“I’ll Vote for Romney’s Dog Before I Vote for Obama”


This week, I’ve been subjected to harassment from several sources, some of it very unexpected.  This is a sample of what I have been enduring.  It came from someone I thought was a friend, once upon a time.  I suspect he was part of an intervention to show me the error of my ways, how I am going to be responsible for destroying the country because I absolutely refuse to vote for Mitt Romney.  It is one of the reasons I’m not voting for Romney.  When a candidate’s supporters, threaten, bully, and harass you because you’re not doing what they want you to do, run, not walk, away from that candidate as fast as you can.

There is something wrong with a political system, or a candidate, when his/her supporters are so busy supporting him/her, and so devoted that they will cease being friends, turn on family, and treat others quite badly.  I know people who have had their computers hacked.  They’ve been harassed, threatened, and followed by Romney supporters.  I even know of death threats.  I know that one state AG is investigating Romney’s supporters.  If anything comes of it, it’s not going to be pretty.  People go to prison for the sort of thing they are alleged to be doing.

The problem is, Romney’s sincere and decent supporters just don’t believe any of this.  That’s what is so sad and so upsetting.  They are so sincerely enamored of the fact that Romney will, in their minds, beat Obama that nothing else now matters.

On Apr 11, 2012, at 9:18 AM, “X” wrote:
I guess we’ll see within 4 years if their actions of not getting Obama out of office do actually destroy the country. I will blame all of you who think you’re doing something wonderful, but actually are not…”

On Wed, Apr 11, 2012 at 12:13 PM, SJ Reidhead  wrote:
Wow!  I didn’t know I was that important!  You may also want to blame the RNC for pushing Romney on us.  You may also want to blame about 59% of the GOP who is absolutely furious for being stuck with him.   Oh, also if he is re-elected you may also want to blame God, who allows it.

On Apr 11, 2012, at 11:02 AM, “X” wrote:
You’re not that important and I don’t read your blog. You just really surprise me that you’re fine with Obama getting re-elected.

Sorry, I don’t vote for dogs, liars, frauds, liberals, democrats (even those pretending to be GOP) or people without honor.  That eliminated both Obama and Romney.

If Gary Johnson runs, I’ll be proud to vote for him.  My vote is sacred and is not going to be thrown away on someone for whom I have no respect.  There is NO difference between Obama and Romney.


No difference.

Until 1994 Romney’s wife did not even know a Republican…..  Forget it.

I don’t care what people say, how much they bully, manipulate, or try to shame me.  I have standards and Romney does not meet them. He is a fraud.  He is a liberal.  He is going to destroy the GOP and the country.

Can’t you think down the road 2 years?   This man is already trying to screw our Congressional candidates out of their campaign funds.  He is a disaster.  I don’t vote for disasters.  I will vote for Johnson.  He’s a good honorable, honest man.  He was an excellent governor.  I voted  for him twice and will do so again.  I’m thinking about volunteering to work for him, if Romney is the nominee.

Irony – the GOP is nominating a Democrat and the liberatarians will probably nominate a Republican.  I’m a Republican.  I don’t vote for liberal democrats – period.  Have fun holding your nose when you vote for him.

I really don’t want to hear about this again.  We still live in a free country where I get to vote for whom I want to vote for and not be harassed about it.  I’ve had it.  I’m sick of being harassed and bullied by Romney’s staffers.  Sorry, but I believe in freedom.  Romney doesn’t.

There are a heck of a lot of us out here – people who refuse to be pushed into voting for someone just because of Obama.  There is something seriously wrong with a candidate when people support him just because they don’t like the other person.  It’s a recipe for electoral disaster.

I’m serious about this.  I have a right to vote for whom I wish and not be hounded about it. I am NOT voting for Romney -ever ever ever ever ever.  I reject the idiotic argument that not voting for Romney is a vote for Obama.  That’s idiotic.  Not voting for Romney is a vote against Romney and the lying, cheating duplicity inside the RNC to push him on us.

What truly bothers me about Romney is what happens to people when they decide to support him.  Friends turn on one another.  They have no respect for the other person.  They are hurtful and cruel.  I’ve lost friends over this, and that is wrong.  People need to get a grip on reality.  Romney is a vile and nasty person.  So is Obama.  There are alternatives out there, and I will chose an alternative if Romney is the nominee, I expect us to be better than Democrats.  That’s why I can’t support Romney.  He’s no different than a Democrat.

Enjoy voting for anyone but Obama.  I’m more interested in the future of this country, not just in November, but years from now.  Romney was an absolute disaster in Mass as governor.  He basically ruined what little was left of the GOP there.  He is a destroyer.  He is only interested in himself.  If he is elected, you can kiss the GOP majority in the House good by in 2014.  You can bet that Hillary will be elected in 2016 – with a Dem majority in the House and the Senate. But – vote for anyone but Obama.  Have fun.  Because we’re totally and completely screwed.

This does it for me.  I’m done.  Stick a fork in me.

GOP 12

 So, this is what I hear from someone I thought was a friend.

“…Not interested. Go ahead and vote for Gary Johnson. No chance in hell of being elected, but just go ahead and vote for him. I am sure it will make you feel better than voting for someone who has a chance of being elected, even if he isn’t the person or Republican you really want. Don’t you see parts of America unraveling? What do you think will happen in the next 4 years? You go ahead and vote for Gary Johnson. Shoot, go ahead and have a pot party, but you are actually voting Democrat, bigger government, more welfare, more food stamps, less economic growth, less prosperity for all, government dependency for everything, less independence, higher deficits… and then total bankruptcy, civil war and ultimately overthrow by another country (whichever one would actually want this mess)….”

What bothers me about the anyone but Obama, and the rabid Romney supporters (if there are any) is that they have a tendency to forget that people have a right to vote for whom they wish.  We don’t live in a totalitarian state like Venezuela or Cuba, where a person votes for the stated leader OR ELSE.  For those who don’t quite comprehend this concept, it’s about freedom.

The bitter irony here is that the very people who are lamenting the death of freedom under Obama, are the very people who would deny me my right to vote for whom I wish.  They have gone full circle.  I think, perhaps, they may even more detrimental to our freedom than Obama.  At least he and his people aren’t demanding I vote for their choice.  In their anxiety to preserve the nation they love, the anyone but Obama people are destroying the thing they love most.

By bullying and harassing, threatening, and destroying relationships, those who are most worried about Obama are morphing into him.  It’s time to sit back, count to ten, and realize that the Constitution, the freedom to vote for whom we wish, without threats, applies to everyone, even those of us who utterly refuse to vote for Mitt Romney.


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  1. And I will vote for my dog before I vote for Romney’s dog. In fact, after hearing the story about what happened to Romney’s dog I have some serious doubts about Romney. I’m suspicious of people who don’t treat their animals well. I don’t feel strongly about any of the GOP candidates. Most Americans just don’t like the extreme right or the extreme left. You can get a dictatorship out of either one of them. Real friends don’t turn on you because of the way you think or vote. They respect your opinions and your ideas even if they disagree. If I lose any friends over this, I will assume that they were not really my friends in the first place. I will consider myself lucky to be rid of them.

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