In Order to Protect Mitt Romney…..


When I was in college I grew my fingernails out to the point where they were at least an inch and a half long.  I wore Revlon Raven Red polish on them. (FYI, it is still my favorite color for nails.)  They lasted through the Christmas job wrapping packages at the now defunct Meyers-Arnold Department store. They made it through my second year, through Christmas working in women’s casual.  They almost did not make it through the second year of summer school.  The guys threatened to cut them.

I was furious.

A half dozen of them drove out to the house, intending to force me to cut my nails – just for the heck of it.  I locked myself in my bedroom.  My mother told them they could not go down to the other part of the house.  That was that.

I can remember how I felt.

Imagine how a sensitive and terrified young gay teenage boy must have felt when set upon by a pack of wild animals, attacking, holding him down, cutting his pride and joy – his blond hair.  It must have been a horribly traumatizing event.  BUT, now we are to simply laugh about it, and let it go away, chalking it up to yet another of Mitt Romney’s youthful pranks.

That’s fine.

But – if you want to do that, then those who are basically sacrificing their very integrity to prop up this increasingly pathetic excuse of a real live person, had best stop criticizing Barack Obama’s youth and that of Bill Clinton.  They had best simply just shut up and stop criticizing any youthful problems any candidate might have had, short of doing jail time.

I know of a story where a young minority teenage girl threatened to have her followers hold town a very timid young white twelve year old, and cut off her long, blond, ponytail.  The authorities at this school had the good sense to check into the person’s behavior.  They found out that she had been bullying and threatening others in the school.  She was sent to the state mental hospital for evaluation and found to be mentally ill. If she had been a rich young white male, going to a private school, her wealth and her parents’ social position would have kept her out of trouble.

Once upon a time we were taught about the Presidents of the United States by tales of their youth.  Many were quite exemplary young men.  Bill Clinton battled to protect his mother and brother from a abusive step-father.  George W. Bush may have drank, but he damaged only himself and his mother’s nerves. There are still nasty tales told about some of the Kennedy clan there in Palm Beach, but they only speak of JFK as a drunken womanizer.  He never abused those who brought delivered goods to the Kennedy Compound.  That was left up to his younger brothers.

If this were about Barack Obama, every Republican would be talking about it, demanding something be done about his apparent mental instability.  True to form, we are to be hailed about Obama’s drug use as a teen.

It is amazing how the supporters of Mitt Romney are ignoring this very enlightening story.

Yes, it was in his youth.  People grow up and change.  It is quite hypocritical of the same people who are damning Barack Obama at every juncture to be trying to sweep this very nasty and very revealing tale under the rug.

You do realize today this would be considered a hate crime.

I’m afraid The Pink Flamingo would be forced to agree with that one.

Let’s be honest here.  All this reveals is that, even as a wild and crazy youth, Mitt Romney knew how to lead – a pack of rabid dogs. He grew up to become a Vulture Capitalist and a flip-flopping governor of a liberal state.

Do you really want him to be the GOP Nominee?