Memorial Day Lament for a Lost Nation


If The Pink Flamingo sounds a bit less optimistic than usual, it is because I am just that.  In fact, I’m just plain worried about out country.  As you surf around the blogsphere and the usual conservative sites, one reads about honoring the sacrifice of those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. I find their words, this year, quite hollow and meaningless.

The men and women who gave their all for our freedom did not do so to protect a nation that is so polarized by political extremism and opportunism that we are in danger of destroying the nation they were protecting.  The bitter irony is that the destruction is coming, not only from the left, but from the right.  You read it in the words of the pundits and hear it in the words of the talking heads.  They no longer care about this country, but about winning, having their way, and destroying anyone who gets in their way.

We are dishonoring these brave men and women with our cruel and vicious treatment of one another, just to score a few political points.  We are dishonoring them by allowing our political system to become corrupt by the hundreds of millions a handful of self-centered and corrupt men are pouring into the system – just to have their own way.  Men and women fought and died to preserve our way of life, our Republic, not to see this great nation turned into a plutocracy where only the wealthiest among us have a say in the political cycle.

We are dishonoring these brave men and women when idiotic conservatives say that any Christian who votes for a Democrat is going to hell.  Democrats are sinners, they are evil.  If you vote for one and do not repent,  and you die,  you go to hell.  Sure, they have the right to say such things, but somehow, their hatred makes a mockery of the very religious freedom for which men and women have fought and died.

Somehow, I just don’t think they fought and died to prop up corrupt political operatives who are spending tens of millions of dollars to promote candidates who are utterly incompetent and have no business running for office.

I don’t think honoring those who serve and those who gave their all is about defense cost over-runs, failed weapon systems, and talk show hosts who are so busy promoting their political agenda that they will weapons and systems that do not work and we do not need.

I don’t know about you, but when I hear a candidate compare his perfect sons’ missionary experience to the military experience of men and women who have died for this great nation – well I want to barf. Countless Christian missionaries have given their all, for the past two thousand years.  It is not the same as serving one’s country, and dying in the military.  The tales of Christian martyrdom are chilling, but they are not the same as fighting for one’s country.  One fights for one’s country to preserve the right for perfect sons to dodge service to their country, and claim their missionary service is the same thing.

In giving their lives to uphold the Constitution and preserve Freedom, yes, our heroic men and women who gave their all did so for everyone.  But, when snakelike humans of both parties cower behind the Bill of Rights, in order to empower themselves they are dishonoring that sacrifice. We are dishonoring that sacrifice by allowing them to get away with it and not be held accountable for the pending ruin of our nation.

Our brave heroes gave their lives for liberals as well as conservatives.  They gave their life to preserve liberal ideas and to preserve conservative ideas.  They gave their lives in order to allow Democrats, Republicans, Libertarians, and even Objectivists to practice their political philosophy.  They did not die for us to constantly demonize one another.

Somehow, I just don’t see how the promotion of self-centered “capitalism” and tax breaks for the very wealthy among us is making the world a better place.  If anything, it is destroying the very fabric of our society, impoverishing everyone who is not fortunate enough to be in a position to make a billion here and a billion there.

I always thought Memorial Day, and the honoring of those who gave their all for this nation was all about baseball, apple pie, hot dogs, BBQ, small towns, really bad bands playing in town squares, mom and pop businesses, and people just waving a flag.  It was about church bells, small town parades, batons, and babies in strollers.  I always thought it was about a dying Norman Rockwell world where the average man and woman was just as important as the tycoon.  It was about families doing their best to get ahead, and honoring their country and their God.  The local politician would strut about, shaking hands, kissing babies, and promising peace and progress.

Today, all of this is disappearing. We are rapidly turning into a second rate nation where the middle class have no hope of advancement.  When you consider that the middle class in Mexico is growing by explosive rates, and ours is shrinking to the point where we are all becoming impoverished, something is wrong.  That something is a nation where the average worker has not seen a real increase in income in well over thirty years.  It is a nation where the small business person must pay an outlandish 28% tax rate, and have their bank accounts frozen until they do – but a venture capitalist running for POTUS pays less than 15%. It is a nation where Republicans no longer care about helping the small business person, but will fight to the death to protect the billionaire and their right not to pay the same rate.

Our country today is being destroyed by the “average” conservative who doesn’t have sense enough to turn off the punditry and get out there and do a little research on the people being pushed onto the ballot.  It is being destroyed by billionaires who are donating tens of millions of dollars to promote their agenda, which is often contrary to the greater good of the nation.  We are being destroyed by pundits who are holding fast to a version of what they want the world to be, and ignoring the reality of the world.

We are being destroyed by the demonetization of a President who is truly incompetent.  He is not evil, he is incompetent. This hatred that we must have for him is eating at our very soul, the same way that hatred destroyed those who hated George W. Bush.

We are being destroyed by pundits and operatives of both the right and the left who think it is no longer a badge of honor to be a statesman.  They no longer want productive legislation.  Instead, it is all about carpet bombing the other party, and destroying an entire family because they cannot prove Cherokee heritage.

When my father went to the South Pacific in World War II, he was fighting for Betty Grable’s legs and the Andrews Sisters.  He was there to get the girls, have a good time, and make a little money on the black market.  When he wasn’t doing those things he was having two ships sunk, and pushing munition’s barges through Japanese minefield by swimming them through. Maybe it’s a good thing that he does have Alzheimer’s and doesn’t focus much on what is happening to this country.  I think it would sicken him.


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  1. People today need to understand that the men who gave their lives for their country were more than just a name on a list. They take the sacrifices for granted and never seem to think about the pain and grief their passing caused the families left behind. I lost a beloved brother in World War II and sometimes today it is easy to wonder if the sacrifice was worth it. He was so young, so full of promise, but he thought the sacrifice was worthwhile. He was willing to become part of something bigger than himself so that we could be free. I would like to share a letter my mother wrote to her friends when my brother was declared dead in 1943 after being carried as MIA for one year…..”My friends, I wish to take the opportunity to express my sincere thanks for all the love and sympathy shown me in my hours of sorrow and sadness over the loss of my baby boy, just 18 years old. On November 4, 1942, his ship was lost by enemy action on which he served as a gunner. His going has been a great loss and there is a place left vacant no other can fill. I know if he knew it had to be like this he would want it this way. In the uniform of the United States Navy was his greatest desire to be and I am proud to be the mother of a boy, who wanted to do his part to save and help keep America free. I am proud of the fact that I know he did not die in vain, for he went for a great cause. God is his guardian and it was his will. I have a great consolation in knowing that he did not shun his duties for he went (according to the message I received) “In the performance of his duty and service to his country” He wasn’t afraid because he was brave. I am a gold star mother now and I am fighting the biggest battle of my life to keep going. I must and I will with God’s help. I have another boy out there still pitching along with yours. God bless you!”

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