The Bullies Are Now After Newt


Once upon a time I was a political junkie.  I lived for the POTUS primary season.  This year, though, I have had it.  I’ve had it with the lies about Mitt Romney.  I’ve had it with Mr. Electable.  He’s not.  I’ve had it with his carpet bombing, and the Ann Coulters of the world denigrating everyone who doesn’t support him.  I’m tired of the pandering by Matt Drudge.

There is no reconciliation here.  This relationship is over.  I’ve lost respect for a tremendous number of conservative pundits, and surprisingly gained respect for others.   What bothers me is that Mitt Romney is a divider, not someone who unites.  Perhaps – it is time Mitt withdrew.

If for no other reason, neither Rick Santorum nor Mitt Romney should be chosen to lead the GOP because of their vile pandering to the anti-Hispanic, anti-immigration bigots of the far right.  If either one of these men are chose, we stand to lose at least 90% of the Hispanic vote.  We also stand to lose Hispanic support in the future. Newt understands the need to play with and work will with our fastest growing minority.  If not, we’re going to be doomed to becoming a minority party, ourselves.

Paul Begala

The last thing Newt needs to do is pull out.  He needs to keep on and prevent Mitt from getting 1144. It’s that simple.  I don’t care how they bully and cry.  That’s the thing about Romney’s people, they’re great big cry-babies.  Poor Widdle Mitt can’t take care of himself.

Bull hockey.

Hot Air

I have a little bit of human nature for you.  If everyone else must be bad, put down, and denigrated in order to prop up someone then there is something very seriously wrong with that person.  It doesn’t matter if it is political, business, or personal.  When you must go around making excuses and take everyone else apart, then you know you have a problem.

It is rather like a classic bad or abusive relationship.  Everyone tells you this person is wrong for you.  You make excuse after excuse.  You begin to belittle everyone else, in order to support this person.

The Hill

Erick Erickson is calling for Newt to leave the race. He also shredded Romney.

“…Were I Mitt Romney I’d be firing staff. It’s almost like God himself is toying with Romney. Maybe it is because the Romney camp says it would take an Act of God for Santorum or Gingrich to win. God seems like he wants to make it happen.

I don’t think I have seen any political team mishandle and bungle expectations as badly as Team Romney. Every time they let expectations get out of hand they lose. They did it in Iowa. They did it in South Carolina. They did it in Tennessee. They did it in Mississippi. Hell, they did it in Michigan where Romney did win, but by less than three percent….

In five years of campaigning it is stunning to me that the Romney camp still has no clue how to play the expectations game. It is increasingly clear it is not a well run campaign, Mitt Romney is not a good campaigner, but he will still, more likely than not, be the GOP nominee. While all eyes were focused on Alabama and Mississippi, Romney was doing quite well in Hawaii and American Samoa.

Like sterile accountants counting pennies, the Romney camp keeps counting delegates. That can get them to a win, but it will be an uninspiring win. There is little enthusiasm for Romney with the base. In heavily Republican Madison County, MS, voter turn out barely topped 7,000 voters. In 2008, when the GOP contest was done and everyone knew McCain would be the nominee, 10,500 people still turned out to vote for McCain. Yes, more Republicans turned out to vote McCain in 2008 than Romney in 2012. That’s a problem. That’s a lack of enthusiasm.

The problem is two fold now. The base doesn’t like Romney, but the base doesn’t really like the other options either. At the same time, the base does not want this primary to end….”

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One thought on “The Bullies Are Now After Newt

  1. You know me. I was warning about the anti-Hispanic rhetoric problem way back when.

    But the price of gas is so huge, the economy is so bad, even Hispanics angry at the stupidity of the GOP will vote anti-Obama.

    If no one stops Romney, he WILL be our next president. Newt has too many enemies, the GOP will never allow him to win. They will grudgingly take Rick but again that is the only choice they will allow.

    Sorry, to you, Republicans, Americans. to us all.

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