The Great Debate Take-Aways Part Whatever Redux


There is no doubt Newt won Wednesday’s debate.  He was a statesman, proving why he would make a most excellent POTUS.  Ron Paul came clean on just what RU-486 actually  is (heavy duty birth control pill).  When I watched Rick Santorum I kept thinking about R2-D2 at Jobba the Hutt’s palace, where the evil droid keeper caresses him with his vile hands.  “He’s a feisty one, isn’t he?”  Mitt Romney surprised me.  I knew his speeches and comments were memorized, but I did not realize he didn’t know much about stuff.

When Mitt Romney did not know that E-Verify already existed, it truly reinforced the completely out of touch ivory tower version of Mitt Romney.  He is so plastic he makes John Kerry look warm and fuzzy.  I repeatedly find it amazing that by “not losing” Mitt is the automatic winner.  That is absurd.   Naturally Newt did not win, no matter how Presidential and statesman like he was.

Newt and Ron Paul were basically there for stage props for Mitt to win against Rick.  It was all stage-craft to ease Mitt into Super Tuesday.  I suppose that’s why they refuse to debate Newt again.

All of this is downright discouraging.  I am afraid we just add Newt to the list to the Great Presidents Who Never Were.  Right about now, The Pink Flamingo is feeling terribly discouraged, not only for myself but my country.  Rick Santorum will be a decent POTUS.  He has good people surrounding him.  I know who they are, and his staff is impressive.  Mitt Romney would be an absolute disaster.  The last time we had a businessman as POTUS was Herbert Hoover.

If I sound a bit down down writing this, I suppose it is because I am.  I am so sick and tired of this entire process.  This has been the dirtiest GOP primary season ever.  The ads have been the most vicious.  The way Mitt Romney has literally carpet bombed Newt with napalm is utterly despicable.  Like Captain Ahab, after the Great White House, he will destroy everything, including the GOP to achieve his end.

I have stated, repeatedly, any person so obsessed with something, so obsessed with achieving what they want, should NEVER be allowed to have it.  An extreme obsession, when you are willing to completely destroy to achieve your ends is a psychological disorder.   Too bad no one will mention this.

He is in the process of destroying the GOP.  His supporters are willingly allowing it to happen. AZ  Congressman Trent Franks is afraid Romney is doing just that.

“….“My greatest fear is it seems that Mr. Romney has set his path to the nomination based on carpet-bombing his opponents to oblivion with false negative advertising. That does not bode well for us for a couple reasons,” Franks said. “First, that’s the kind of thing that engenders a third-party candidacy, which would be a disaster for us.”

He continued: “Secondly, it’s the kind of thing that robs us of our most important leverage — and that is, Republicans’ most important leverage being their ability to appeal to the truth and to principle when facing an opponent like Barack Obama, who essentially doesn’t hold himself constrained to either. If we jettison that in a primary, the nit won’t be there for us when we desperately need it in the general.”

Franks was vague about how an independent, anti-Romney run could come about, and emphasized he hopes it doesn’t come to pass.

But, he said, that could be the result of what he views as fighting dirty.

“When people debate forthrightly and say, here’s where I stand, and don’t distort their opponents’ positions, then it’s a lot easier for opponents to come back together afterwards,” Franks said. “But you know, I used to do a little boxing and when somebody kicks you in the groin, that’s against the rules and it has a way of kind of taking away the comity of the sport.”…”

The GOP establishment and the punditry were honest, they would admit that Romney is destroying us.  Because they are supporting him, for one reason or another, they have been rendered as abjectly dishonest as he is.

Barack Obama must be enjoying every minute of this.

Like I said on Wednesday, I no longer care what I say about this or what people think about what I say.  I’m sick of it.  I’m sick of Mitt Romney’s lies, his vicious attacks, his surrogates, and they way he is making a mockery out of the process. He was such an abject failure as Governor of Mass. that he just never bothered to run for re-election.  He would have been annihilated.

Once upon a time (a few months ago) we had an opportunity to salvage what was great about this country.  Instead, thanks to the duplicity of people like Ann Coulter, Matt Drudge, NRO, FOX, and a few radio hosts, this country is going to be abjectly ruined.  I hope they enjoy the world they are creating. At least, when he goes down in flames, they will, also.

I just wish I understood why, when a person begins supporting Romney, they must turn a blind eye to everything around them.

It’s just plain weird.