Democrats Shills & Conservative Bullies for Romney


On Sunday afternoon The Pink Flamingo was polled.  I’m starting to get polling calls – finally.  This one was about New Mexico, which makes me think someone is afraid the battle could come down to our puny little state.  A goodly part of the poll was comparing Obama to Romney, and promoting Susana Martinez as a possible VP choice.  (Forget that – just another good reason to keep me from voting for a Romney ticket).

For the first time in my life, I was required to admit that I would NOT be voting for a Republican, if Mitt Romney were to be nominated.  I don’t know about you, but I am embarrassed for the GOP.  It is enough to anger me, and to make me quite sad.  Maybe my problem is I’m one of those weird people who refuses to give in when I believe I’m right.  I don’t feel like being bullied or pushed into voting for someone I don’t respect.  I  never have and I never will.

We have a right not to vote for someone if we so desire. When reaching that conclusion, one should not be made to feel guilty, or told that you’ll come around in the end.  I just don’t see that happening.  It is highly manipulative.  It is also quite sad.  It is a terrible commentary on the shape of the GOP today.

There have been two rather fascinating articles about Mitt Romney and the LDS church.  The Pink Flamingo has written quite a bit about Mitt Romney and the LDS church.  It finally has dawned on me why his activities vis-à-vis a great religion is bothering me.  He is using it to ghettoize his church the same way Dems do African American churches.  He is pimping them.  He is manipulating and embarrassing them.  Conservatives constantly complain about the same thing being done in minority churches.  Why aren’t they doing this with Obama?

Patrick Reddy has written a number of pieces praising Mitt Romney and his religion.  He writes about the LDS faith in glowing terms.

“….The Mormon lifestyle — drinking, smoking, and even caffeine are forbidden — has led to healthy people and families: Mormons have lower than average divorce, suicide, cancer, obesity, smoking, alcoholism, out-of-wedlock birth, crime, and poverty rates. Their life expectancy is several years higher than the national average. Mormons are also better-educated, healthier, and more affluent than the national averages — they are the most successful white religious group after Jews and Episcopalians. Utah is also the state that leads the nation in charitable giving. They do have the lowest enlistment rate in the armed forces due to the fact males are expected to go on Mormon missions (Romney went to France in the 1960s)….”

There is nothing wrong with this, other than the fact that

He concludes with:

“...What impact, if any, would Romney’s faith have on a potential Romney administration? Probably little: Romney’s pro-business leanings are in the Mormon mainstream, but are also standard Republican views. While Romney’s social views are traditional, he has never shown much interest in imposing them on anybody else. He has supported gay rights in Massachusetts. He has repeatedly said that he believes in the separation of church and state. As Massachusetts governor, he claims he was practical by signing some liberal legislation that the overwhelmingly Democratic legislature sent him, though he of course spearheaded Romneycare. He certainly appears to lead a virtuous private life, but Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith is likely to keep a low profile as president….”

This is quite nice, but there’s one little detail – Patrick Reddy is a big time Democrat.  He masquerades as a writer for NRO and PJ Media, but he’s a big Dem.

Algora Publishing

It is enough to make you wonder if Reddy is part of the LDS campaign to control and promote their image.

“….The Mormons also are the subject of publications and conference lectures for techies who specialize in the complex business of online searching, called “SEO” or “search engine optimization.”

These SEO experts debate how the church has managed to dominate the search engine box.

“They have infused SEO into their culture,” said Justin Briggs, a consultant who wrote a well-read blog post called “Breaking Down the Mormon SEO Strategy.”

The church has run multiple campaigns to educate its flock about the power of search engines, and it produces high-quality information on spiritual topics such as the New Testament, Briggs said.

While the details of the church’s Web strategy are proprietary, outside experts agree that the Mormons’ success is a combination of investment, focus and an unusually tight faith community. Adherents almost always attend their assigned local church, check in with official church announcements and zap anything written about Mormons around their very own blogosphere, called the Bloggernacle.

Some SEO experts say the church and grass-roots groups of members also conduct “link-building campaigns,” rallying lots of people to click on a link, and thereby raising its placement in search-engine results.

LDS officials declined to comment on the church’s specific SEO plan, but some of its strategy is laid out on a site set up to help church members become more SEO-savvy. It asks members to help boost traffic to a different site about church teachings on self-reliance, which covers a variety of topics, such as the importance of keeping a three-month supply of food and water, creative ways to find a job and adoption services for people considering abortion.

The SEO advice site says the church is trying to snag Google users who type in general terms, such as “employment” and “debt management.” Among other things, it recommends that people write articles that can include LDS links….”

I don’t like being manipulated, or taken for a fool.  I feel like this is what is happening with Mitt Romney.  The entire GOP is being played for a bunch of fool.  If we don’t like it, we are to shut up and do what we are told – OR ELSE.  I’m not playing that game.  I’m not going to be intimidated or threatened.

A friend wrote:

“…This is what is being pushed today in conservative media. At first, I thought it was just me receiving emails urging me to begin rallying around Romney “for the good of the party” and “for the good of the country.” Apparently, I’m not alone, and apparently, Mark Levin is receiving such emails too. I thank those of you who sent me such emails, but I’ll give you my answer here, in the open: I have deleted your emails with extreme prejudice. (That means that I deleted them, then undeleted them, and deleted them AGAIN…just for fun.) I actually printed one out that had been particularly annoying, and deleted it with a match.

The Romney Campaign does not pick the nominee on this blog. Don’t email me as an activist for the Romney campaign, urging me to stop talking about Romney. I’m going to talk about Romney’s extensive failings until he wins or loses. I’m going to remind my readers of the truth about this candidate. While a blog is like an “etch-a-sketch,” or like Mitt Romney(apparently the same,) I am not. Conservatives don’t give up or give over that easily, and I’ll be damned before I’ll be prodded into it. …”

As a Republican, I still can’t get over the vitriol and the way those of us who refuse to fall for Mitten’s con job are being treated. It is incredibly frustrating.  Unfortunately, those of us who refuse to vote for Romney have an alternative – maybe.

The beauty of this is the fact that we can feel free to vote for a third party – something I once considered unthinkable.  We can do this without fear of damaging the GOP’s chances in November because there is no way Romney is going to win.  I would rather throw my vote in a losing cause than compromise what I believe in a winning cause. I know it is strange, but I am one of those weird people who believe in values and following my sense of honor.

Call me crazy.

That’s okay.

At least I’ve not sold out to the Romney machine.

Why would I want to vote for a person so well liked by the MSM?  It defies logic.  Then again the entire love affair certain conservatives have with Mitt Romney defies logic.