Moral Midgets


In Chicago there are Democrats who say it is better to vote for a criminal than a Republican!  Nothing better portrays the moral decline of this nation that just that.

The Pink Flamingo needs to preface this with the note that the last time I ever even channel flipped onto The People’s Court was when Judge Wapner was on it.  I will admit to watching it years ago, but that is it.  A week or so ago, I was absently flipping around for a minute while I was on the phone.  I ended up sitting there, after the phone call, for about ten minutes, listening to the “man on the street” interview.

I don’t know the details, but someone had sold tickets to a tour.  It did not work.  They did not get in touch with  one woman who had prepaid for she and someone else.  It wasn’t much, maybe $125.  Having tried to put a tour together at one time, I know well that you refund every cent taken in advance.  The woman helping to promote the tour had not done that.

They did an interview with dim-wits standing around the camera.  There were maybe ten college age people.  With the exception of two, they all said it wasn’t the woman promoting the tour’s fault.  She should not need to give back the money, because she wasn’t to blame!  They felt is wasn’t nice to make her pay back the money.

The judge made her pay back the money, then told her to find the people organizing it, and make them pay her.  If you know anything about the way tours work, well, that’s the way they work. If you cancel within the cut-off date, you lose.  If they do, they pay you back.

Right after that, I was watching the news about the murder trial of Dharun Ravi, the Rutgers student who was convicted of invasion of privacy by filming and showing Tyler Clementi in a compromising position with his gay lover.  I listened to an interview with several students on campus, who weren’t quite sure if it was wrong to tape a person having sex and putting it on You Tube.

I agree with Michael Medved, that this should not be a “hate crime”.  The behavior, though should be a crime. Ravi appears to be an arrogant, smug individual who thinks he did nothing wrong.  That is the whole problem here.  He thinks he did nothing wrong.  It appears many of his former classmates agree.

“….The result involves a dubious effort to elevate some victims above others, rather than leveling the field with equal treatment.

The Ravi case suggests that if the target of alleged abuse can claim membership in a specially protected group, then his emotional reactions to that abuse matter more than the intentions of the perpetrator, or even the specifics of the actions in question. The testimony at the trial and even comments by the jurors indicate that Ravi never knowingly committed a hate crime targeting homosexuality in general, nor ever understood that he had done so. Without doubt, he behaved cruelly, even despicably, to his roommate, but had that roommate been straight, no one would have claimed that the pattern of behavior constituted a major offense.

After his sentencing, Ravi’s attorneys promise they will launch a vigorous appeal, and the ultimate disposition of his case will help to determine whether advocates of hate crimes laws can continue to claim that they serve the cause of fair and equal justice, rather than patent preference for favored victim classes….”

We’re now in the process of discussions about whether George Zimmerman should be charged with murder in the killing of 17 year old Trayvon Martin.  Listening to the tapes of the 911 calls, we hear, repeatedly, the cops tell Zimmerman to leave it alone, to stop following Martin.  According to one of Florida’s really convoluted “Stand Your Ground” laws, he may be able to get away with murder.

We are now learning that Zimmerman has previously been accused of domestic violence, and abusing 911 reporting young blacks in his neighborhood.   It is one of those he said, she said kind of things, but it is enough to stop and ask if the man has a problem with violence and anger.  How many conservatives are talking about this?  Looks to The Pink Flamingo like Allen West may be one of the first.

Army Sgt. Robert Bales allegedly killed 16 Afghan civilians in cold-blood.  There is no excuse for what he did.  But, we are being told he had brain injuries, etc.  He suffers from PTSD.

“...One report followed 850 young civilian adults over eight years, and found that those who’d suffered a TBI “reported more interpersonal violence” than their peers. Another, out of Sweden, tracked over 20,000 people for 35 years. That one, published earlier this year, noted that 9 percent of all TBI-afflicted study participants were implicated in a violent crime at some point after sustaining the injury. By comparison, only 3 percent of those without a brain injury ever committed a violent crime. The researchers concluded that TBI “significantly increased [the] risk” that an individual would behave violently…”

The Dems have used the Sandra Fluke moment as a way to destroy Rush Limbaugh.  Now she admits she did not even know a person could get birth control pills for nine bucks at Target.   Rush has answered back, with something The Pink Flamingo thinks is very true.

“…The silent majority are the people who get up and go to work, try to play by the rules, try to do everything right according to their morality and sense of ethics and their sense of right and wrong. They get laughed at and made fun of for it in movies and books and TV shows and songs. They’re consistently impugned. They’re called old-fashioned, fuddy-duddies, hayseeds, unrealistic, what have you.  But they’re there, and it’s a huge number.  My impression, my gut instinct about the silent majority is it’s about to explode.  It’s about had enough.  A lot of small, incremental things have happened over 20 or 30 years….”

One of Mitt Romney’s economic advisers allegedly stated that it would be cheaper to deport Senior Citizens than illegal Hispanics.  I could be a bit tacky and blame this on Romney, but he is not to blame.  It does, though, reflect the way the elite appear to feel about Senior Citizens.  In actuality, it is a bit frightening.  Then again, now that I am dealing with parents who are quite elderly, and a father with Alzheimer’s, I no longer see the humor in this.

“…Under the header “A Fiscal Solution,” Mankiw, who served as Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers under George W. Bush, posted an uploaded photo of an unidentified newspaper clip, a joke, that read: “Budget Cuts: The Immigration Department will start deporting seniors (instead of illegals) in order to lower Social Security and Medicare costs. Older people are easier to catch and less likely to remember how to get home…”

Thanks to Obamacare, Seniors are terrified they are going to be denied treatment because of their age.  I see this, all the time, with my mother.  I don’t mind admitting, I’m becoming a bit concerned.  When I called about what is covered with her Medicare Supplement, I was told they cover what Medicare covers.  In other words, when Medicare stops covering certain things, so will the Supplement.  I think my mother  has cause to worry.  Then when you hear something like this from someone like Harvard professor Greg Mankiw, it is a bit alarming.

The clarion call against abortion has reached the point where it has become theater of the absurd.  Any ground that had been gained is being lost because those opposed to abortion (I consider myself opposed to it) have lost all sense of morality, decency and compassion.  Their determination to save the life of an unborn child, ignoring the life of the mother, is causing them to destroy the advances that have been made.

It’s like this idiocy about contraceptives.  Instead of opposing the new Obama Administration demands on religious grounds, if the right had stood their ground – against increased spending – they would have won the day.  Instead, by pandering to the religious right, they have made fools of themselves – as usual.

Where does it stop?  Have we reached the point in our society, our world, where the average person is no longer concerned with what is right and wrong, or what is moral?