The Ignorant Bigotry of the Hard Right


Evidently, those on the right think that because a person is Native American they live off the land, on reservations, squat, say “how”, dance naked around the bonfire, drink themselves into a stupor, and don’t live the way the white folk do.

“...Worcestershire sauce, imported mustard, and cognac are not exactly the first three ingredients that one would instinctively associate with Cherokee cuisine.  However, they all feature in Elizabeth Warren’s recipe for “Crab with Tomato Mayonnaise Dressing” from Pow Wow Chow, a 1984 cookbook edited by her cousin and published by the Five Civilized Tribes Museum.

Recent media revelations explain the not-quite-native ingredients: a not-quite-native recipe that originated in Le Pavillon, a French restaurant in New York City.

While the dish was not developed by some Cherokee grandmother and passed down through the generations, it was enjoyed by the likes of Cole Porter and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor.  And that certainly counts for something — regarding the quality of the recipe if not Warren’s claims about her heritage….”

This entire recipe fiasco is one of the most bigoted things The Pink Flamingo has seen in a long time.  Do you think people who are Native American only eat from a certain diet?  Do you think they only use traditional recipes?

This little sampling of a group of comments from Michelle Malkin’s readers prove how narrow-mindedly ignorant people can be.

Michelle Malkin

Just what are people who are Native American suppose to eat – nuts, berries, and buffalo?

Phoenix, About
Red Mesa Cuisine
Red Mesa Cuisine
Red Mesa Cuisine
Santa Fe Cooking School

I think the only ignorant among us are the lily white bigots of the beltway and northeast who would not know anything about Native American history other than the Thanksgiving story.  If I were some of the ignorant wretches who have left comments on various sites, complaining about the alleged recipes Elizabeth Warren allegedly stole, I would retract my bigoted comments.

The other day, The Pink Flamingo had lunch at a stop along I-40 in Oklahoma.  It was on the Cherokee Reservation.  They served buffalo burgers.  I had cheese enchiladas.  I shared an order of onion rings with the parents.  My mother had lemon meringue pie.  It was cooked by someone who lived on the Reservation.  The meringue was a masterpiece, a thing of beauty.

They also made their own cookies, sweet rolls, and Danish.  Their desserts are famous.  When you go in for lunch, you order your pie, first.  They serve other “native” flavors in creme pies:  Coconut and Chocolate.

Years ago, when doing some research, I stayed at the Holiday Inn in Kayenta.  Their signature dish was a Navajo sandwich.  It consisted of two pieces of fry bread, sliced roast beef, sliced Vidalia onions (another well known Native American delicacy – not) Romaine lettuce, sliced Roma tomatoes, and Gray Poupon Mustard.  I substituted French’s.

In the Yucatan, “native” food consist of avocado, lemons, limes, lettuce, tomatoes, beans, rices, tortillas, and the like.  The diet is perfect if you are a salad lover.

The right needs to continue their bigoted ignorance.  They’ve destroyed the Hispanic vote for the GOP.  They’re alienated Blacks over the way Obama is being castigated and portrayed.  Romney’s people treat women like dirt. Now they’re going to destroy any vestige of the Native American vote.

Way to go.