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What does the photo on the right and the Obama Administration have in common?  The photo is of the Dumbell Nebula.  Draw your own conclusions.

Sometime either late Wednesday night, or early Thursday morning, I’m not quite sure if it was a headline, a news crawl, or a twitter feed, but I noticed that “we” are now blaming Chinese espionage for our declining space program.  Then, somewhere else, on Wednesday, I saw a Tweet from NASA stating that the arrival of Discovery at the Smithsonian opened a new era of space exploration. Let’s just be honest here.  The arrival of Discovery at the Smithsonian appears to be the epitaph for America’s exploration of space for anything other than an exercise in global warming futility.

One reason I don’t like to criticize Barack Obama that often is because I want my criticism to amount to something.  The Pink Flamingo has been completely consistent when it comes to criticizing him for destroying our future, via his abject and utter incompetence and downright duplicity when it comes to destroying NASA.  Over the years the Dems have turned this once magnificent bastion of everything that is best about America into a joke, piddling with climate change and pseudo science rather than doing what it was designed for – the exploration of outer space.

Unfortunately, Mitt Romney will be no better.  He has already made his ideas about the exploration of space known when he ignorantly and nastily mocked Newt Gingrich in the Florida debate.  He has no plans to improve the situation.  The only person with a grasp of what our future in space should be in Newt Gingrich.

The Obama has sold this dog and pony show about private systems, but true to form, the Dems are already trying to cut that funding. At least they are consistent.  We can always count on Democrats to want to destroy any future we have in space.  Now, via Mitt Romney, we can add liberal Republicans to the mix.

The Obama Administration has become an international joke when it comes to space exploration.

“…Amid the talk of international collaboration and co-operation at a panel of space leaders, NASA deputy administrator Lori Garver found herself answering questions about the cancellation of NASA’s commitment to ExoMars, and the lack of launch capability for astronauts on American soil.

The panel at the National Space Symposium in Colorado Springs Thursday included participation from senior management from the space agencies in Japan, Canada, Germany, the United Kingdom, United States, Mexico and the Netherlands.

But it was Ms. Garver who found herself under the most controversy. She defended the agency’s record on Mars and launches by saying in tough budgetary times, it is necessary to make tough decisions. But NASA is under a streamlined track right now and its international partners are understanding, she said.

“Our strategy includes investing in technology to give us risk reduction across the field,” she said earlier in the discussion.

“It includes increasing innovation by doing things like smallsats and hosted payloads, which again allow for international partnerships. We are all about infusing competition so we can reduce costs and increase our own competitiveness, and to have a more effective and efficient acquisition strategy.”

She said approaches such as this will increase employment in the United States, although she did not provide any specific examples.

Johann-Dietrich Wörner, the chair of the executive board of the German Aerospace Center, said international collaboration makes sense when exploring the planets from both a financial and duplication of effort perspective. He made the point with a video demonstrating a myriad of exploratory missions on Mars.

The animation, which drew laughs from the hundreds of people in attendance, showed a rover trundling along the surface with other spacecraft working, parachuting and sometimes crashing in the background. At the end, an incoming spacecraft wrapped in protective cushioning squashed the rover….”

This is what I’ve been waiting to see for 30 years.

Big Government

Here in New Mexico, political reporter Joe Monahan reports that Susana Martinez is blowing it with the Spaceport.  Knowing Martinez, that makes a heck of a lot of sense.  I know, it sounds nasty, but with her, if it was something Big Bill embraced, she’s doing to do her petty best to ruin it.  Seems like if Susana doesn’t get her petty little act together, she’s going to ruin yet another good thing for New Mexico.  FYI, she’s decimated the film industry here, simply out of spite.

“...U.S.-based Space Adventures, Ltd., which has an office in Moscow, has expressed its willingness to become a partner in the project. The company offers zero-gravity atmospheric flights, orbital space flights and other spaceflight-related experiences.
According to the head of the project, Alexander Tarasevich, the spaceport could also host U.S.-made suborbital spaceships from Richard Branson’s fleet of commercial spacecraft.
“We are planning to contact Richard Branson [whose Virgin Galactic company is planning to start flying its private manned spacecraft from Spaceport America in the near future] and offer him the possibility of placing part of his ‘space fleet’ [at the spaceport] to serve Russian space tourists,” Tarasevich said….”

Joe Monahan's New Mexico

NOTE TO MITT ROMNEY:  We would not be planning commercial space ventures in Russia if they were our worst enemy.

The Obama Administration is even allowing our space history to decay and rot.

NASA Watch

I just don’t know which is worse, what the Obama Administration has done to NASA, or what Mitt Romney will not do.  Added to the mix is Susana Martinez.  Why Republicans see her as an up and coming star is beyond me.  If she can’t run New Mexico, how can she be VP?


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