Mr. Perfect (or) How to Insult the Base


One of the reasons The Pink Flamingo first traveled to the southwest was to work on a book. While I was in the Four Corners (one of the most beautiful places on Earth) I first discovered, and fell in love with the culture of the Navajo.  Later, when I was introduced to the magical work by the late, great Tony Hillerman (a New Mexico treasure), I began to learn about the Navajo.

In any form of art that a traditional Navajo produces, there must be imperfection.  Perfection is considered an insult to the gods.  Even discussing someone being “perfect” is insulting to the gods.  As a Christian, I find the idea of a person being “perfect” is insulting.  I find the idea of discussing Mitt Romney’s perfect family is insulting to those of us who live in the real world.

No one is perfect and no family is perfect.

On Tuesday evening, one of the bimbos on CNN was discussing exit polling from Mississippi and Alabama.  It was terribly insulting.  If you make over $100K, are educated and sophisticated, you voted for Romney.  If you are poor, uneducated, unwashed, and a religious hick, well, you voted for either Rick or Newt.

Now you know why the unwashed, uneducated, religious “base” can’t stand Mitt.  We aren’t good enough for his oh so sophisticated and perfect family.  We’re just not good enough.

We are being told that his perfect looks, his perfect family, his perfect everything is well, just perfect.  If we don’t accept it, well, we’re nothing but uneducated, poor, religious trash.  Evidently it doesn’t matter if we aren’t low-life trash, if we don’t accept the fact that Mitt is just so perfectly perfect, there’s something wrong with us!

I guess loving opera, collecting antiques, a closet full of Louis Vuitton and a pedigree that includes the entire Presidential heritage genealogy doesn’t count.  I guess it doesn’t count that I have 4 published books to my name, and working on 2 others. I guess, because I don’t hang out with owners of NFL teams, or know NASCAR team owners, I’m chopped liver.

None of this really matters.

All that matters is the fact that I refuse to be bullied, coerced, shamed, pushed, blackmailed, or forced into voting for someone who has no principles.  I gather only the great unwashed ignorant GOP base can afford to have principles and standards.

Doesn’t matter if The Pink Flamingo has a problem with liars, even if they are perfectly perfect.

I don’t give a damn if he made a lot of money.  I find the way he did it reprehensible. I find his lack of caring about the human condition to be suspicious, at best.  We are being made to feel like we’re socialists if we don’t fall down and glorify this man because he’s rich.  So what if he is rich?  More power to him.  BUT – why create class warfare within the GOP>

I can’t stand listening to this man.  He gives me the creeps.  If you can stomach watching this man, watch the Meghan Kelly interview.  He is an arrogant jerk who constantly prevaricates.  I’ve reached the point where I just can’t watch the news because I can’t deal with him.

Allahpundit wrote:

“….Via RCP, the key bit comes at around 3:40. This is his whole strategy in a nutshell and I still can’t decide whether to admire him or loathe him for it. He doesn’t care if you trust him. He doesn’t care if his rallies leave you flat. He doesn’t care if pulling the lever for him reduces you to dry heaves in the voting booth. He cares about two things: 1,144 and 270, and he’s likely to achieve at least the first thanks to hard work, careful planning, and the great good luck of having extraordinarily weak competition. Those qualities — high energy, fortitude, diligence, not needing to be liked — could be huge assets in a president if he applied them to enacting a worthy policy agenda, starting with entitlement reform. But I don’t think he’d use them to policy ends; he’d use them to position himself for re-election by pandering to centrists, which means no meaningful entitlement reform or anything else. He’s telling you right here why he’d be such a risk in office to the right. When push comes to shove, you’ll always hold your nose and vote against the Democrat, no matter how annoyed at him you might be. And he knows it — and he doesn’t care. He doesn’t need his base to like him. That’s a recipe for squishiness….”

I can’t deal with this man.  I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever vote for him. I don’t care who threatens me, who badgers, bullies, and keeps complaining.  I am not one of those who will come around in the end.  That is what hurts so much with this.  I am a good Republican.  This is the first time in my life that I might be required to face the fact that the nominee is someone I utterly detest and have absolutely no respect for.

As far as I’m concerned, this man is no different from Barack Obama.  I will never ever ever, etc. vote for Barack Obama, so why should I vote for his GOP counterpart?

If GOP strategists are now concerned that Mitt is off message, what is going to happen in Nov.  Being on message is critical.  Right now Newt has a magnificent message.  If he had the right press and a few more debates, we would have an entirely different race. BUT – the MSM wants Obama, so they push Mitt.


On Wednesday Erick Erickson wrote that the GOP base doesn’t want this primary season to end, because we are so darn unhappy.  I think I agree with him.

Mitt Romney is tone deaf.  He doesn’t get the American people.  I think we’d be looking at a different campaign if Newt would have chosen different people to run his.  I have never seen such an inept campaign staff – ever.

We are so screwed….!



2 thoughts on “Mr. Perfect (or) How to Insult the Base

  1. Mitt has burned his breeches in the South. This remark was published in one of the local newspapers down here…….”Mitt Romney, you got what you deserved. You don’t come to the South and imitate the lifestyle with phony statements like, “Hi Y’all, and I love my cheesy grits.” This was an insult to me and I’m a Republican. I voted accordingly. I wonder are you going to go back up North and eat grits and talk like a southerner?”…Mitt was already unpopular before he ever got down here because of some remarks he made about the Confederate Battle Flag. In Mississippi what he says about the Battle Flag, he says about the State Flag. Like it or not, down here people revere their confederate ancestors. That is the way we are. We can debate among ourselves whether or not we want to fly the Battle Flag, but let outsiders do it and we consider them meddling yankees.

  2. I believe they are called damn Yankees, and I’m not referring to the musical, though I do complain about that version of the word, frequently. Then again, my AL team is the Red Sox!

    Seriously, as a “southerner”, I find it insulting.


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