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You can’t make this up, folks!

Where do we begin?  I could quote a friend, who read a link to one of the many Sheriff Joe articles, but I’m protecting the guilty.  I could mention that a certain member of The Pink Flamingo’s family found the same story so wildly amazing, she laughed and nearly peed her undies, but I won’t.  I will though, mention that my father, who has Alzheimer’s was quite “with it” over the story.

It’s a tawdry tale, staring Steven Seagal….

According to our favorite liberal pub, The Phoenix New Times, Jesus Llovra was on probation, for a minor misdemeanor because he was watching a cockfight.  Enter Sheriff Joe, who “laid siege” to the man’s house literally a year ago today.

AZ Central

Like a Hollywood production (which it may have been) an armored truck loaded to the gills with Sheriff Joe’s goons, Seagal’s producers and his cameramen took out the front of Llovra’s house.  Bombs were thrown.  Windows were smashed.

Phoenix New Times

As in a Ronco informercial, it just gets better.  Llovera refused to sign a release for Seagal’s reality show, Lawmen!  In order for Sheriff Joe to justify the harassment and arrest of a man who had only been picked up for attending a cockfight, he decided to send out a press release, claiming he was part of the Mexican drug cartels!

“…”Llovera was known to Sheriff’s deputies and Phoenix Police to have potential ties to a Mexican drug cartel,” a press release said. “He had been previously arrested on cockfighting charges. Sheriff’s deputies were also warned that it was possible other drug cartel members might be present at Llovera’s home so extra precautions in the deployment of personnel and equipment were taken to safeguard the operation.”…”

Sheriff Joe sent that release out, after Steven Seagal was accused of shooting a puppy in the head.  I told you, it was buy one get one free, for just postage and handling!

But, for an additional $19.99 you get more!

Steven Seagal was alleged to have been “on loan” to Sheriff Joe’s office from Jefferson Parish Sheriff Newell Normand….


Please that order, now!


Seagal had been accused of sex-trafficking by a former swim-suit model.  Once that hit the fan, he was no longer a “reserve deputy” with Jefferson Parish!

“…In her lawsuit, ex-swimsuit model Kayden Nguyen accused Seagal of sex trafficking and creating a hostile work environment by groping her and making unwanted sexual advances toward her.

The complaint, which has since been dropped, stated that she was hired through a Craigslist ad to be Seagal’s executive assistant as Seagal filmed his reality show in Jefferson Parish, just outside of New Orleans.

But Nguyen alleged that, “what the production company really wanted was an `Attendant’ to provide sex on demand to Mr. Seagal…”

Supposedly, she was to take the place of one of two female Russian masseuses, as one of them had recently left Seagal’s employ….”

In a way, all of this is rather disgusting in that only after Sheriff Joe’s birther probe into Barack Obama has the august National Review called for Republicans to no longer play with Sheriff Joe.  Took ’em long enough.

Funny though – it wasn’t over any of the following:


The Atlantic

I guess that’s what is truly disgusting – how long it took conservatives to distance themselves from him.  It wasn’t over the violations of civil rights, wrongful deaths, terrorizing of the Hispanic community, or even his hanging out with Arizona Nazis.  It was when he started making them look bad. The fact that he never bothered investigating over 400 cases of sex abuse against women and children, doesn’t matter, also.

“...Meanwhile, some 400 cases of sexual abuse against women and children in Maricopa County went uninvestigated under Arpaio’s watch. And although felony fugitives pose one of the greatest threats to the safety of our community, the sheriff refuses to dedicate full-time deputies to a task force focused on apprehending these dangerous criminals. Arpaio has cost Maricopa County over $50 million dollars in lawsuits, and the number continues to climb….”

Stuff like this doesn’t matter to them.


“…”America’s toughest sheriff” is facing a new threat of punishment in the death of a mentally ill jail inmate forced to don pink underwear.

The jail dress code imposed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, Ariz., so traumatized schizophrenic detainee Eric Vogel that it may have caused his death from heart failure, two coroner’s officials concluded, and their testimony should have been presented to a jury that rejected a wrongful death claim in 2010, a divided panel of the U.S. 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday.

Vogel, a 36-year-old recluse who lived with his mother, was arrested by deputies on suspicion of burglary after he wandered out of his North Phoenix home in November 2001. After mental health screeners at the jail deemed him in need of psychiatric care, Vogel became hysterical when ordered to “dress out” and had to be held down and stripped naked by four deputies to force him into the pink garments. He was released a couple of days later.

Less than a month after his release, Vogel was riding in his mother’s car when she had a minor accident, and a sheriff’s deputy told him there was an outstanding warrant for his arrest. Vogel fled the scene, running four or five miles before dropping dead of a heart attack, according to court records.

His sister, Yvon Wagner, filed a lawsuit alleging constitutional violations in her brother’s death. When the case went to court, the judge refused to allow her to testify at trial about Vogel’s delusional belief that he had been raped during the dressing struggle. The court also refused to allow two medical examiners to offer their opinions that the humiliating pink underwear was “likely” a factor in the man’s fatal attack of arrhythmia.

“Pink underwear sounds funny until you have a paranoid schizophrenic who thinks he’s being prepared to be raped,” said Joel Robbins, the Phoenix attorney representing Wagner in her quest to punish Arpaio, who has been dubbed by the media — and himself — as the toughest lawman in the country….”


Instead, this is what is causing conservative ire.


“...Critics say Arpaio has much to gain by injecting himself into the so-called birther issue, which could deflect attention from his troubles while appealing to conservative supporters. He remains under federal investigation for potential civil rights violations, and a separate federal probe centers on accusations of abuse of power.

As a result, his ability to enforce immigration laws has been curtailed. And several groups have called for his resignation over news reports that his office has neglected hundreds of sex-crimes cases.

Given Arpaio’s clashes with the Obama administration, his latest behavior “becomes kind of a standoff with the government,” says Bruce Merrill, a political scientist and professor emeritus at Arizona State University in Tempe.

“He retaliates against his critics,” adds Randy Parraz, co-founder and president of Citizens for a Better Arizona and one of Arpaio’s harshest critics.

Arpaio denies his motivations are political in nature and insists that he is just doing his job.

“It’s just like any other criminal investigation,” he says.

Mr. Merrill doubts the legitimacy of Arpaio’s findings. “He’s a sheriff; he’s not a trained forensic scientist,” he says.

The sheriff may be trying to drum up support as he seeks to be elected to a sixth term this year, says Paul Bender, a law professor at Arizona State.

“He likes to be in the public eye,” he says. “He keeps doing things to keep himself that way, and it’s worked for him and his political career so far because he’s still in office.”


Some of the idiocy of this is Arpaio’s relationship with World Nut Daily.  They are now hysterical because the right is finally figuring out what an embarrassment Arpaio is.


“…That cozy relationship defines Corsi and WND’s coverage of Arpaio and the investigation. It has been so fawning and biased that it appears to be an effort to guarantee that the probe generates a result favorable to Corsi and unfavorable to Obama — in other words, a form of bribery. On top of that, Corsi is violating journalistic ethics by playing both sides of the fence — writing about an investigation he not only instigated but participated in.

When an effort began to remove the sheriff from office, Corsi tried to discredit the effort and smear the person leading the campaign. On January 3rd, Corsi asserted that the leader of the effort, Randy Parraz, is a “transplanted radical attorney-activist ” who “has made his career applying Saul Alinsky-style community organizer tactics for radical leftist movements in the U.S. and Canada.” The next day, Corsi claimed that Parraz “staged a poorly attended protest Wednesday morning at the sheriff’s downtown Phoenix office.” On January 9th, Corsi stated that “A protest against Arizona’s Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Gov. Jan Brewer organized by transplanted attorney-activist Randy Parraz yielded exactly one protestor.”…”

I don’t know what is more disgusting, Sheriff Joe or the fact that it took birther stupidity for NRO and national conservatives to finally notice him and call for him to be defeated in November.

I suspect it is the latter.



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