Now They Know – How the Other Half Feels


The Pink Flamingo has little sympathy for R.S. McCain.  I consider him to be a bigoted, white supremacist leaning jerk with ties to John Tanton’s anti-immigration machine.  I don’t like these people. I think they have made a mockery out of conservatives and are harming the GOP.  We’re now paying for their anti-Hispanic bigotry as we watch the decline and fall of the GOP.

Mr. McCain is allegedly being harassed by one Brett Kimberlin, convicted Speedway Bomber, to the point where he has taken his family and fled their home and Kimberlin’s alleged threats.   The convicted bomber, who served just a few years of a 50 year sentence, has “allegedly” made threats to other bloggers who have pointed out his problems.

Enter Michelle Malkin, who wants a day of solidarity for R. S. McCain.  According to those on the right, poor little Michelle Malkin has had her fair share of harassment.  Sure, this is a woman who STILL writes for racist, white supremacist Vdare.

Pardon The Pink Flamingo but I have no respect or regard for Malkin.  I put her in the same category as McCain.  After what she did to Lindsey Graham during the 2008 election cycle, you won’t find me crying any crocodile tears for either she or any of her associates.  I find them utterly despicable political hacks who have done far more harm to the conservative and GOP cause than liberals ever could.

Malkin is one to talk about harassment.  What she and her associates did to Lindsey, the way he was treated, stalked, and treated so reprehensibly was some of the nastiest treatment I’ve seen, to date.  Don’t expect any sympathy from me.  Don’t expect any respect from me.  I have none.  People like Malkin and McCain have caused me to lose what little respect I have for conservative punditry.

(The only sympathy I have for Malkin is her heart-break over the disappearance over her cousin.  She has had my prayers.  What she and her family has endured is something no one should suffer).

This said, I do feel sympathy for R. S. McCain and their family, having been forced to flee a convicted criminal’s alleged threats.  The only reason that I am even taking up the story line is because the felling I have is “Good, let people like McCain know how the other half lives.”

People like Malkin, McCain, and their associates have been less than sympathetic over the years, when it comes to dealing with women’s issues.  They have turned a blind eye to the issue of stalking, harassment, and stories of date rape, etc.  Perhaps McCain will have a better understanding and sympathy for those of us who have had our lives up-rooted in order to save ourselves from our tormenters.

One of the reasons I left South Carolina was due to nearly a decade of being stalked.  At first it was just a few misc. death threats.  Then came the peeping in windows.  The door of my house was forced open one morning.  The creep’s visits were so regular, at certain times of each month, the local sheriff would have his deputies patrol near my home.  The person was so predictable we kept a spread sheet of when he would appear.  He never did so during major sporting events.

The moment I left my home I turned on the alarm.  The moment I went inside I turned it back on.  I lived with a shotgun where I could easily grab it.  And yes, I learned how to shoot it.  I kept the shells in the fridge.  One night, after having enough of it, I called 911, then went outside and fired into the ground.  I could hear the jerk running across the road and climbing a metal fence.  The deputies, tried chasing him, but could not find him.  We did get footprints.  We also know he would stand in the drive and smoke two cigarettes, leaving the field-stripped butts in a certain location on the ground.

My car was sabotaged.  My parents car was sabotaged. I was fortunate enough to have my car fall apart while I was in Clayton, New Mexico.  The man who repaired it turned out to be the ex-fiance of someone who is now a very dear friend. He called my father, and called in the local cops to see the damage done to the car, before I left for Dodge City, and back to South Carolina.

That was the last straw.  I moved.  As I was leaving South Carolina, on the exit to I-85, a car was parked on the side of the road.  When I left, it pulled off and followed me.  My mother and I saw the car again, in Birmingham and in Paris, Texas. Because of that, and the documentation of what had been going on, it became a “federal” case.  I located our local FBI agent, who stopped by for a visit.  He told me how to handle things.  I was to call everyone I knew and tell them that it was now a federal case.

I was fortunate because the local law enforcement in South Carolina believed me.  I know what it is like to live your life in terror.  For this reason, I have tremendous sympathy for R. S. McCain and his family.

I do, though, hope he gains a little humility and human decency from the experience. Things like this happen on a daily basis to people all over this country.  Seldom is their situation taken seriously by local authorities, who simply say their hands are tied, there is nothing they can do.  The stalkers become quite good at manipulating the system.  Unless you are fortunate enough to have cops, local authorities and judges who take this sort of thing seriously, your life becomes a living hell.  That then, is the point, to make your life a living hell.  That’s how they win.

I understand a man having to take his family and flee.  Having been there and done that, I also think it is the wrong decision.  I lived in abject fear of this person for nearly a decade.  When I moved here to New Mexico I was once again being terrorized.

A friend told me to stop acting like a victim and take back my life.  His advise appeared to me to be quite cruel and lacking in sympathy.  I realized, though, that he was right.   I took back my  life.  Periodically, I will find indications that this jerk may still be trying to pull my strings.  I ignore them.  I am not stupid.  I watch everyone and everything around me.  I don’t do risky things.  It has changed my life. There comes a time, though, when you must stand up for yourself.

I suspect the person who has stalked me will be reading this.  Go ahead.  There’s nothing I can do to stop you from doing what you want to do.  The one advantage I have is that I live less than a minute from the local police station.  A cop lives near me.

There is nothing a person can do when it comes to preventing an evil individual from doing their worst. That is where faith and prayer begin to play a roll.

R. S. McCain has a family to protect.  I also think he is an attention whore.  What better way to pump up his waning career than to play the victim.   Does he really think his alleged harasser is going to do something drastic, now that the whole world knows about it?  Brett Kimberlin is one smart cookie.  He will play the system for all it is worth.  It’s all about attention – for both men.

Let’s face it, this is a match made in hell.