We Little People Need Not Apply


More and more Mitt Romney appears to be abjectly tone deaf.  He is the nominee presumptive, but he doesn’t need to go around acting like the entire election is over and he’s POTUS elect.  It just doesn’t look good, like offering special access for anyone who has a quick $50,000 laying around.  I do think the post-election, pre-innauguration retreat is a little cheeky. One wonders how much he will, if elected, charge for an over-night in the Lincoln Bedroom.

Mark Levin has come to the same conclusion The Pink Flamingo has, either Romney is ashamed of his wealth or he can’t come up with a decent excuse for his Bain Capital days.

“...Romney was overheard speaking candidly at a fundraiser about tax changes he’s considering for the wealthy, including ending mortgage interest deductions for second homes, eliminating deductions for state and local taxes, as well as closing or merging federal agencies that deal with education and housing. This has Levin worried that Romney is going the Rockefeller-Republican route using class-warfare tactics against the wealthy because he’s ashamed of his wealth and/or he can’t defend his wealth….”

One wonders what Romney considers wealthy.  One wonders if he’s going to volunteer to pay more than the paltry 15% he’s now paying due to his career as a corporate raider.

“...The premise is simple: Contribute $50,000 or more, get access to the retreat. That assumes that Romney will beat President Barack Obama in the election this November, a mark of confidence that goes beyond oral proclamations of victory.

The donors will also be “Founding Members” of “Romney Victory,” a new bundling program for supporters. They will be invited to a summer retreat with Romney and given “yet to be determined access at the Republican National Convention in Tampa in August.”

In February, Democrats worried about overconfidence with Obama as the economy was improving, presidential approval ratings kept jumping and even Nancy Pelosi thought she had a chance to reclaim the title of Speaker in January.
“I think people are feeling better about the economy. I appreciate that that could change tomorrow,” Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen told Politico in February. “Things change very quickly….”

Expensive access is nothing new.  But, this just goes against the grain.  It sounds so DEMOCRAT.


“...In some quarters, however, the American work ethic is waning. Some people devote themselves to find ways not to work. Some seem to take a perverse kind of pride in being slipshod or lackadaisical. In many cases, where our work culture has deteriorated, shortsighted government policies share a good part of the blame.

Welfare without work erodes the spirit and the sense of self-worth of the recipient. And it conditions the children of nonworking parents to an indolent and unproductive life. Hardworking parents raise hardworking kids; we should recognize that the opposite is also true. The influence of the work habits of our parents and other adults around us as we grow up has lasting impact…”

It’s about being tone deaf.  Like 90% of the other people in this country, I don’t care how wealthy the Romneys are.  You can be the wealthiest person in the world and be quite nice or the poorest and be a total jerk.  These people are just plain weird.  I don’t think they understand how they sound.  They remind me of some SNL skit about people who just don’t get it.

Look at the Royals.  Here, across the Pond, we complain more than the Brits do.  They are beloved.  They are gracious, aristocratic, but know how to act around people.  I guess it reminds me of a line from my favorite poem, “If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,’ Or walk with Kings – nor lose the common touch,”.  That’s the problem, he doesn’t pass my Kipling test like George W. Bush does.

Mitt Romney, once said that poor moms, on welfare, should stay at home for the first two years, then put their children in daycare – state supported if necessary, and go to work.

“…Sal Gentile at Up With Chris Hayes—Romney: Welfare Parents ‘Need to Go to Work’: “In a speech to the National Rifle Association on Friday, [Romney said], ‘I happen to believe that all moms are working moms.’ But video from earlier this year, aired today on Up w/ Chris Hayes, shows Romney campaigning on the proposition that meaningful welfare reform should require parents with children to get out of the home and into the workforce.” Ha ha what Mitt Romney means is that all privileged straight white married stay-at-home moms are working moms doing the hardest job there is on the planet, but poor moms are welfare queens who need to GET A REAL JOB….”

Daily Kos

All of this is terribly hypocritical.

“…“I wanted to increase the work requirement,” Romney said. “I said, for instance, that even if you have a child two years of age, you need to go to work. And people said, ‘Well that’s heartless,’ and I said ‘No, no, I’m willing to spend more giving daycare to allow those parents to go back to work. It’ll cost the state more providing that daycare, but I want the individuals to have the dignity of work.’”…”


“...But even as church leaders’ rhetoric has modernized, the Mormon ideal continues to hold that women should, whenever possible, stay home to raise their children. And in the Romneys’ ardent defense of their chosen lifestyle, Haglund sees shades of their church’s doctrine.

“I think one might see Mormon-ness… in their seeming assurance that this is the way things should be,” said Haglund. “That in an ideal world, all women would stay home with their children, and, perhaps, that it is anomalous or somehow wrong for women to want to maintain careers after they become mothers.”

Indeed, more than few Mormon ears perked up when Ann described her family dynamic to Fox News last week: “Mitt said to me more times than you would imagine, ‘Ann, your job is more important than mine… your job is a forever job that is going to bring forever happiness.’ “…”

Arrogant and tone deaf.

Democrats for Sale

I think Aretha sang it best – RESPECT.  Romney has none for We the Little People.  If you don’t have respect for We the Little People, well, just make it official and declare yourself to be a Democrat.  Gary Johnson is starting to look better than ever.  At least, as a governor, he actually did what Mitt Romney claims to have done, but did the opposite – of.