Bitter Reality Can Really Suck


The Pink Flamingo has been on a forced migration between the near paradise of New Mexico to Memphis.  It took a day longer than expected, dealing with elderly parents and my father’s Alzheimer’s. It was not until we were nearly in Memphis that I had the bright idea of looking up what the Alzheimer’s Foundation has to say about travel with someone with Alzheimer’s.  Saturday was rough, but he’s doing better today.

When I arrived at my sister’s home, I was faced with the bitter reality of life.  It’s like that boiling water and the frog analogy.  I did not see the aging of our parents because I am around them on a near daily basis.  I saw them, yesterday, in front of my sister’s house, with my mother trying to make sure my father did not injure himself going up the stairs, and it made me want to cry.

Bitter reality sucks.

As usual, The Pink Flamingo has turned this into a political commentary.  Did you expect I wouldn’t?

For a few minutes, on Saturday, I caught the Obama rally in Ohio.  Okay, it’s official, WE’RE SCREWED.  Get it, we’re screwed.  The powers that be, within the GOP, have pushed an incompetent, fake person on us as an alleged nominee.  Mitt Romney cannot win.  The only way he can is by some abject disaster, financially.

For awhile, I was concerned that the Billionaire Boy’s Club who sponsors him would do that.  Now, though, I’m beginning to think they’re pushing him for one of two reasons.  Either they want to impose their Randian views of the rich get richer, and turn the rest of us into pathetic little serfs, or, they want Obama to win.

The next logical question to be asked is why would they want Obama to win.  There is only one logical answer for that question – money.  With these people it is all about money.  It is about money before it is about power.  Remember, money = power.

So, we’re stuck with Mr. & Mrs. Alien Pod People from Another Planet.  Sorry, but they aren’t normal.  They are plastic, weird, just plain strange. I don’t know who is worse, the Mr. or the Mrs.  I know it isn’t kosher to take swipes at political wives, but Ann Romney is a total disaster.  The Pink Flamingo has been known to spend a penny or two on shoes and handbags, but 900 bucks for a t-shirt?  Even worse, it was 900 bucks that looked like a t-shirt that came off a Walmart sales rack.

No one was nastier about Michelle Obama than was I.  I still don’t approve of her spending, but she’s a Democrat and they have no grasp on reality.  I swear Oprah was sandbagging her wardrobe choices during the 2008 campaign.  Even then I wrote that the woman had excellent fashion sense, if she would simply be allowed to use it.

Fast forward four years. The Pink Flamingo doesn’t mind going on record that I think Michelle Obama is going to be one of the great, iconic First Ladies.  She is a fashion icon.  Let’s face it.  Rarely, now, does she have a wardrobe malfunction.  She is another Jackie.  Deal with it.  Cindy McCain would have been iconic, I think.  She has her own fashion sense, and knows how to use it.  Sarah Palin is one of a kind.  She’s an individual.

But – Ann Romney is a disaster.  She is a giggling, pathetic little schoolgirl who can’t over-come the fact that Michelle Obama is a grown-up woman in a grown-up world.  Ann Romney is going to hurt the GOP.  She’s already doing so, but no one will be honest about it.  After watching Michelle Obama on Saturday, I know we were totally and completely screwed.  If you were to have a First Lady Debate, Mrs. Romney could sit with the giggling little country club twits, while Mrs. Obama acted like a competent and very much woman with her own sense of the world.

That’s the disaster that has been pushed on us by a group of elitist within the GOP.  The worst of it, is The Pink Flamingo is not all that conservative.  I’m 110% NOT tea party, but I’m finding myself aligned with them, against Romney.  I vote for Republicans with whom I agree 80% of the time.  The problem with Mitt Romney, is you don’t know if you agree with him, because you don’t know which Mitt Romney is going to open his lying mouth – liberal, moderate, or conservative.

You hear what a great financial mind he has, but he doesn’t even grasp the fact that “real” unemployment in this country is always around 3.5% or so.  He wants 4% unemployment, but that’s unrealistic, even in the very best of times.

This disconnect is reflected with the size of crowds. Over the weekend, you saw the fake conservative pile-on that Obama did not attract many at his rally at Ohio State.  I looked at the telly.  There were a heck of a lot of people there, with at least three-fourths of the venue filled.  That is about, 14,000 or so thousand people.  Romney’s people should, with all due respect, not discuss this too much.  Mitt’s largest crowd has been around 10,000, tops.  Rumor is, he has a difficult time pulling much of a crowed above a couple thousand, anywhere.  There’s something else, I could mention, but I won’t.

The bitter reality is that we have been cursed with a nominee who can’t possibly beat Obama.  When Mitt Romney goes down, it is the fear of the Pink Flamingo, that he is going to do irreparable harm to the GOP in the process.

In the process, he has made a laughing-stock of the fundraising process. There is no real difference between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.  That’s why The Pink Flamingo is probably going to support Gary Johnson.  I vote for Republicans not repackaged liberals.

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