UPDATED: Cat-astrophy and the New Baby


UPDATE:  The kitten is a little stinker!  She’s curious, and I fear, a climber.  I went down to work with her this afternoon (she’s hiding out in my bedroom, where they all go).  She did not want to come to me, then wouldn’t leave me alone.  Just a little monster when I pretended to take a nap, to see what she would do.  Amazingly curious, very bright.  I can’t get her to come upstairs this evening.

What is really weird – and bothers me….

I left the carrier out, next to the dining room table where I work, for something familiar for the kitten.  Madam has left her throne (no one dares go near the green wicker chair).  She is sleeping in the carrier by me.  She and Doc have been at hissy status since day one, but starting to get along.  I swear they are playing me, demanding constant food.  Doc eats, Madam eats – each in a different location, separated by a pet gate.  Now, Madam just had a half can, opened another put it by the carrier, she’s ignoring it, just chilling, watching me.

The dynamics have completely changed.  Rums went home with my parents, spending the night with Princess Sadie, so he won’t bother the kitty (she had surgury. on Mon).  Everyone is different without he and Doc.  Bubbles is the superior being.  Hoss is following the kitten around, strangely.  He’s also snuggled up to Mommy Cat.  Bat is being a jerk.

Madam is the one who is acting so strange, just like she’s claiming territory near me.  She is ignoring the fact that little Leontyne even exists.  I can’t believe the sleeping in the carrier – not her!

It’s just very strange here tonight.  Cats sense things.  I am so afraid Doc is not going to make it. Kitten is a pouncer, and a play girl.  She’s a licker.  We’re learning the “n” word – no.


I took Doc Holiday (the cat) down to the vet this morning, and picked up the new baby.  Doc is not doing well.  Her physician says she either has a serious thyroid problem or cancer.  The last thyroid check came back negative.  He said she has every classic symptom of the problem.  We’ll know in a few days.

Then, I picked Little Miss Leontyne Price Reidhead up to bring her home.  Last Thursday morning she was on the steps of the condo office, her head stuck in a cat food can.  That night she was stuck on the roof in a wind storm.

Friday afternoon she was in my carport (where else) begging for foot, terrified.  I gave her a can of Fancy Feast, shocked when she let me pick her up.  I realized she was still just a baby.  She easily went into a carrier, so I just took her directly to Dr. Franklin.

He said it was obvious she could not survive outside, and was a house cat.  Somehow she had managed to get lost from her home.  It was obvious she’d not been outside very long.  It was so cold Friday night, there was no way she would have survived.

So, she is now a carefree young lady with no worry of unwanted pregnancies.  She had no worms, proving she’d not been out long.  Has her shots.  Doesn’t mind a carrier.  She loves being held and cuddled.

Her hair is on the longish side. As you can tell from her baby pictures, she’s very pretty.  She weighs about 3 pounds.  Just a little sweetheart – but – I suspect she is going to excel in mischief!

It is so strange here without Doc.  I just hope and pray she is going to be okay.  When I was talking to Dr. Franklin last week about the baby, he said when kitties come into your life that way, they are a special gift from God.

On the Way Home
Miss Leontyne Price and Grandmother
Pretty Baby

While Doc was being ‘checked in” to the hospital, she had a hissy-fit, scaring the you know what out of Spartacus, a huge mastiff.  She may be ill, but she’s still Doc Holiday, and don’t anyone forget it.  Poor Spartacus left the office, tail between his huge legs!

Doc Holiday

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  1. When these little sweethearts come into our lives, they are really little angels in disguise. They come to bring us love, joy and healing.

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