Newt’s Gas


“...I am astonished at the desperation of the elite media to avoid rising gas prices, to avoid the President’s apology to religious fanatics in Afghanistan, to avoid a trillion-dollar deficit, to avoid the longest period of unemployment since the Great Depression, and to suddenly decide that Rush Limbaugh is the great national crisis of this week,”…”

Ya wanna know why the Dems have decided to create Slutgate?

“…The nationwide average for gasoline prices rose for the 26th straight day Sunday, topping the $3.76-a-gallon mark, according to the motorist group AAA. The average price of regular unleaded gasoline climbed 0.7 cent in the latest 24-hour period. The price of gas is up from $3.47 a month ago and $3.69 a week ago. Last year at this time, gas was $3.49 a gallon. The average price is 35 cents, or about 8.5%, lower than the record high of $4.114 set on July 17, 2008.”…”

CNN Money

For nearly a month, now Newt has been hammering Obama on oil and gas.  He is so consistent and so visionary on the matter that you would think the national press would pay attention.  Problem is, they can’t.  They’ve already pronounced his campaign dead.  They’re in the tank for Romney.  They’re in the tank for Romney because Obama will shred him in the general election.

“…”President Obama goes into the fall with a weakening economy, very expensive gasoline, disastrously bad policy in the Middle East and a trillion dollar deficit,” Gingrich said.

“That’s a pretty big burden while he’s waging war on the Catholic Church and apologizing to Islamic extremists and a pretty heavy burden for President of the United States to carry for reelection.”…”

The Hill

The Pink Flamingo had begun to notice that the economy was starting to recover.  That won’t last.  The big money gas/oil speculators are killing us.  They are breaking us as a nation and destroying us as individuals.  While they are enriching themselves, we’re becoming poorer.  But then, isn’t that what they want  – more power to their plutocracy?

Mitt Romney, who is one of the rich and powerful doesn’t appear to give a damn about gas prices and the average Joe.  Why should he bother?  He doesn’t even grasp the real world and what is going on around us.

“….Romney pronounced Gingrich’s $2.50-per gallon gas price promise that has become the centerpiece of the ex-speaker’s campaign a “pander.”

Asked about gas prices during a town hall here, Romney repeated his platform about opening up new areas for drilling on federal lands and building the Keystone XL pipeline.Then came the undisguised shot at Gingrich, who is leading in Georgia polls and has concentrated his efforts here.

“I’m not gonna come here and pander to you and say here’s what your gasoline price will be if I do all those things,” Romney said. “But I can tell you this: If we develop that energy here in the Untied States, we’ll help hold prices down, we’ll also keep the money here in the United States, creating jobs here instead of outside the United States.”…”

Newt is right, but Mitt is all about destroying anyone who gets in his way.  Pity the poor Schmo who gets in his way if he were to be POTUS.  He would be nothing but a despot.

CS Monitor

“...“This president and his secretary of anti-energy, Dr. Chu, have as a goal getting us to pay European-level prices of $8 or $9.  Dr. Chu was clear about that before he became secretary.  He wants us to get to be a European-level price structure  of $8 or $9 a gallon,” said Gingrich. “He said this week, in testifying in the House, he has ‘no intention of trying to lower the price of oil or the price of gasoline.’  The American people on the other hand would much rather pay $2.50 and be independent of Saudi Arabia than be where we are today. ”…

“We always want lower gas prices, because that’s good for our economy.  The question is whether it’s realistic to say, as the speaker did, that there’s some magic fairy dust that you can sprinkle and get $2.50 gas?  The American people know that’s not the case,” said Axelrod. “We have been dealing with this for some time.  Six months before the president took office, gas was at $4.10.  The reason that it was lower when he took office was because we had a worldwide recession.  That’s not a strategy for lower gas prices that we want to follow.”…”