Mitt Romney’s Southern “Charm” Is Offensive


The Pink Flamingo was born in South Florida.  I grew up, spending all but the last 14 years of my life in either South Carolina or Georgia. I have spent my entire life complaining about the South, but I grew up there.  I am basically a southerner.

I understand the south.

Mitt Romney does not.  What he is doing is disgusting and insulting. Evidently he doesn’t realize that people from the south are not all toothless, spitting, scratching, drunken, in-bred hill-billies.  I don’t see how anyone south of the Mason-Dixon would even consider voting for him – ya’ll.

I hate “ya’ll”.  With the exception of Paula Dean, who I cannot stand, I don’t know anyone who uses that word.  Like I said, I grew up in the south.  I don’t remember people ever using that word, except to make fun of the damn Yankee version of southerners.

Sorry, but that’s what Mitt is – a damn Yankee, I don’t care if he is a Red Sox fan.  In fact, that may be his only endearing quality – being a Red Sox fan.  Then again, since he came from Michigan, I gather he would dump the Sox for the Tigers if need be.

Newt gets what it is to be a “southerner”.  He understands how disgusting Mitt’s pandering to the worst stereo-types of the south is.

FYI – I don’t like grits.  I think GWTW was a stupid movie.  My 22 year old niece from Memphis is a Yankees’ fan.  I don’t drink my tea sweatened.  But – I do miss hearing the call of the Caprimulgus vociferus at night.  If you want to know what the south is all about, it’s red clay, humid spring nights, heavy with the scent of honeysuckle and the call of the Caprimulgus vociferus.

Mitt Romney will never understand this.

“…“He is now turning me into, I don’t know, an unofficial Southerner, and I’m learning to say y’all and I like grits. Things … strange things are happening to me,” Romney said on a campaign stop in Jackson, Miss. Gingrich responded to Romney saying that he liked eating grits many different ways.

“Governor Romney yesterday tried grits and I just want you to understand that as someone who has represented Georgia for a long time, I like grits, I like cheese grits, I like it with gravy, and there are a number of ways you can have it,” Gingrich said. “I’m glad that the governor is beginning to learn about the South.”

Gingrich also added new words to his vocabulary: “ain’t” and “y’all,” were words not heard in the former speaker’s rhetoric in states like New Hampshire and Nevada. Though every state carries an issue the candidates pander to voters while visiting: ethanol in Iowa, the Northern Pass in New Hampshire, the port of Charleston in South Carolina, the space program in Florida, the Mojave desert cross in Nevada, Gingrich stuck to talking about gas prices and foreign policy.

One issue Gingrich was told about today on the rope line in Orange Beach, Ala., was the frustration of a shortened snapper fishing season.

“I’ll be sure and check into that,” Gingrich said. A surrogate introducing Gingrich told the crowd that the endorsement from the creator of Bassmaster meant that every fisherman in the country would vote for Gingrich….”