had enough of those ‘the buck never got here’ people in office. I suppose he could also blame the conservative punditry such as Coulter, NRO, National Journal, etc who have done nothing short of crown him. When it is all over, if he loses the nomination, I think he has a good case that they did a tremendous amount of damage to his campaign.


  3. Oh no, the Romney supporters in the so called conservative media has hit a new low. One wrote a piece about Santorum’s wife. It appears she once dated an abortion doctor. Of course this was before Rick married her and STAYED married in true catholic style for 22 years. According to this “conservative pundit”,marrying someone who dated someone who did something against Rick’s beliefs showed Rick’s hypocrisy!

    I guess that means that anyone who professes to hold the beliefs of a religion of forgiveness should make sure they have nothing to do with anyone who had onced sinned.

    Should we search to see if someone in Rick’s family is gay? How about living with someone and without church sanctioned marriage? Or “Gasp”, dating a child of an illegal Mexican?

    As a Catholic and a Christian, this holier than thou phobia IS offensive. The Romney camp via the Conservative media better take a lesson from the Obama camp: the Catholic and Christian church do try and turn the other cheek but enough is enough. We are NOT trying to ram down religion down anyone’s throat but do not try to keep us from our right to practice our religion in the manner of our church teachings; do not get us into a situation where we feel the need to defend ours.

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