When Do We Stand Up for the US?


Republicans don’t want a good economy right now.  They are hoping for a bad economy in order to beat Obama in November.”  Bloomberg News – Michael McKee

There is a difference between standing up for what is right for the United States of America and what is right for Republicans, Democrats, Tea Parties, or Randians.  Conservatives proved this on Friday when they celebrated the fact that fewer Americans found work.  They are proving it by refusing to pass a bill that would repair our transportation infrastructure and provide tens of thousands of new jobs.  If they were to pass the bill, Obama would get credit for the new jobs.

They just can’t allow such a thing to happen.

On Monday, watching a bit on CNN about Wisconsin, I realized that both political parties have literally jumped the shark.  No longer is it about what is good for the nation, what is good for America, but what is good for one faction or the other.  It is all about winning at all costs, the United States of America be damned. No one cares anymore.  It is about hatred, fear, and loathing.  Factual accuracy doesn’t matter. All that matters.  The US doesn’t matter.  All that matters is destroying one’s political opposition, regardless of the consequences.

In many ways, we have become a bunch of spoiled brats, manipulated by a bunch of spoiled brats who have a multimillion dollar entertainment bottom line.  We tend to forget that the talking heads, who basically keep the nation stirred up, do so in order for them to make more money.  I really don’t blame them.  I blame us, for not turning them off and telling them we’re no longer buying what they are selling – on either side.

Let’s be honest here, it began when Bill Clinton won in 1992.  I will readily admit I almost hated him.  I stood in my parent’s basement, watching the election, so angry my mother forbade me to mention politics in her house until I could be rational.   I channeled my anger into something good.  I think we all did.  Unfortunately, in the process, we demonized Hillary Clinton.  Over the years I’ve learned that I was wrong.  I have a tremendous respect for the woman.  I think she has been a great Secretary of State, with physical courage I’ve not seen in her male counterparts.  I don’t agree with everything she does, but I’ve learned to respect her, especially for her courage and her fight against terrorism and her fight for women, throughout the world.

Because “we” were so vile about the Clintons, they were forced to seek outside PR help.  In came George Soros.  The right responded by demonizing him because he DARED to finance liberal causes.  Guess what, he has a right to do just that. Liberals have just as much right to have their institutions, organizations, and ideas funded as do conservatives.

When George W. Bush became POTUS, the hate was out in force.  I don’t approve of everything he did, but he tried to govern.  The dirty little secret is the fact that he was betrayed, not from the left, but from the far right, who tried to oppose him in so many ways.  George W. Bush, as POTUS, was more interested in doing what was right for the US than listening to the increasingly vile rhetoric from the extremes.  Laura Ingraham was the worst, demanding Republicans get out there and vote, in mid-terms, for Democrats, to teach George W. Bush a lesson.

The extremes were promoted by FOX.  Let’s be honest here.  Any “viable” media outlet who would give access to the far right rhetoric and hatred that comes from the likes of Michelle Malkin, who is little more than a bigoted, anti-Hispanic, panderer to the worst among us.  People like Malkin, whose work appears weekly on one of the worst white supremacist outlets online, should be marginalized by society, not honored by them.

The dirty little secret of 2008 is the fact that the far right cost John McCain the election.  Democratic vote fraud did not help.  But – what happened afterward, is perhaps even worse.  Thanks to a set-up by FOX News, primarily for ratings, the Tea Parties were created.

It was a match made in hell, fueled by Rupert Murdock, who, along with the Tea Party funding by David and Charles Koch. They envision a libertarian Randian America where there is no minimum wage, no EPA, no rules, no regulations, and We the Little People are pulverized into the ground. The Murdock lies are promoted by a trifecta of FOX News, the Wall Street Journal, and Weekly Standard.  It doesn’t matter what they say or do, only that the Murdock-Ailes agenda is promoted, America doesn’t matter.

Right now, all that matters is that FOX and the right have turned Barack Obama into some sort of evil demonic force.  Fortunately, nothing is farther from the truth.  He is incompetent, but he’s not evil.  He is liberal, but he’s not a socialist.  He’s a decent man who truly, I am convinced, is doing what he thinks is best for the nation.  No, I don’t agree with most of his agenda, but I do agree with 80% of his foreign policy, and give him kudos for continuing the fight against terror that George W. Bush.  From what I am learning about economics, since the scales have fallen from my eyes, I think that the person we need to listen to is Paul Krugman.

I’ve also discovered that George Soros may be the smartest financial mind out there.

Yes, I have just uttered conservative heresy.  I will probably be burned at the stake, but you know, I no longer give a damn. I’m not interested in getting points for a Republican party that has prostituted itself to the likes of Mitt Romney.  I don’t give a rip about a bunch of Democrats who are infinitely corrupt.  I care about the bottom line here – that is a better America.  If we in the GOP continue to pander to the likes of the Scott Walkers, Rick Scotts, the Paul Ryans, and Mitt Romneys, we are absolutely doomed as a party.

Wisconsin is an utter disaster.  It isn’t about what is good for the people of Wisconsin.  It is all about the Koch Brothers proving that their Randian ideals, that would propel this nation into a Dickensian blackness where only a few would have anything and the rest of us would be wallowing in the gutter.  Scott Walker, like Rich Scott, is an utter disaster for the GOP.  Scott is abjectly corrupt.  He is a good businessman, proof that Mitt Romney would be the worst possible choice to run the country.  Like Scott, he is utterly corrupt, arrogant, and interested in his own agenda.

I don’t know about you, but The Pink Flamingo finds Nancy Pelosi to be abjectly vile and disgusting.  Harry Reid is a corrupt Democratic version of what Mitt Romney will be.  This said, I find Mitch McConnell to be incompetent, at best.  Eric Cantor is as vile and disgusting as Nancy Pelosi.  John Boehner is as abjectly incompetent as Barack Obama.  Paul Ryan has proven himself to be a lying little Randian who has destroyed his political future because he can’t even tell the truth about his political philosophy.  With the exception of one or two members of the House and a hand full of people in the Senate, all that appears to matter is political ambition.

Political ambition is all about destroying the other side.  It has nothing to do with doing what is right for this nation. From now on, don’t expect The Pink Flamingo to march in lock-step with the right.  I’m becoming increasingly convinced, economically, they are hurting the country.  Democrats are idiots.  Libertarians are so libertarian, they are not really there.  The true danger is from people like Paul Ryan who is a lying little Randian.  The world she envision, and promoted by Alan Greenspan allows for people like Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Right now, the GOP is in terrible trouble.  Years ago I once said that the GOP is in grave danger from our electoral success.  Currently, because we are so successful, Democrats are now becoming Republican. With them, and the Randians who have managed to slither in, the GOP has become utterly corrupt.  If you don’t understand how corrupt, just look at what is occurring in Florida.

Rick Scott is leading the charge to purge voter rolls that were purged several years ago.  There was no vote fraud in Florida until the GOP primary when Mitt Romney won with absentee fraud.  In order to cover their tracks, to shut up the opposition, Romney’s group is trying to manipulate Allen West out of his house seat.  The Pink Flamingo has been told, if you are a Black Republican in West’s new district, don’t expect to be allowed to vote.  You’ve been purged by Rick Scott.

Yes, Eric Holder is right.  But, because he’s a liberal Democrat, we must demonize him.  Sorry, but The Pink Flamingo, to quote the Great American Philosopher, calls ’em as I sees ’em.  If what I have been told is correct, and that Mitt Romney won Florida on fraudulent voting via early voting and absentee voting, that Newt Gingrich actually won Florida, then we are screwed.

Uneasy lies the head that wears the hollow crown – that is if the head wearing it has just an iota of conscience.  Unfortunately, the current “head” is abjectly corrupt and arrogant.  Don’t expect honor, decency, or morality out of him.

He is perfect, though.

I’ve always thought that perfection was vastly over-rated.