The Political Collusion of Flushing Rush


It was not quite humorous, but annoying, last week, when Rush Limbaugh’s big advertisers began deserting them. Never mind, we learned later, that the ones who dumped him were big-time liberals to begin with.

We are finally realizing this is more about destroying conservative talk radio than anything else.  If you don’t believe it – well, presented for your consideration is just another version of the Fairness Act.

That’s what this is all about.

It’s not really about Rush Limbaugh.  It is about silencing the competition.  The Dems were just lucky in that he began nibbling their chum. (I watch Shark Week, and know all about chum).  Anyone who thinks this entire set-up is coincidence is as dumb as dirt.

It was a lucky shot in the dark.

And, now the bottom feeders are all coming out to nibble on what they see as the injured Great White Shark.

“...Go figure: Gotcha lawyer Gloria Allred has proved herself more than willing to embroil herself in the controversy that continues to plague radio host Rush Limbaugh. The president of the Women’s Equal Rights Legal Defense and Education Fund sent a letter to the county prosecutor of West Palm Beach, Florida, to call for an investigation into whether Limbaugh violated Florida defamation law. …”

Big Hollywood

“...Georgetown Law student Sandra Fluke is being represented by a former Obama adviser’s PR firm, Bill O’Reilly explained on his Thursday night program “The O’Reilly Factor,” suggesting that the young woman was indirectly planted at the center of the contraception controversy by the Obama administration.

It has been somewhat of a mystery as to how Sandra Fluke came to fame prior to Rush Limbaugh’s ill-advised remarks and why she was chosen by congressional Democrats to give expert testimony on the issue of contraception.

O’Reilly offered his theory Thursday, revealing the unusual circumstances regarding Fluke’s media ascendancy.

“As we reported last night ‘The Factor’ believes Sandra Fluke contraception controversy was manufactured to divert attention away from the Obama administration’s disastrous decision to force non-Catholic organizations to provide insurance coverage for birth control and the ‘morning after’ pill. That might very well be unconstitutional.”

“Anyway, we’re having trouble tracking down just who is sending Sandra around to the media,” he continued. “It’s very strange. So far, the 30-year-old activist has appeared on eight national news programs where she was not challenged at all. Last week we called Sandra on her cell phone and invited her on ‘The Factor.’ She didn’t call back. Very unusual.”…”


Yet – Sarah Palin is fair game.  The Pink Flamingo might be a little more tolerant of the jerks on the left, if they were honest about things, but we all know they aren’t.

Greta Wire

Umm….. No censorship here, no complaints, but let Rush call a slut a slut and all hell breaks out.

Let’s get back to Rush and his sponsors.

The only reason The Pink Flamingo is even writing about this, again, is the fact that I read somewhere that on Thurs, in NYC, Rush had no sponsors for his show.  That alone is abjectly fascinating.

  1. While Rush’s numbers are down, he’s still pulling more than just about anyone the radio
  2. His time slot is a PROVEN advertising winner for any station that carries him
  3. Air time is sold for PROFIT
  4. Radio is a business, not a charity
  5. No self-respecting business is going to nuke the goose with the gold egg – not going to happen

So, lets us make an assumption that something else is going here.  Let’s also make the assumption, maybe wrongly, that no self-respecting business, no matter how liberal it is, is going to nuke the golden egg laying goose.

They’re not going to do it if they are making money.

Are we dealing with a product that is no longer viable on the market place?


Are we dealing with businesses that would rather lose millions in revenue to appease their liberal masters?

Something just doesn’t make sense here.  Sorry, but no matter how liberal you are, you don’t cut off a proven revenue stream for your business.  You just don’t do it, even for Barack Obama.  There’s one thing we know about liberal show business.  They will sell their soul for cold hard cash.  Rush Limbaugh brings in cold hard cash.

I suspect these stations who are trying to prove a liberal point can’t sustain their “strike” against him.