Hush Rush But Anti-Christian Hate Okay on Radio


What I heard out of a hack liberal radio host, Mike Malloy, is some of the nastiest hate I’ve ever heard spewed about anyone.  Yet, evidently it’s just peachy-keen for this sort of thing to be said.  After all, he’s making fun of stupid Christians.

I’ve hears some vile things before, but I think this is the very worst. I gather this is NOT the worst thing he has done:

“...Malloy’s past work includes calling for the Navy SEALs to assassinate former president George W. Bush, something that mysteriously failed to trigger the Outrage Brigades currently screaming for Rush Limbaugh’s scalp.  Surely insulting the victims of tornadoes as a gang of ignorant Bible-thumping hayseeds who have no reason to be surprised when God “smashes them into little grease spots on the pavement” ought to do it.  Would someone from the Outrage Brigades forward us a list of Malloy’s advertisers, when you’re finished contact them to demand a boycott?  We’d be especially interested to know if any of them are former advertisers on the Limbaugh show….”

The problem here is the fact that Mike Malloy is so petty and such a small fry that he really doesn’t have any advertisers.  He’s on Sirius/XM, but that’s about it.  Still, he needs to be removed from the air.