Islam and Permissive Societies


The other day, a friend (who shall remain nameless, to protect the guilty) sent an email that started The Pink Flamingo thinking about the problem with Islam and Europe.  You must live with your head in a hole not to know that hard-line, anti-woman Islam is starting to dominate Europe.  I think I know why Europe is having more problems that the US is.

The United States, for all of our pretense of freedom of speech, thought, religion, etc. is the most free society in the world.  We are also one of the most repressed – when one considers our penchant for freedom.  We’ve not let lose on our Puritan origins.  What has been loosened there, has been tightened by the so-called “evangelical” base, which is really good about touting freedom of religion, but forgets that there are also other forms of religion.

Perhaps the perfect example is pornography.  The ignorant of the right don’t seem to grasp the fact that there has been pornography since (just about) the beginning of time.  It may be the second oldest profession, created to augment the oldest.  In the US, it is seen as something deviant, socially unacceptable, and no “right”minded person would even dream of admitting that it even existed.  In fact, Rick Santorum wanted to ban it out of existence.

Let’s put it this way, our society is so repressed, accurate photographs depicting life in Ancient Rome are censored from books because of the frequency of the use of pornography and pornographic symbols – on everything. Our society is so repressed, forget topless beaches let alone nude beaches.  In Europe, when one is near a swimming pool or a beach, nearly every little kid is running around in the all-together.  Here, that is considered an invitation for pedophiles. (This is an entirely different discussion, where I have some very strong opinions, having been victimized myself as a child).  In England, pornographic “literature” is in plain sight, now a plain brown wrapper behind a counter.

Don’t get me wrong, I think kids should learn about the facts of life the right way, with a copy of National Geographic featuring naked indigenous peoples, taken behind the shed, and laughed at. My best friend and I stole her father’s copy of Playboy, and took it upstairs to her room, where we hid, looking at it.  Her mother and our mother knew all along what we were doing.  It saved them the necessity of the dreaded “discussion”.   It was followed by a copy of a pamphlet on the facts of life.

That’s the right way to do things.

Thus said….

The US does not have the problem with Islam that Europe does. It is like the Borg of Islam are using the sexual freedom of Europeans against them.  Yes, we have a problem here, but we seem to be holding it in check – a little. It appears to be an indication that the very societies in Europe, that we criticize have more actual “freedom” than we do.

We have become a culture of pathetic little wimps who are terrified to even allow a child on a tricycle without a helmet, let alone on a dangerous swing or sliding board.  Our younger generation is so well protected – from all harm – that they don’t know how to fend for and fight for themselves. This, eventually is going to be how our freedom is stripped from us, by the Borg of Islam.  If some stupid parent decides that a full burka will protect their little precious from sun exposure, we’re sunk as a nation.  It’s coming.

Right now, the Borg of Islam are using Europe’s permissive society against them.  You don’t keep pushing against a society that has known total sexual freedom and not pay the price.  My money is on Europe’s pornography culture and their nude beaches.  You can only try destroying for so long, then it begins to bite back.  Europeans have been known to be a bit slow to rally against oppression.  When they do, it isn’t pretty – just ask Adolph and Eva.

As for the United States, if we don’t stop being such sniveling hypocrites, and accept the fact that certain aspects of life do exist, we’re the country that will end up being far less free than Europe.  We’re a nation ruled by tele-evangelists, religious pandering, and our need for spiritual perfection.   One of these days I expect to find nudes in art galleries covered by burkas, not from the Borg of Islam, but from the friendly little repressive religious jerks of the right.

That’s what is so tragic about all of this.  The emerging patriarchal religious base of the right is working hand in burka, so to speak, with the same mind-set of the Borg of Islam.  Women are dropping out of the work force here in the US by the tens of thousands.  Equal pay for equal work is being assailed by the Randian forces of the far right, in conjunction with idiot conservatives who no longer realize that there is a difference in being conservative and in being stupid.

If you don’t think there is a war against women in this country, then get your head out of the sand.  It is hear and it is happening.  It is being cloaked in “Christian” tradition and Randian market forces. It is being promoted by the GOP, who must strip every single value they have in order to support Mitt Romney.   You see it in the new “Christian” propensity toward “modest” attire for women.  It is beginning to permeate certain strata of the conservative world.  The Pink Flamingo has been writing about it for ages.

It is perpetrated by the historically ignorant among us.  Unfortunately, these are the same people who are going to unwittingly welcome the Borg of Islam as they slowly transform our society into something unrecognizable.  First, they will come for the pornography.  Second they will erode women’s rights.  It is already happening.

Get your head out of the sand – before it’s too late.