Pity the Poor Conservative Movement?


Thursday morning two more American soldiers were killed, one by an Afghan soldier and one by a literacy teacher in southern Afghanistan.  Right now we don’t even know their names.  Drudge is featuring a headline about Breitbart’s last hours, but will anyone bother discussing the last hours of two heroes who gave their lives in a foreign land?

Of course not.  They’re not important.

If you are looking for a heart-wrenching eulogy for Andrew Breitbart, don’t expect one from The Pink Flamingo.  My heart aches for his family, as it does for the family of my friend Heidi.  She lost her father much the same way, last Monday.  There wasn’t even an obit for him in the local paper.  Her father left a wife, my friend, her siblings, and a three year old grandson who will never know him.

Today, all over this nation, men his age have died, leaving young families.  You will hear no laments or them, nor see any headlines.  Many of them are far better humans than Breitbart, who in my humble opinion was a sleaze, and an embarrassment to the GOP.  Many of them were far worse humans, but they were sons, husbands, fathers, and brothers.  I find the crocodile tears over the passing of a man who caused good Republicans to cringe, repeatedly, to be just plain over the top.

His death is far from a blow to conservatism.  The death of William F. Buckley was a blow from which we have never recovered.  It allowed the rise of the Breitbart and his cringe-worthy and often questionable “journalistic” practices.  There is nothing with the P. T. Barnums of this world, as long as you put them into context.  The loss of a Rush Limbaugh would be a blow to the so-called conservative movement.

The loss of Breitbart, more libertarian than conservative will not bring about the end of the world.  Indeed, I suspect, because nature abhors a vacuum, someone even sleazier and more tawdry will slither forth from the primordial soup of libertarian leaning scum and take his place.

He had no dignity.  His practices were questionable.  While the devoted loved him, those of us who are trying to salvage the GOP with a little bit of honor and dignity found him to be cringe-worthy.

I find what is happening to turn Breitbart into something he was not is a perfect example of how completely off their meds, some conservatives and libertarians are.  They are turning this pathetic excuse of a “journalist” into the saint he was not.

How many people in this great conservative & libertarian pile-on of epic proportions have bothered honoring those brave heroes who have received the Medal of Honor?  (Very few)

How many of those in this same group are part of our Wednesday’s Hero program, honoring those brave souls who have often given all for this nation?  (Very few)

If they had a track history of honoring our fallen heroes other than during a great conservative pile-on, I might be more impressed.  As it is, I find this grew out-pouring of grief to be simply disgusting.


It’s like the Koch brothers trying to cheat a woman out of her inherited shares of the Cato Institute.  It’s rather proof, according to The Pink Flamingo, of how gullible conservatives can sometimes be.  If they were not so gullible, Sheriff Joe would be out of a job.

I feel sympathy for Andrew Breitbart’s family.  He has four small children who have lost their father.  They join thousands of other children who have lost their fathers and mothers – fighting for freedom.  It’s too bad their parents haven’t been given such heroic eulogies.

But, what the heck – what did they ever do for the conservative & libertarian movement?