Rush to Judgement


In advance, The Pink Flamingo wants to apologize for yet another commentary on the Shush Rush campaign by the left.  We’re currently (as I write this) up to about “140” sponsors leaving his show.  There is something about this that does not make sense.

Rush Limbaugh’s show is on the air for 3 hours.  60 min x 3 = 180 minutes of air time.  Granted, I’ve not listened to his show (or any radio show) in awhile, but from what I remember there are at least 5 minutes at the top and bottom of each hour devoted to local/national news.  If so, then let’s subtract 30 minutes from 180.  That leaves 150 minutes of air time.

Think Progress lists 140 companies that are NO LONGER advertising on his show.  The way this is being presented, these companies have pulled their advertising.

BUT….. If he has 130 minutes of air time – or even 180 minutes – how the H – E – Double Toothpick can he have a show and have 140 minutes of it taken up by advertising.

This defies all known reason and logic.

Let’s say there is only 15 minutes of each half hour that Rush (or any other conservative talker) in on the air during a 3 hour period.  That’s 30 minutes an hour.  That’s 90 minutes of actual broadcast time.  Let’s subtract that from the 180 = 90 minutes remaining for advertising.  If a good 10 minutes of each hour is eaten up with news, weather, then we’re losing another 30 minutes available for advertising.

It is only logically possible for  one of these shows to have 60 minutes available for advertising – at the very most.

I seem to remember that there is about 35 minutes of actual broadcast time.  35 x 3 = 105 minutes of air time.  That leaves 75 minutes, minus a generous 30 minutes for news/weather = 45 minutes for advertising.

Please, explain how any single show is going to fit ads from 140 sponsors into that time frame.  Oh, it can be done, but each add would need to be no longer than about 30 seconds.  Sure, it can be done, but something’s not making much sense, here.

Also – I remember a heck of a lot of local advertising.  When I owned a small business, I was one of those advertisers.  I shelled out a heck of a lot of money to advertise, locally.

Looking at my “small” area, where the show is run, is related to several companies.  The company covers a goodly portion of New Mexico.  The advertising opportunities are limited simply because we are so rural, but there is no problem filling that time – 45 minutes.

If advertising can be filled “locally” for southeastern New Mexico and extreme west Texas, the very idea that a NYC station could not fill 45 minutes of time is insane.

There are times when situations are beyond rational reason.  This is one of those times.  There are several take-aways here.  First, the military and the post office have dropped their advertising from Rush.  Why on earth are they wasting taxpayer money advertising in the first place?

Second, is the liberal arrogance in that only national advertising money matters.

I gather the rest of the nation, those business that are not “national” are just chopped liver.

I am loath to mention it, but we the small and unimportant are the ones who keep this country going and growing. That’s what I think they cannot tolerate.  They’re losing.  On Monday, nothing was brought home to me more than a visit with a friend.  Four years ago this person was a devoted Democrat, voted for Obama, never voted GOP – ever.

On Monday the discussion was, what did I think of the primaries.  My liberal Democrat friend is planning to vote for Rick Santorum.  This person likes what Santorum has to say.  My friend will vote for Newt, but refuses to vote for Romney because he’s not much different from Obama.

THAT is what this is all about.  The Dems, liberals, have lost the heart and soul of America.  They may be able to terrorize politically correct national companies, but they will never be able to silence the little guys.


One thought on “Rush to Judgement

  1. I would think that buying ads with someone like Rush would give you one ad per week, perhaps two if your promo funds are flush.

    I doubt any of those 140 “sponsers” could afford to take up huge amounts of Rush’s air time on a daily basis. Think how often you will hear an ad on the lesser popular talk show hosts; normally it’s not every day or even every other day. Most clients like to stretch out the message over several weeks so that people don’t get sick of the ad but the potential customer continues to “hear it” in their mind.

    While it’s been awhile since I’ve listen to any show(Medved was my last), I don’t think I’ve heard the same sponser twice in the same week unless they buy a particular spot and that is usually local such as “traffic brought to you by such and such”.

    In any event, when trying to figure out how much of an impact losing 140 sponsers will cost Rush, you need to take into account Rush’s popularity and just how many air time those people do buy.

    I tend to believe that Rush will find others that are more than happy to fill the void; especially if he gives them a “support me and freedom of speech” special.

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