Fat People Got No Reason to Live


The CEO of Citizen’s Medical Center in Texas has decided that fat people have no reason to work.  He doesn’t like the look of us.  He thinks we scare senior citizens.   This alone would make The Pink Flamingo irate, but just like one of those Ronco products, you get double the treat for $19.95.

Evidently he also doesn’t think we have no reason to live, because he is into promoting a risky surgery that has a tragic rate of death and suicide following it.  How can you operate a major for profit center mutilating fat people if you have ugly looking fat people working for you.

But wait – it gets even better.

All of this would be enough, but this same CEO doesn’t like people from India.  He is currently being taken to the cleaners because he would not allow three Indian cardiologists work at his hospital!

With apologies to Randy Newman…

“...Citizens Medical Center, a health-care facility in southeastern Texas, is refusing to hire any person who has a body mass index over 35, which means that in order to work at the hospital, a 5’5″ applicant can weigh no more than 210 pounds. Officials say the measure is meant to promote healthy living, so that employees can set an example for patients. The rule is legal in Texas, and the medical center is hardly the first company to institute weight-related policies — in 2010 grocery chain Whole Foods started offering workers with low BMIs better employee discounts. Considering how hard it is for anyone to get a job these days, should hospitals be able to reject applicants based on their weight?…”

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“…“I can’t imagine [the policy] becoming widespread because they’d be setting themselves up for lawsuits,” he said. “You can imagine: If you’re an overweight person who can do the job, you can say this is wrong.”

Stephen Key, an attorney with Dallas’ Key Harrington Barnes, said Texas law contains no specific prohibition on weight discrimination. Employers cannot discriminate solely because of race, age or religion, he said. “If an overweight person applied for a job and they were denied and they sued, they would very likely lose,” Key told FoxNews.com. “In fact, the case might be dismissed summarily because it doesn’t state a cause of action under Texas law.”

Key continued: “However, if a morbidly obese was denied employment, I would expect they would have a successful case … So we have this weird situation where you can discriminated against if you’re fat, but not if you’re morbidly obese.”


Well, it’s like this.  The same CEO who doesn’t like fat people (like The Pink Flamingo) also doesn’t like people from the Middle East.  According to the Dallas Morning News, he’s  up to his eyeballs in discrimination suits over his decision that patients don’t like no Middle Eastern people, either.

“… “The majority of our patients are over 65, and they have expectations that cannot be ignored in terms of personal appearance,” said CEO David Brown. Basically: Our patients don’t like fat people, so we’re not going to hire them.

Of course, this is the same CEO who wrote in a 2007 memo to himself, regarding doctors of Indian descent at the hospital: “”I feel a sense of disgust but am more concerned with what this means to the future of the hospital as more of our Middle-Eastern-born physicians demand leadership roles and demand influence. It will change the entire complexion of the hospital and create a level of fear among our employees.” The hospital is being sued for discrimination….”

It could be that CEO David Brown is simply a fat hating bigot. In his defense, maybe the three Indian doctors in question were not good physicians.  This happens.  But, it also appears that David Brown could have a problem with race and appearance.

Texas Tribune

“...Easley, the defense lawyer, classified the case as a “disagreement on how to run a hospital between some doctors and the medical staff and administration,” which, he said, “escalated into an unfortunate lawsuit.” But he argued that claims of racial discrimination, brought six months after the original lawsuit, are bogus, and that the documents the plaintiffs are basing their case on represent “four or five pages out of some 10,000 produced.”

Brown, the hospital’s chief executive, wrote the “sense of disgust” memo for his own records after a particularly contentious meeting with the cardiologists, documents show. Easley said the “Cowboys and Indians” reference was a joke made largely because the hospital’s non-Indian cardiologists loved to farm and ranch and that it was not meant to be derogatory.

Easley also said the hospital has many employees of different ethnicities, including doctors of Egyptian, Pakistani, Jamaican and Thai descent — and a dozen other physicians of Indian descent not involved in the lawsuit. In Victoria, a jigsaw-puzzle-like billboard show pictures of the five doctors on Citizens Medical’s cardiac care team — two of whom are black, and one who is Asian — and features the slogan “No missing pieces.”

“This is a case of hospital politics that got out of control,” Easley said, “and there is no culture of racism with the cardiologists at Citizens, or the hospital.”

Chandna, Gaalla and Parikh say the emails and internal memos speak for themselves. Hospital administrators, including Brown, complained of their “Indian troubles” and spending “another year with the Indians.” In court testimony last year, other hospital physicians testified that Brown “did not want physicians of Indian origin in leadership roles at C.M.C.” In a December opinion on the defendants’ request for summary judgment, Judge Janis Graham Jack of Federal District Court wrote that there was “egregious evidence” to support the racial discrimination claim….”

This same hospital specializes in Bariatric Surgery.  Anyone who knows anything about the procedure knows how deadly it is.

“...The American Society for Bariatric Surgery estimated 180,000 people in the U.S. had bariatric surgery last year and this trade group is working to ensure that the 15 million more who are eligible get the surgeries. Based on the most objective available evidence to date, this would equate to nearly one million deaths four years later….”

Junk Food Science

In other words, the decision of CEO David Brown is probably based upon his desire to promote the hospital’s highly profitable Bariatric Surgery unit.  You can’t have fat people working in a hospital who is selling deadly dreams.

Junk Food Science

For CEO David Brown, this isn’t just about not allowing fat people to work for him, it’s about killing fat people in the name of profit.

“…Instead they saw more than five times the expected numbers of suicides, not even counting the drug overdoses. “There is a substantial excess of suicide deaths, even excluding those listed only as drug overdose,” they wrote. “The large number of deaths due to suicide and drug overdose, in excess of what we expected, is also a cause for concern. Most of them occurred at least one year after surgery.”

Dr Livingston’s review also noted that the frequency of suicide and drug overdoses “was unexpected.” The higher suicide rates were especially significant among those 25 to 34 years of age, with death rates of 13.8 and 5.0 per 1000 persons per year for men and women, respectively, nearly ten times the rates of 1.3 and 0.6 per 1000 persons per year in the general population.

While some have alleged that fat people are more likely to suffer from depression, this has certainly not been seen in studies of the general population of fat people. In fact, a study earlier this year in Archives of Internal Medicine, found suicide risk dropped by 11% for every 1 unit increase in BMI among the men. These researchers noted that most of the strongest studies have found similar associations and also pointed out that “increased prevalence of overweight and obesity in the United States in the 1990s was accompanied by a 6% decrease in suicide mortality rates.”

Such high suicide rates seen among bariatric surgery survivors abrogate claims that the quality of life is as improved for these patients after surgeries as much of the marketing appears to suggest….”

I guess fat people like The Pink Flamingo really ‘don’t got no reason to live’.

“…”Due to the increasing prevalence of morbid obesity, its inherent risks and the opportunities available to greatly improve the health of this patient population, we recognize the need to implement a systematic approach to improving quality,” said William R. Blanchard, chief executive officer of the DeTar Healthcare System.

Faced with clinical evidence that the most experienced and best-run bariatric surgery programs have by far the lowest rates of complications, the Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence program was created to recognize bariatric surgery centers that perform well and to help surgeons and hospitals continue to improve the quality and safety of care provided.

Citizens Medical Center has been a Center of Excellence since 2006, said spokeswoman Shannon Spree.

“We believe that the ASMBS Bariatric Surgery Centers of Excellence program serves as a catalyst to drive strong programs like ours to get even better,” Blanchard said….”

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