Are They or Aren’t They (Investigating Nikki)?


DeNile is not just a river in Egypt.  It is a disease that is rampant, infectious, epidemic within the GOP.  Most conservatives still think Sheriff Joe is all peachy keen, even though he has been proven, repeatedly, to be the worst example of law enforcement in the country.  They still think discredited and recalled Russell Pierce is okay, and the same bunch think that Nikki Hailey is innocent!

To read the pandering pundits of the perfect pres (conservative) Nikki Haley is being framed, slammed, and done in by nasty and evil bloggers who don’t like her (present company included).

Liar liar pantyhose on fire!

“...Rumors have spread since the Internal Revenue Service sent a letter in March 2011 to the Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina informing them that they would audit the organization.

Haley told The State newspaper in Columbia that she’s never been involved with the society.

“I have never kept their books. I’ve never made deposits. I never signed checks. I never did financial statements,” Haley said. “This is a church that I don’t go to. There are no issues related to me and that church.”

Asked about Palmetto Public Record editor Logan Smith — who wrote the story — Pearson told TheDC that his information is likely coming from someone who has “manufactured” the issue to try to hurt Haley.

Smith, a former web producer for a Columbia news station, did not return repeated requests  to respond to these comments from TheDC.

Haley has a history of battling it out with bloggers in the Palmetto State: During her campaign for governor in 2010, a well-known blogger took to his website to write that he had an affair with her, though he could never prove it….”

Haley called the allegations false, suggesting it was the product of dirty politics….”

The Hill

 “…According to sources and documents made available exclusively to FITS last year, the temple has a long history of accounting problems – including failing to pay contractors and possibly even providing donors with fraudulent tax receipts for cash contributions. When one congregation member inquired as to a specific discrepency, Randhawa reportedly told them that he would have to “check with Nikki.”

Haley’s alleged accounting work was reportedly so poor that when the temple sought a recent loan, several members of the congregation requested that an outside bookkeeper be brought in to manage its proceeds.

Shoddy accounting is obviously nothing new as it relates to Haley.Her family business – where she claimed to have “learned the value of a dollar” – was penalized three times over six years for failing to pay its corporate income taxes on time (and failing to turn over taxes withheld from employees’ paychecks). The company – owned by Ajit and Haley’s mother Raj Randhawa – has also been late paying property taxes. Meanwhile, Haley and her husband repeatedly failed to pay their income taxes on time – and were late paying their property taxes on at least one occasion.

Speaking of “failure to pay,” sources at the temple tell FITS that Randhawa – who took over as president of the congregation in April – has been withholding Singh’s paycheck for the past seven months. Singh has been with the temple since it opened in 1995 – and recently brought his family to America….”

FTS News

“…According to sources and documents made available exclusively to FITS, the temple has a history of accounting problems including failing to pay contractors and possibly even providing donors with fraudulent tax receipts for cash contributions. Who keeps the books for the temple? Multiple sources point the finger at Haley – who prior to a slew of recent tax problems liked to boast of her skills as an accountant for her family business.

I know I’m the right person to go into this next position because I’m an accountant, who knows what it means to stretch a dollar,” Haley has repeatedly stated.

In fact, several congregation members who spoke with FITS on condition of anonymity say that they learned of Haley’s alleged involvement with the temple’s books directly from her father – who until two weeks ago was personally collecting donations to pay for a new temple.

FITS attempted to contact the Sikh Religious Society of South Carolina regarding who is responsible for its financial books but the group’s telephone number has been disconnected. Also the organization’s website,, has been pulled down. Reached via cell phone, Harmit Singh – the temple priest – refused to confirm or deny reports that Haley has served as the organization’s bookkeeper….”

Nikki has been “cleared” for 2009.  Work on 2007 & 2008 is still pending.  Thing is, while Nikki says she was never associated with the temple, when she was running for office, she claimed that she was the accountant, in order to pad her pathetic resume.  So, was she lying in 2010 or lying now?

“…“I was never an accountant for the temple,” Haley said.  ”I have nothing to do with the temple. My dad and the Indian community started the temple, not him. There is no truth. I never did a deposit. I never wrote a check. I never touched the books. I never had anything to do with it….”

FTS News

So, is she or isn’t she?

Either Nikki Halley is the victim of the worst conspiracy since Bill Clinton did not inhale or have you know what with that woman, or she is as darn lucky as Bill Clinton.  I suspect she is even luckier than Bill Clinton.

How much longer this good fortune can continue is anyone’s guess.  I suspect it will run out long before November of 2012.