Romney’s Epitaph for American Greatness


“…“If I had a business executive come to me and say they wanted to spend a few hundred billion dollars to put a colony on the moon, I’d say, ‘You’re fired.’ The idea that corporate America wants to go off to the moon and build a colony there, it may be a big idea, but it’s not a good idea.”..”

NOTE:  The Pink Flamingo no longer has the patience to deal with those who don’t comprehend that our future is in the exploration of space.  I don’t have the patience or tolerance to put up with the likes of Mitt Romney and his vile, nasty little comments that prove that he’s not as bright and as well read as he thinks he is.  This nation had the opportunity to do something truly remarkable, to advance into our future.  Instead, thanks to the RNC elite and the conservative punditry who have declared Romney the one and only, they are going to be nominating a man who is only interested in his own personal ambition.  I trust, when this is over, and those of us who have warned against nominating this man are picking up the pieces of the GOP, we can be gracious and not let our bitterness and anger show.

There is one single reason I will never ever ever ever ever vote for Mitt Romney.  He doesn’t give a rip about the future of this nation.  He may have said that a better America began on Tuesday night, when the heavens opened up and a celestial light shown upon him, but frankly, I find the whole comment insulting.  If he thinks America will be better because of him, his arrogance is even worse than Obama’s.

It has dawned on me, the reason Mitt Romney doesn’t believe in space exploration is because he isn’t rich enough to run with the big dogs.  In fact, the only reason Romney may want to be POTUS is to have enough power to run with the big dogs.  When you look at his wealth and that of the Koch Brothers or the visionaries who are attempting to boldly go where no one has gone before, he’s the equivalent of a gnat on an elephant’s tuckus.


There are some socialists who don’t think individuals should be able to “own” space. Stupid, ignorant fools.

“…The first hurdle will likely be ensuring that Planetary Resources has covered all its legal bases. While some have argued that governments need to set up specific property rights before investors will make use of space, the majority of space lawyers agree that this isn’t necessary to assure the opportunity for a return on investment, said space policy analyst Henry Hertzfeld at George Washington University in Washington D.C. Mining occurs in international seabeds — even without specific property rights — overseen by a special commission dedicated to the task, he said. A similar arrangement would likely work in space….”

I am so sick and tired of naysayers and the historically ignorant.  Ian O’Neill is one such Doubting Thomas.  I detest people short-sighted, ignorant wretches like this.  He discusses the danger of such an endeavor.  Guess he doesn’t even know why Ed Schieffelin named Tombstone, Tombstone.

In the 1870s when settlers first began thinking about Southern Arizona, it was deadly.  Everyone knew the riches in what is now Cochise County were so great, they were almost unimaginable. The problem is the land was do lethal, so deadly, no one ever emerged alive, after they went prospecting in the area.  When Schieffelin headed out, in 1877, he was told he would not come back alive.  He was told, “The only rock you will find out there will be your own tombstone”.

He named the place where he struck it rich, Tombstone.  The wealth that came out of the mines in and around Tombstone, Arizona, over the next decade would, today, be enough to put a huge dent in our national debt.  Before Obama came into office, the riches that came out of Tombstone would just about have retired the national debt (in FY 2008 terms)


That is why people like O’Neill are pathetically ignorant little creatures, lacking an imagination and historical perspective.  I put Mitt Romney in his league.

“...The overland journey from the Mid-West to Oregon and California meant a six month trip across 2,000 miles of difficult country. It was also an expensive enterprise. It was estimated that the journey cost a man and his family about $1,000. He would also need a specially prepared wagon that cost about $400. The canvas top would have to be waterproofed with linseed oil and stretched over a framework of hoop-shaped slats. Although mainly made of wood, iron was used to reinforce the wagon at crucial points. However, iron was used sparingly in construction since it was heavy and would slow down and exhaust the animals pulling the wagon.

The wagons were packed with food supplies, cooking equipment, water kegs, and other things needed for a long journey. These wagons could carry loads of up to 2,500 pounds, but the recommended maximum was 1,600 pounds. Research suggests that a typical family of four carried 800 pounds of flour, 200 pounds of lard, 700 pounds of bacon, 200 pounds of beans, 100 pounds of fruit, 75 pounds of coffee and 25 pounds of salt.

The wagon also had to carry a shovel and cooking utensils. Some emigrants took furniture but this was often abandoned on the trip. There was little room in the wagon for people and so only small children or senior citizens rode in the wagon. The rest of the party walked beside the slow moving vehicle or rode on the back of a horse.

The four wheels of the wagon were made of wood (strengthened with iron). The front wheels were usually smaller than those at the back. The wagon train would travel at around two miles an hour. This enabled the emigrants to average ten miles a day. With good weather the 2,000 mile journey from Missouri to California and Oregon would take about five months. However, heavy rains would increase this by several weeks.

These wagons rarely had springs. This was not a major problem for the passengers as the wagon travelled very slowly. Nor did the wagons have brakes and this caused serious problems when travelling downhill. One solution was to use chains to lock at least one wheel. Another strategy was to cut down a tree and haul it behind to supply drag.

The emigrants used horses, oxen and mules to pull their wagons. The most popular animal with emigrants was the ox. It was cheaper, stronger and easier to work than horses or mules. They were also less likely to be stolen by Native Americans on the journey and would be more useful as a farm animal when you reached your destination. Oxen were able to exist on sparse vegetation and were less likely to stray from camp. The main argument against oxen was that they could become reckless when hot and thirsty and were known to cause stampedes in a rush to reach water….”

Those of us who have lobbied, waiting for the day someone decides there is gold in them thar asteroids, use the analogy of the wild west and the pioneers crossing the Santa Fe Trail.  Contrary to popular opinion, these people had to be EXTREMELY wealthy to even consider making the trip. In 1830, it took a minimum of $1500 to even begin to make the preparations for the trip. That does not count the $600 needed for a good team of mules. In a twenty year period, nearly a million souls crossed the various trails into the west.  The vast wealth, just outfitting their wagons was enough to help pull the US out of one of the worst depressions in our history.  The mortality rate was horrific.  When pathetic little people like O’Neill spout off about the cost of asteroid mining, and the danger, they are showing their abject ignorance.

Measuring Worth
Measuring Worth

Mitt Romney may have seriously damaged Newt Gingrich when he made fun of him during the debate in Florida, but all he actually succeeded in doing was showing how limited a visionary he truly is.  He isn’t interested in American Greatness.  He’s trying to barge in like the vulture capitalist he is and take the country apart, leaving the buzzards to pick through what is left, the same way he did at least 1 out of 3 businesses he destroyed when at Bain.


And Planetary Resources may not be as far off as we think.  Looks like they’re already doing some work with NASA.  Looks like they may know what they are doing.  Looks like the visionaries are going to make a pile of money, while people like Mitt Romney look like fools.  Oh, wait, he’ll be the kind of vulture who zooms in and destroys what these people have built.  If true to form, he’ll fire the experts who are finally mining these asteroids and replace them with pencil pushers who once counted beans in Boston.  With luck Bain’ll be taken over by the Ferengi.

NASA Watch
Ameri Space

The way Mitt Romney dislikes space exploration proves he’s nothing but the refried Democrat we all knew him to be.  On, you remember how he and his people made fun of Newt’s idea of energy harvesting in space  well, we’re working on it now.  Want to retract a few things and apologize to Newt?


Now, we need water to begin settling space.  Water is made of up of two elements – hydrogen and…..OXYGEN.  Get it?  You take the water found in space and generate fresh air to breath while you are exploring space.

You must have gold for space exploration.  You know all those pictures of space craft, with all that pretty looking gold foil on it.  Well – it is GOLD.  We must have gold for insulating space craft to explore and work in space.  By the time Planetary Resources gets around to actually mining gold, we will (if we can keep the likes of Mitt Romney out of the Oval Office and fire Barack Obama) be building our craft in space.  You take the metals mined in space and build in space – get it?

As for mining asteroids, it’s not going to cause a rain of bad SciFi channel movie plots.  The chunks that might come toward earth will be so small they will burn up in the atmosphere. It’s called S – C – I – E – N – C – E.