What If Newt Was Right All Along


I want to believe!

When the proposal for this rolls around, you’d better hope some jerk like Mitt Romney is not the resident of the Oval Office, but someone visionary like Newt Gingrich.

This is something I’ve waited most of my life to write about, with logic, clarity, and realism.  It could be a reality in 20 years.  Logic, and genetics suggest that The Pink Flamingo will very much be here to see it, if we were to be so lucky.

What if Newt was right all along?

What if some jerk like Mitt Romney vetoed our future by making fun of it, and saying that the visionary genius who proposed it was fired?

Visionaries like Newt Gingrich go down with visionaries like Zefram Cochrane.  If you don’t know your history, then look it up, because, the beauty of all of this is that life may just imitate art, after all!


Unfortunately, The Pink Flamingo fears this will never happen.  We live in a nation in decline, not because of culture, but because we’ve been assimilated by the Borg of Randian perversion.   No longer are we to have good ideas and national greatness.  It is all about Ayn Rand’s perverted sense of socialist capitalism, where only the most vicious and greediest among us survive.  The rest of us are to be ground into dust under their terribly expensive alligator loafers.

What is happening to this nation literally is a perversion of what is good, honorable, decent, and right.  Nothing matters but the richest among us, and the prostituted politicians political patronage a couple hundred million dropped here and there can buy.  Today’s political prostitutes elected Republican officials don’t give a rip about this nation.  All they care about is their next campaign dollar.

If the situation were not so critical, the bitter irony would be laughable.  This nation will not lose our freedom or national character because of the liberal Democrats, but because of a truly sick and disgusting cult of bitter little losers who now control the political agenda of the GOP.  There is nothing free about a nation being run by a bunch of self-serving plutocrats who are only interested in enriching their tax free over-seas accounts.  So what if they spend a few hundred million buying the best prostitutes politicians possible?  It was a free country, once upon a time.

What if Newt was right all along, and the powers that be sold us out to Mitt Romney for thirty pieces of silver and a VP candidate to be named later?

The only thing lost would be our future, but that doesn’t matter as long as Mitt Romney pays only 14% income tax, his billionaire buddies pay maybe 5%, and normal small business people in this nation are slaughtered at 28%?

All that really matters is Mitt.  The rest of us don’t matter at all, that’s for sure.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had just about all the Mitt Romney idiocy I can take for awhile.  Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  I’m not going to be fooled twice by this arrogant jerk who doesn’t give a damn about this country, a warmed-over Democrat pretending to be a Republican.  This nation could have had an exciting future.  Instead, we get odes to a not very bright stay at home mom who is an embarrassment to the GOP.

Way to go!

“…Of course, like all space ships today, the big “if” for such an ambitious effort would be getting Congress to provide NASA the funding to do a huge 20-year project. But BTE Dan has that all worked out, and between tax increases and spreading out budget cuts to areas like defense, health and human services, housing and urban development, education and energy, the cuts to areas of discretionary spending are not large, and the tax increases could be small. “These changes to spending and taxes will not sink the republic,” says the website. “In fact, these will barely be noticed. It’s amazing that a program as fantastic as the building a fleet of USS Enterprise spaceships can be done with so little impact.”

“The only obstacles to us doing it are the limitations we place on our collective imagination,” BTE Dan adds, and his proposal says that NASA will still receive funding for the science, astronomy and robotic missions it currently undertakes.

But he proposes not just one Enterprise-class ship, but multiple ships, one of which can be built every 33 years –- once per generation –- giving three new ships per century. “Each will be more advanced than the prior one. Older ships can be continually upgraded over several generations until they are eventually decommissioned.”…”

It was a nice dream while it lasted.  But, we must sell our souls to put Mitt Romney in office.

If The Pink Flamingo sounds bitter, it is because I am.  I am deeply ashamed of the GOP and the elites for what they have pushed upon us.  Don’t worry, though.  The Pink Flamingo will not be selling my soul in a Faustian deal with the Devil.  My vote is not for sale, not even to Mitt Romney.