Obama’s Chick Nation


We’re all being inundated with this so called War on Women the Dems have created.  When the Dems create an issue, one should always ask “WHY”.  So far, I’m not seeing much of “WHY” and more hand wringing and incompetent response.


What so abjectly terrified Obama and his reelection effort that they needed to manufacture an issue?  Was it gas prices?  Was it the economy?  Inflation? Incompetence? Or – were they in danger of losing the woman’s vote?

The Pink Flamingo is beginning to think it is the latter.  Then again, we’re dealing with the GOP in the House and Senate.  This current version is the most spineless bunch of pandering dip-sticks I’ve had the misfortune to be required to support.  For Obama, it is like shooting fish in a barrel. They are sitting ducks. Dead in the water.  Pathetic, disgusting, and incapable of taking a stand if they aren’t pushed into it by lobby groups.


Just follow the bouncing birth control pill, you slut!

Hot Air

I think Tina Korbe is half-right here.

“...The answer to my original question is: Yes, the Obama administration actually does want to cut funding and jeopardize the Texas’ Women’s Health Program entirely. He cares more to protect Planned Parenthood than he does to protect women’s health, in general. Fortunately for low-income women in Texas, Rick Perry won’t stand for it. …”

I think she is being too generous to Obama.  I don’t think he gives a damn about “women” or Planned Parenthood.

“...President Obama announced in February that religiously affiliated employers — such as Catholic hospitals — will not have to cover contraception for their employees. Instead, insurers will be required to enroll their employees into the coverage free of charge….”

The Hill

There are times when I think there is nothing wrong with abortion.  This is one of them. When a woman is truly in agony, physically, or emotionally over a severely deformed child, she should not be forced to go through this sort of emotional torture.  By forcing something like this, Republican law-makers are truly hurting themselves and giving fuel to Obama’s anti-woman stupidity.

“…In this horrifying case, the woman was terminating a much-wanted pregnancy. But it only takes a little imagination – and I suppose the compassion that anti-choice politicians have shown they clearly can’t muster – to think of other reasons patients and doctors might not want clueless politicians inserting their own views into the doctor’s office. As Carolyn Jones asks, “Shouldn’t women have a right to protect themselves from strangers’ opinions on their most personal matters?”…”


If you read this woman’s heart-breaking story, it is obvious no woman, who truly is facing a horrific decision, should be required to go through this emotional torture.  There are times when I find so-called “Christian” compassion the work of the devil.  This is one of those times.  It is truly disgusting when one realizes the well-being of the born is not as important as that of the unborn.

This is the story of a woman who does not believe in abortion, but was required to make a decision based on a severely deformed baby.

“…“We have no choice but to comply with the law,” she said, adding that these requirements were not what Planned Parenthood would choose. Then, with a warmth that belied the materials in her hand, she took me through the rules. First, she told me about my rights regarding child support and adoption. Then she gave me information about the state inspection of the clinic. She offered me a pamphlet called A Woman’s Right to Know, saying that it described my baby’s development as well as how the abortion procedure works. She gave me a list of agencies that offer free sonograms, and which, by law, have no affiliation with abortion providers. Finally, after having me sign reams of paper, she led me to the doctor who’d perform the sonography, and later the termination.

The doctor and nurse were professional and kind, and it was clear that they understood our sorrow. They too apologized for what they had to do next. For the third time that day, I exposed my stomach to an ultrasound machine, and we saw images of our sick child forming in blurred outlines on the screen.

“I’m so sorry that I have to do this,” the doctor told us, “but if I don’t, I can lose my license.” Before he could even start to describe our baby, I began to sob until I could barely breathe. Somewhere, a nurse cranked up the volume on a radio, allowing the inane pronouncements of a DJ to dull the doctor’s voice. Still, despite the noise, I heard him. His unwelcome words echoed off sterile walls while I, trapped on a bed, my feet in stirrups, twisted away from his voice.

“Here I see a well-developed diaphragm and here I see four healthy chambers of the heart…”

I closed my eyes and waited for it to end, as one waits for the car to stop rolling at the end of a terrible accident.

When the description was finally over, the doctor held up a script and said he was legally obliged to read me information provided by the state. It was about the health dangers of having an abortion, the risks of infection or hemorrhage, the potential for infertility and my increased chance of getting breast cancer. I was reminded that medical benefits may be available for my maternity care and that the baby’s father was liable to provide support, whether he’d agreed to pay for the abortion or not.

Abortion. Abortion. Abortion. That ugly word, to pepper that ugly statement, to embody the futility of all we’d just endured. Futile because we’d already made our heart-breaking decision about our child, and no incursion into our private world could change it….”

Texas Observer

We’re left with two possibilities, either the GOP has so made a mess of things, that Obama’s internals show that women are yet another group of people who plan to dump the GOP over the current incompetency  OR  Obama was polling terribly low with women and needed to create trouble.

It could go either way.


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