Anti-Catholic Bias on Left, Anti-Episcopalian Bias on Right


What’s a Christian to do?

Several things are going on here.  First, there is this strange attack from the left, on Catholics.  Because we all now know that many of the “leading” MSM journalists are working with the Obama Administration, there is a method in their attacks.  It is all about politics, and has very little to do with religion.  Dems (and Romney) don’t do anything without intensive polling.  Evidently, Rick Santorum poses a real threat to Obama.

The one thing I find quite refreshing about Santorum is that he is not afraid to say exactly what he believes.  No one has ever accused Santorum of being the brightest bulb in a Vegas style light show, but that’s okay.  He is being judged for what he believes.  I find it rather odd that Santorum, who is a conservative Catholic in a very traditional way, is being considered radical, but Mitt Romney, who is a very staunch Mormon, is considered perfect for practicing his faith.

I’m not sure if this is about the Dems going after Santorum and Catholics, or Romney’s vicious campaign going at it to hurt Santorum.  Considering how both camps operate, I wouldn’t put it past either.

There is a bottom line here.  Someone has done some polling that suggests a certain block of voters are uncomfortable around people who fully express their Christian beliefs.  There has always been a latent anti-Catholic bias in this country, the same way there is a latent anti-Semitism.  I suspect what we are seeing today is designed to tap into this.

Conservatives, who are rightly defending the Catholic church from the latest political based attacks, don’t even think twice about going after the Episcopal church.  Granted the ECUSA is its own worst enemy, but it does not reflect the average Episcopalian.

What I find rather ironic is the fact that our problems have been made far worse by the almost evil meddling of a bunch of archbishops out of Africa who detest homosexuals so much, they have allowed extreme Islam to become established in their countries. Why?  It is all about the hate.  It is the same reason they instigated the Anglican rift we have here, today.  Instead of staying home and fighting extreme Islam in their countries, they came over here to persecute gays.  And – that is exactly what their agenda is.

Because of this anti-gay hard line, conservatives have decided those who have remained Episcopalian are evil and our church must be destroyed.  They are repeatedly ignoring the Islamic connection to the very archbishops who have destroyed the church here in the US.  The irony is, now these guys are getting pushed out of the official Anglican communion because of some of their practices, and the vile and evil ECUSA is still a card-carrying member.

The very conservatives who are now crying their great big crocodile tears about the alleged persecution of the Catholic church here in this country are some of the worst anti-Catholic and anti-Episcopalians of the bunch.  Go figure.

It’s not about “Christian” it is about politics and power.  It’s also about religious bigotry, which works a number of different ways.  Some of the most bigoted and intolerant people I’ve ever met were far from racist, but they were terribly bigoted toward the religious practices of their fellow Christians.  It’s one of the really ‘fun’ things inside Christianity.  It is quite shocking, at times, how some “Christians” will almost defend to the death their right to criticize the practices of “Christian” faiths they dislike.

This said, I find Rick Santorum’s outspokenness refreshing.   I think it is great that he says what he feels.  His faith is part of who he is.  I have a tremendous amount of respect for the fact that he has the courage to speak out.  If what I heard, a snip from CNN on his critique of Barack Obama almost manipulating “green” into a religion is part of the uproar, more power to him.  I agree!

It is rather interesting that some of the very conservative sources who are defending Santorum, were damning Newt Gingrich for saying many of the same things.  Because he “sinned” he is evil.  He isn’t “perfect”.  I have news for you, we all have sinned and none of us, save for Mitt Romney, are perfect.

I would like to see Mitt Romney be as candid about his relationship with his religion but he can’t do that.  When asked what he believes, he had a canned response that reassures that his theology is the same as that of a Catholic, Episcopalian, or Lutheran, but it’s not.  There is nothing wrong with having a different theology.  A candidate ought to be able to discuss what he/she believes without fear of being damned for it.

Is all of this reflective of our culture in general, or simply political  hype?  I don’t know the answer to that.  I do know we have this disgusting tendency to judge others, perhaps as a mirror reflection of our own beliefs.  I don’t go around advertising what I believe, demanding other believe the same way.  That’s foolish. I’ll tell you what I believe if asked, but I’m not going to force it on anyone because I don’t like people pushing what they believe off on me, without being asked.

One thing I’ve learned is that the person who may appear to be a bit shallow in their faith may have a stronger faith than the so called tower of visible strength.  I find most politicians who talk a job on religion are doing so because they are pandering for votes.  People like Joe Lieberman, who quietly go about their lives, and their faith, are refreshing.

Perhaps we have done ourselves a disservice by demanding a show of “faith” by a political candidate.  It gets old and it is usually fake.  So is this constant conservative harping that we were founded by men of “faith”.  That just isn’t true. The men most responsible for the Declaration of Independence were not religious at all.  Adams was Unitarian, Franklin was a dirty old man, and Jefferson was a womanizing Deist.

It’s all getting old.  So is the alleged war on Christianity.  For those who don’t really know their history, Christianity grows strongest when oppressed. This fake “war” has been created to hype books and television ratings.  Once upon at time I fell for the idiocy, but fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.

It is terribly wrong to believe that all conservatives are strong Christians and liberals are not.  I don’t believe, when one accepts Christ as one’s personal Savior, that there is a political box to check “conservative”.  If you follow the teachings of the Sermon on the Mount, and put them into historical context, it was one of the most radically liberal speeches ever made.

Christ was neither liberal or conservative.

Maybe, this year for Lent, we should consider giving up our political bias when it comes to our faith.

Scary thought.




3 thoughts on “Anti-Catholic Bias on Left, Anti-Episcopalian Bias on Right

  1. Remember my telling you about my Brit Tory partner (who is the political one) saying that the economy is so bad that most issues will take a back seat?

    Well, for the past few days, the Romney media has been asking which of the 2 are the most electable, with the Independents. Of course those who said “Santorum” got grilled to “prove it” and those who said “Romney” got “good call”. Many brought out the religious factor as the reason why Santorum would be rejected by the majority.

    The problem is that the debate of birth control, sterilization, and yes even abortion and same sex marriage will lose traction as long as the economy doesn’t improve. And no it won’t matter how Obama’s people spin the economy: it’s all about perception and I think just about every voter knows someone who has lost their job and/or house. The economy is what they will want to the candidate to talk about.

    Of the two, Romney is the one that can be linked to the economy negatively because Obama can and will play the only card that has held traction for him: class warfare. The PERCEPTION of Romney is he is rich, and reminds people of the boss that fired them and got a government bail out and a bonus.

    Santorum, on the other hand, proposes a huge problem to Obama. Smarting from their Holiday being attacked, Christians joined their Catholic brethren in being offended and caused Obama and company to backpedal. I doubt they will want to touch that issue again. Besides, do they really want to test the belief that the majority of voters want sex for their daughters without consequences, gay marriages, abortions on demand?

    I remember in 2004 after GWB and the GOP won great victories and the Dems including Hillary “found God” and thought “abortion tragic”.

    I disagree with you that it isn’t about religion, the Left can’t help but attack the churches because religion tells them they are WRONG. But I do agree with you that for the Right it IS about politics. The sad part is that in their rush to ram Romney down our throats, they have lost their credibility. I really don’t know who will be left standing.

  2. Hey…well what do ya know? Romney is all over Obama about…RELIGION!

    Yep, it appears that Obama is attacking religion, trying to make America secular–and Romney will support and protect Christians and other faiths right to worship.

    Now if Romney and company won’t do anything without running polls, why do you think he’s pulling out the religion card on Obama?

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