I Refuse to Vote for the GOP Version of Obama


The Pink Flamingo is being hammered because I absolutely refuse to vote for Mitt Romney.  I am told if I do, it is my personal fault that the nation will become socialist.  Sorry, aside from the abject stupidity of the bully who is unrelenting in his attacks, what part of I won’t vote for a socialist don’t people understand.

I am not voting for Mitt Romney because he is the Republican version of Barack Obama.  On global warming he is absolutely no different.   I won’t vote for Obama, so why would I vote for Romney.  I don’t see any difference in the two.

As a party, we are so screwed.  If Joe Scarborough is correct, then we are totally screwed.  The Dems are going to destroy Mitt Romney during the general election.  Scarborough says that not one GOP insider thinks Romney is going to be able to defeat Obama – so why are the pushing him?

I don’t vote for socialists.  Mitt Romney is a socialist by another name.  He’s a lying, prevaricating fake.  Somehow he’s managed to con his way into getting good men and women, honorable men and women who disparately want to see Obama out of office.  I’m one of those.  But, I’m also a realist.  Romney is no different from Obama.  The beauty of it, now is the fact that I don’t even need to go into the personality similarities.    Let’s just discuss global warming.  We’ve been through the health care problem.

Romney is the worst person to take on Obama when it comes to health care.  He invented Obama Care.  He’s planning on shoving his version down our throats when he’s elected.  He’s said so.  What is the difference between he and Obama?

If this is any indication about what the GOP is nominating, well, I’m glad I refuse to vote for him.  I’m not going to sacrifice my integrity by voting for someone who is no different.  Why would you?

Think Progress

Think Progress

 “…At moments, Romney went so far as to make high gas prices out to be a welcome reality for the foreseeable future, one that people needed to learn to live with. When lieutenant governor Kerry Healey, a fellow Republican, called for suspending the state’s 23.5 cent gas tax during a price spike in May 2006, Romney rejected the idea, saying it would only further drive up gasoline consumption. “I don’t think that now is the time, and I’m not sure there will be the right time, for us to encourage the use of more gasoline,” Romney said, according to the Quincy Patriot Ledger’s report at the time. “I’m very much in favor of people recognizing that these high gasoline prices are probably here to stay.”

Romney’s response to high gas prices while governor fit into his broader effort to promote “smart growth” policies in Massachusetts—a focus that is rare among Republican leaders but that he took up with alacrity. After taking office in 2003, he combined the state’s transportation, environment, and housing departments into a single “Office for Commonwealth Development” under the command of Doug Foy, a prominent local environmentalist who was known to commute to work 20 miles by bike. Together, Romney and Foy pushed for legislation to channel new development into existing communities, thereby reducing the need for new road construction and the car dependence of Massachusetts residents. They put forward a sweeping “Climate Protection Plan” in 2004, which included, among many other things, calls for more car-pooling, public transit and tax breaks for motorists who bought hybrid vehicles. Clean energy was the future, Romney declared at a conference in 2005: “This is an industry that is going to be explosive in its growth in the next decade.”

Romney and Foy also proposed slashing the number of SUVs in the state vehicle fleet. As one administration veteran told me this week: “It was helpful to have gas prices high when we were there because it led [Romney] to think that efficiency was sensible. He talked about that a lot for the state vehicles—that gas costs a lot and we should be driving more efficient vehicles.”…”

New America

 “...Instead of backing polititcally favored forms of energy, Romney argues in his new plan, the federal government should channel investment “through programs such as ARPA-E, that seek to replicate DARPA’s success in energy-related fields.” DARPA is the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the office that helped create what became the Internet.

Research shows that Romney and Obama may have more in common on this issue than Romney apparently realizes. Obama is the only president who has dedicated any money to ARPA-E, the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy, which was created without a budget by the America Competes Act of 2007 that President George W. Bush signed into law.

The agency remained unfunded until the Obama administration’s 2009 stimulus plan put $400 million into the program. It received an additional $180 million in 2011. ARPA-E funds projects to “develop transformation technologies” in order to reduce U.S. dependence on foreign energy, lower emissions and improve energy efficiency in every aspect of the U.S. economy, according to its website….”

Think Progress

From Democrats for Sale:

“…How many people do you know who dislike Romney and don’t want his picture on your TV after all his nastiness against Republicans?  I used to say “fellow” Republicans but frankly the last link is probably more true that he should have run as a Democrat because he is not comfortable in the Republican Party running for President.  It shows more by the day that he doesn’t even like a good portion of the Republican Party but the to be honest the feeling in mutual.   Have zero respect for Romney and the fraud he has pulled on the Republican Party pretending to be conservative when we all know better.  Yet some still wonder why we don’t support Romney?

Even his fundraisers have little enthusiasm as people are tired of donating to Romney in order to trash Republicans.  Republicans need money for House and Senate races in the fall while Romney is the one who chose to blow through all his millions of Wall Street donations with his negative advertising.  What a waste.  Major donors are starting to turn him off for the way he has wasted money and trashed the Republican brand.  He is going to get the nomination most likely even though 70% of Republicans don’t want him.  Then the powers at the RNC won’t be able figure out why we won’t donate to the Republican National Committee who is now raising money for Romney before he even has the nomination:…



One thought on “I Refuse to Vote for the GOP Version of Obama

  1. I fully agree with this article and why I will not be voting for Romney in November. Absolutely refuse to vote for Obama lite — not happening.

    Will be taking a close look at former New Mexico Gary Johnson who is running to get the Libertarian nomination. I am much closer to his beliefs then I will ever be with Romney.

    The final voting is not over but NOW the RNC is working with Romney on fundraising? Just proves they have been biased all along. Romney is averaging less than 40% of the Republican vote in the primaries and they think he can win. In red states the other candidates are over 70% of the vote. If the RNC and Romney camps think conservatives are going to flock to Romney, think again. No one can say with certainty what he believes or how he will govern as he flip flops so much.

    What we do know is that his core values are much closer to the Democrats than Republicans. He became a Republican in 1994 to run against Ted Kennedy as an opportunist since he didn’t want to face Kennedy in the primary for Senate. As his wife said — they didn’t know any Republicans and he flirted running as an independent which he had been since 1974.

    Very good article that speaks for a lot of us in the Republican Party.

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