Nuking Newt


The press giveth and the press taketh away.

The Pink Flamingo is beginning to wonder just what sort of an attention span, and memory banks our alleged conservative punditry has.  It can’t go back more than a couple years.  If so, they might try to remember what was said during the 2008 campaign.

I’m still a John McCain fan.  I found it terribly irritating that the CMSM (Conservative MSM) habitually said that the press was building McCain up so they could take him down, in order to get a Dem elected.

Durn, if they weren’t right.

Evidently, these same people can’t remember past January of 2009.

In January of 2008, the same people who are pandering for Mitt, were among the most prominent critics of John McCain and the way the MSM was treating him – with kid gloves.  They are not mentioning this.


Why are these seemingly well read, well versed, award winning, best selling men and women who can wax poetic with chapter and verse of every alleged treasonous non-citizen action of Barack Obama and his associates, so blind when it comes to Mitt Romney?

The Pink Flamingo somehow doubts they are dealing with select amnesia.  There’s no reason or logic to it.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Way back in 2008, The Pink Flamingo remembers how irate the CMSM became when the MSM dumped Hillary Clinton in order to promote and anoint Barack Obama.  She was treated like dirt by both the Dems, Obama’s people, and then the MSM.  They wanted Barack Obama to be POTUS, and would do anything in their power to see that it happened.

It is happening all over again in 2012.  Unfortunately, this time, the CMSM is working with the MSM to destroy anyone who stands in Mitt Romney’s way, so that he can be destroyed when he stands in Barack Obama’s way.

In order to set Mitt Romney up for his grand fall, and it’s going to be a big one, the MSM must destroy anyone in his way.  Newt is the only person who can truly capture the public’s imagination and possibly beat Obama.  Ergo – Newt Gingrich Must Be Nuked.

Just look at what our erstwhile incompetent GOP Chair did to Gary Johnson.  By all that is logical and reasonable, he should be the front-runner.  He is honest.  He is honorable.  He says what the thinks.  They turned him into a laughing-stock.

That’s what they’re doing. It is all so very civilized.  They pull the press coverage.  Do you even know Newt Gingrich is running?  They’ve pulled the press on Ron Paul.  They’re starting to go after Rick Santorum.  Until he meets the anointed on in November, Mitt Romney must be propped up, to fail.

It will be an epic fall. Reputations will be ruined, destroyed.  If what happens is what I think is going to happen, you will see the downfall of The Club for Growth, Americans for Prosperity, Crossroads, Karl Rove, Ann Coulter, National Review, Jennifer Ruben, and anyone else who has pandered for this man.  I don’t mind, at all, seeing Roger Ailes lose power. Murdoch’s days are numbered.  Nothing would please me more than to see Glenn Beck go the way of the dodo.

This is not about electing a Republican in 2012, this is about keeping Barack Obama in office.  Then again, it could also be about getting rid of Mitt Romney once and for all.  There is no other scenario that makes sense.  Barack Obama is going to be almost impossible to defeat.  The only way it can be done is for speculators to force the price of gas up, well over five dollars a gallon by September.   Even then, I don’t think they can bring him down.

This takes me back to why no one wanted to run in 2012.  If the “A” list realized that Obama was impossible to beat, then they decided to sit it out, waiting for 2016.  We’re already hearing rumblings about Rick Perry.  I suspect we will soon hear about others.  By then Paul Ryan will be a little more seasoned.  Allen West will be a power-house. Bobby Jindal will be ready.   A certain governor from Oklahoma may emerge as the winner of it all.

What remains is the tawdry thought that the only reason the CMSM is supporting Mitt is to get rid of him for once and all.  He currently hangs like a blight over the entire GOP.  Not only will we be rid of Mitt, but we will be rid of the worst influences on the GOP, those which are bringing us down.

I remain a hopeful pessimist.  With just a little bit of luck, we will have a brokered convention. Granted, our abjectly incompetent GOP Chair, Reince Priebus is going to bungle his way to utter defeat.  But, how badly will he destroy the party in order to pander to his overlord Mittens?

In this utter defeat, we will continue to lose the Senate.  It is a shame, because Heather Wilson would make a great US Senator from New Mexico.  We may lose a justice or two on the Supreme Court.  We will lose seats in the House.

I wonder if our CMSM has thought this through, has considered the chain reaction their rash decision to support a proven loser.  When Mitt Romney loses, and he most certainly will, the whole country will lose.

On the other hand, the GOP will be rid of the likes of Nikki Haley, Susana Martinez, Jan Brewer, Rand Paul, Ron Paul, etc. etc. ad nauseum.  It could be an equitable trade.

In the meantime, Mitt Romney and his little associates are going to finally get a taste of their own medication – the press giveth and the press taketh away.