Kitten Little, Doc Holiday, and the Poodle


Miss Leontyne Price Reidhead is adjusting nicely to her new home.  She has been here a full week.  Things were getting a bit dramatic with Bat (Brat) Masterson, who keeps smacking her around.  When he started smacking my feet, while I was sitting on the side of the bed, I realized he was trying to play.

I checked into cat psychology.  He loves hitting things.  I took ribbon and little plastic balls with holes in them, and tied six lengths to my 2nd floor railing.  Much of the problem has been solved!

The feline dynamics while Doc Holiday was hospitalized were fascinating.  Madam came off her green wicker throne!  She slept in the kitty carrier for a few days, then moved to a pink throw blanket on the sofa.

Hoss Cartwright

Bubbles is now on the wicker throne.

Mommy Cat, who hangs with Doc, has been a bit strange.

Hoss Cartwright appears to have a crush on Kitten Little the Baby Diva.

A Very Dirty Madam

The Baby Diva, Spoiled Brat, Kitten Little, etc. reminds me of a cousin.  When she was a little kid, she would run to our grandmother, crying “Naaaannnnaaaa, they are _____ (teasing, annoying, being mean, ignoring, not nice) me.”  That is Kitten Little, the spoiled brat diva. When on of the cats would look at her she would start crying and run to me.

Adorable Little Baby Kitten

She is adorable.

On Wednesday, Rumsfeld came home from 7 days and 6 nights vacation with Princess Sadie.  It was not pretty.  The little monster screamed and hissed.  The Demon Dog from Hell yapped and chased her.  I was in a panic.  Little Baby Kitten was under the bed.  Rumsfeld was yapping.

Who Me - Trouble?

I finally, after all these years, learned how to discipline him.  All it took was speaking very softly and carrying a rolled up magazine.  He started crying, ran into the bathroom and jumped in the tub, shivering in alleged terror.  The moment my back was turned he was back at it.  We had our little lecture, again, and again, and again.

Bat (Brat) Masterson chased Baby Kitten upstairs and cornered her in the shelves where I have my modem and air port extreme.  After I separated them, I did not see the baby the rest of the night.  Naturally, when I went to bed, I was upset about it.  Okay, I cried.  The baby was by herself, cold, shivering, unloved, unwanted, terrorized, etc. etc. ad nauseum.

Bat (Brat) Masterson

Rums was so upset he wouldn’t even look at me when we went to bed.  I was so worried about the baby, this morning, quit early, I hiked around the condo looking for her.  She was on the main floor, perched at the edge of the railing, looking out, surveying the world – in a very warm corner – none the worse for ware.  She looked rather self-satisfied with life.

When I located her a second time, she was on Doc’s favorite sleeping spot.

Bubbles Silverman

I picked Doc Holiday up from the hospital about 2:30.  After a week of tests and therapy, she has been diagnosed with Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency.

“...Exocrine pancreatic insufficiency is rare in the cat and when it does occur tends to affect older animals. The signs of pancreatic insufficiency may vary according to the underlying cause and extent of the problem. A cat with this problem may show some or all of the following signs: normal or increased appetite, weight loss, flatulence, borborygmus (rumbling, gurgling gut sounds) and diarrhoea. The volume and frequency of faeces usually increases with pancreatic insufficiency and stools may be soft or loose. The faeces may also be pale in colour and have a rancid smell due to the presence of undigested fats. Your cat may still appear to be bright and active despite these signs. In some cases the pancreatic insufficiency may be due to repeated episodes of pancreatitis in which case there may be a history of intermittent vomiting and diarrhoea with or without a loss of appetite….”

Cute Little Baby Precious

She was literally starving to death.  Fortunately, aside from the expense – $164 a jar – she should live a “normal” life.   I had to battle with her to get her to eat her catfood with the medication.  Finally, I gave up and gave her a bit in sour cream.  No problem.

“…Fortunately, treatment can easily be accomplished. Unfortunately, it is an expensive and lifelong proposition. Treatment involves replacing the cat’s pancreatic enzymes with enzymes from other sources. Our only source of medications for these cases is products made through an expensive process, using freeze-dried and ground-up extracts of hog and cattle pancreases. These glands are harvested in meat packing plants and then processed solely for this purpose. They are formulated either into tablets or powder and go under such trade names as Viokase or Pancrezyme. They contain large quantities of the same naturally occurring digestive enzymes that are deficient in the affected pet. The tablets are given prior to a meal while the powder is usually mixed with food and allowed to set 30 minutes before feeding. The powder is generally recommended for cats.

Cats should also be placed on a low-fiber diet, and may need vitamin supplementation, especially with cobalamin. Blood cobalamin levels may need to be monitored.

Since the deficiency is one of enzymes and is cured by the addition of the same enzymes back into the diet, many owners regretfully try other cures. There are many products, nutritional and otherwise, that advertise they contain natural enzymes which aid in digestion. Examples of these are K-ZYME, ProBalance, Prozyme, and so on. These really do contain real and natural enzymes, and in normal cats, can be very useful nutritional supplements. However, they are not the enzymes associated with pancreatic insufficiency. This is a very specific disorder with specific enzymes needed to correct it. The general nutritional supplement will do no harm, but regretfully, they will do no good either….”

Once Doc arrived home, the family dynamics are back to normal.  I can’t get over how well Doc is doing!  She’s almost back to her old self.  Feeding is a pain.  I did it wrong earlier tonight. Need to try again.  She’s being her annoying, Doc Holiday self.

Little Baby Kitten, the monster, is now living on the kitchen bar.  She and Doc are doing okay, even if she did hiss at Doc a few minutes ago.  Madam has stepped out of her shell, and knocked a plant over, rolling in the potting soil!  Rums is still being a monster.  Bat (Brat) Masterson is being held in check by Doc.  Rums keeps staring at the baby, trying to figure out how to chase her.

When I fuss at him, he stops barking at her, and talks back to me!

I guess we’re back to normal – I hope!

Doc Holliday



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  1. You’ve sure had a lot going on in your kitty house! Happy to read things are getting more normal. …of course when it comes to us kitties, “normal” is open to interpretation!
    ; ) Katie

  2. Sounds like a soap opera in critter form. The only one we didn’t notice was the back-stabber who always keeps things stirred up. Purrrrrring that everything gets back to normal and stays there for a while.

  3. a riot! but I lost count, how many kitties are there in your cat house? We only have two, but with four in house dogs and two out… two is enough.

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