The Importance of Being Mitt


It is terribly important being Mitt.  It is important because you get a pass to do anything you want to do. You get to lie, cheat, break campaign laws, and everyone thinks you are the second coming of the second coming.  You to do anything, literally anything, as long as you remain electable.

You can destroy people the way you did Newt.  You can lie, misrepresent, prevaricate, and manipulate facts to suit yourself.  You will be cheered for it.  The Pink Flamingo keeps wondering how long it will take people to figure out what is going on here.  I figure around November 7 we’re going to have some big-time conservative pundits who wake up with a massive hang-over and what I hope is a ruined reputation.  Let’s be honest here, they’re just as complacent in this as is the Mittster.

“…After Wednesday’s GOP debate, in which Ron Paul and Mitt Romney repeatedly attacked Rick Santorum over his 16-year record in Congress, the former Pennsylvania hinted that something nefarious was going on.

‘You have to ask Congressman Paul and Governor Romney what they’ve got going together,’ Santorum told reporters in the spin room in Mesa, Arizona. ‘Their commercials look a lot alike and so do their attacks.’

Santorum’s top strategist John Brabender went even further, charging that the two men had “joined forces” and were coordinating attacks against his man…’It was interesting to me that if you watch Ron Paul when he came into the debate wrote negative things about Rick Santorum down because when he started to get questions he would immediately pick up his paper and start mentioning Santorum stuff.’

He added: ‘What is amazing to me this shows a remarkable ability by Romney, who has already proven to be the most negative man in history on TV, now he’s even training his opponents to be negative for his benefit and actually I think that takes remarkable skill.’…”

For some time, there are several of us who have been noticing the similarities between the Romney and Ron Paul campaigns.  We’ve also been theorizing that the two campaigns are sharing professional trolls.  Could be that we are right.

“…A Romney/Rand Paul ticket would certainly pose a massive conundrum for Ron Paul’s hard-core supporters.  There’s no doubt that a decent number of Paul’s supporters would be livid beyond all human understanding because their political heroes would effectively be selling out to the notorious “Republican Establishment,” a move that would be anathema to many of the Pauls’ purist followers.  But it’s also likely that some of Paul’s more politically calculating supporters would view this an important opportunity to effectuate change within the Republican Party, influence policy, and obtain positions of influence within a Romney Administration….”

As Jeff Poor notes in the Daily Caller, no one is saying much about it.  After the MSM is in the tank for Romney to win, so Obama can slaughter him in the general election.  The pathetic RM (Romney Media) will hide anything, do anything, say anything, and destroy anyone who stands between their precious little darling and the White House.

“…“Here’s the interesting thing,” McKinnon said. “It’s not just Santorum. If you go back, Ron Paul has been a devastating attack dog against first Rick Perry, then Newt Gingrich and now Santorum, spending millions of dollars with, I think, the most effective negative advertising in the whole campaign. I mean, he’s been throwing out daisy cutters, clearing the way for Mitt Romney all along. And you know, it’s a wink and a nod and never any kind of spoken deals on these sorts of things, but it’s pretty clear what’s going on. And he’s been the fullback, blocking in front of Romney this whole time.”…”

The Weekly Standard may be figuring out what many of us have known for quite some time.  The Romney campaign is terribly intellectually dishonest.  Just like RP.

Weekly Standard

The “New” Super PAC ad is much like the “old campaign ad.  If so, it’s sorta’ illegal.

“….I wonder if they did this because it might be illegal, knowing that it would get media attention and that that would boost the ad’s profile. I’ve speculated about that before with ads from Team Mitt but it makes sense here too: The episode recounted, in which Romney shut down Bain for days so that the staff could help find the missing daughter of one of his partners, is one of his finest moments. (Snopes has a nice summary of what happened.) Maybe they figured that it’d be worth paying an FEC fine for recycling the ad if the resulting “controversy” ended up with this spot being covered — and re-aired — on Fox News, CNN, MSNBC, etc, replete with commentary about what a noble thing Romney had done in coming to the rescue of his friend. It’s an ideal showcase for his personal virtues on the eve of the big Arizona/Michigan vote, and unless the resulting fine is very steep, an operation like Restore Our Future that’s flush with cash can probably handle it without a problem. Crafty…”


More and more people are starting to see that Romney is going to prove to be a disaster for the GOP.

The Bullpen

Sharon, at Democrats for Sale, posted this little ditty on Thursday.

Democrats for Sale

The lies just continue to mount. It doesn’t matter.  No one is calling Mitt to task.  We all know it doesn’t matter.  Excuses will be made.  We’re using a biased source, maybe not looking at things the wrong way, jealous, or just want to see Obama reelected.  That’s the whole point.  We don’t want Obama reelected.  Mitt Romney is just another liberal Mass loser.

SC Hotline

“….COLMES: I know you have been outspoken as of late on the tax cutting and that being one part of your stimulus plan. As you know, the Boston Globe cited you telling the congressional delegation in Massachusetts a few years ago that you, quote, “would not be a cheerleader for tax cuts” that you didn’t believe — that you couldn’t agree with back when Bush was proposing those cuts in 2002.

ROMNEY: Well, actually, I was serving as a governor. I didn’t talk about federal issues. The first time I came out to talk about the Bush tax cuts, I came out and endorsed them and supported them. I’ve said that the country needed a stimulus. It’s what we got. I’ve only been in favor of those tax cuts. I’ve not opposed them in any way, shape, or form.

COLMES: Is that an accurate quote, that you said you wouldn’t be a cheerleader for them?

ROMNEY: And where was this, supposedly?

COLMES: The Boston Globe had you quoted as having said that to a state congressional delegation in 2002.

ROMNEY: So we have Barney Frank saying what I said in a meeting?

COLMES: I’m just telling you what the Globe reported.

ROMNEY: Well, you know, I really don’t recall every word I said in a private meeting with Barney Frank or the congressional delegation, but I do know what I said publicly, and that was that I was concentrating on the job of being governor, and the first comments I made about the Bush tax cuts were in favor of the Bush tax cuts. So, you know, let’s make sure that we focus on the things that we say as we talk to people, and I’ve endorsed the campaign of President Bush and, of course, fought for his tax cuts….”

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