Nothing Stinks Like Conservative Hypocrisy


There is a line in The Right Stuff that discusses “Their Nazis or our Nazis” referring to the Soviets and the race for space.  At the end of World War II, the US and the Soviets were quick to make their way into Germany and scoop up the rocket scientists.

It is about “their” socialists and “our” white supremacists.  I don’t know how else to categorize some of these people.  They are far more despicable than any Van Jones ever thought of being.  They are worse.  They are pond scum.

Let’s face it and be honest.  There are absolutely vile liberals and absolutely vile conservatives.  There are good liberals and good conservatives.  To lump everyone into the same group is just plain foolish.  Today, it is all about the alleged harassment of a few conservatives by an alleged convicted terrorists.

I gather the people involved don’t realize that there are those on the right who are are just as evil.  The Pink Flamingo knows of someone who was forced to give up their blog and literally go silent for awhile – to get away from the KKK and white supremacists.

I have been harassed by the far right with threats of law-suits.  I refuse to back down.  One of the parties doing the harassing ended up in jail – as a racist, which I said he was. The Pink Flamingo was so harassed by someone (quite famous as a conservative) that I literally had to threaten legal action to be left alone.  It took months for this person to cease.

I know another person who has recently had to go to some interesting lengths to stop being harassed by Republicans.  And – this person is a Republican.  They have been hacked, threatened, followed, to the point where their lives have been completely disrupted.  This is on-going.  BUT – you don’t see this person crying, wringing hands and going to blogging friends, going underground. This person was smart – and went to the state’s AG.

You see, there are laws out that to stop the threats and the harassment.  If you want it stopped, you quit crying, man up, and take appropriate measures.  Sure, you won’t get thousands of additional hits, gain thousands of Twitter followers, but it is the adult thing to do.  FYI – there are also laws on the books to go after people who make false reports to the cops.

The problem with The Pink Flamingo and the people I know is that we’re not the who’s who of conservative blogging.  We are on our own.  We don’t have cute little contracts on FOX.  In fact, we detest FOX.  We’re not popular, so it doesn’t matter what goes on with us.  Oh, and we act like grown-ups over this sort of thing.

All of this is leading to the fact that, the usual suspects are waxing poetic about the alleged activities of a convicted bomber who served his time and paid his debt to society.  Just because the person is a liberal and working politically is not a reason to go after him.  Sorry, but that’s how I feel.  Funny, but you won’t hear one of the usual suspects even mention that there are some very nasty conservatives, white supremacists, and people who have threatened those of other races.

You see, they can’t.

You see, they are joined at the hip with some of these people.  Frankly, I don’t give a rip about the actions of a convicted bomber who has paid his debt to society and is now a liberal.  I’m more concerned about the fact that a known Neo-Nazi has been elected to a county position in the GOP in Pennsylvania, and not one of these people have mentioned it.

...In addition to running VDARE, Brimelow is a regular columnist for MarketWatch, the financial news site run by News Corp.’s Dow Jones division. Brimelow even brought on a regular VDARE contributor, Edwin Rubenstien, as a frequent co-author of his MarketWatch column. If Derbyshire plays his cards right, maybe he can become the third white nationalist to draw pay from Dow Jones.

Given Derbyshire’s recent coming out as a full-blown white supremacist, and the key role Brimelow has played as his savior and enabler, it’s worth revisiting the question of why MarketWatch is employing a national racist organizer. I posed the question here in April, and sent it, along with the relevant background, to executives and editors at MarketWatch and Dow Jones. Matthew Fleischer at Fishbowl LA asked the same thing, as did Mark Lacter of LA Observed and Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider, both of whom requested comment…”


Heck, these are some of the same people who have defended John Derbyshire. People like R. S. McCain and Michelle Malkin have some very nasty associates, and have written for some very nasty publications.  People like John Tanton are directly tied with the KKK.  Mitt Romney’s alleged adviser on immigration, Kris Kobach is also involved with these people.  So is Mark Kirkorian of NRO.

Don’t expect The Pink Flamingo to have any respect or regard for any of these people until they are either renounced or forced to apologize and admit that they are associates with some of the worst kind of people.


“…It’s unfortunate Lowry didn’t notice what Weissberg was hinting at, but it’s heartening to see the writer get canned for being so explicit about “Whitopias.” After Derbyshire lost his contributing editor gig at The National Review, he told Gawker’s Maureen O’Connor about a couple of places he was excited to work for: American Renaissance and VDARE is run by Peter Brimelow (pictured at right), whose 1995 book Alien Nation: Common Sense About America’s Immigration Disaster compared the waiting room at the Immigration and Naturalization Service to the New York City subway in that they were both “an underworld that is not just teeming but also is almost entirely colored.” Brimelow’s work has been unwelcome at National Review for years, though Derbyshire occasionally linked to it approvingly. In 2007, David Frum felt compelled to say nice things about Brimelow — “a man of keen intellect, of real courage, and of surprising emotional sensitivity” — before saying Brimelow and his bloggers “pollute all the good that they do or could do when they give way to racial contempt and antisemitic paranoia.”…”

Frankly, I’d rather hang out with liberals.

In this vein, this is about one of “our” terrorists compared to “their” terrorist.

“...Court records show Smith pleaded guilty in 2003 to state charges of ethnic intimidation and simple assault, both misdemeanors, and was sentenced to one to 12 months in prison.

According to a 2003 newspaper account, Smith and two other members of the Keystone State Skinheads yelled racial slurs at a black man and threw a brick at him. Smith told the Wilkes-Barre newspaper that he spent two months behind bars and said the encounter was the result of ‘drunken stupidity.’…”

On Thursday, R. S. McCain was at it again, going after the Brett Kimberlin story.  This time it is about a Dem operative who vowed to end Glenn Beck’s reign of terror.  Seems like the “accused” Aaron Walker was discussing his plight with Glenn Beck on his show.  That told me all I needed know about Walker and the whole case.  If they are rubbing elbows with Glenn Beck, then they’re all crazy.

White Reference

Yes, Virginia, there are white supremacists in the world, contrary to what certain factions within the conservative world want you to think.

White Reference

“…The GOP “does not endorse or represent any of the hateful views of Mr. Smith, nor did any of the voters in Pittston City or Luzerne County,” Luzerne County Republican Party chief Terry Casey said in a statement. But he said the committee’s bylaws indicate the only qualification for office is that a candidate has been a registered Republican for the last two years — and do not include a provision that would allow Smith to be expelled because of his beliefs….”

All the usual conservative suspects can discuss is the fact that Brett Kimerlin is a liberal and a convicted bomber.  I suspect they will chose to ignore this:

“…Also in 2010, Smith was the center of a major flap within the anti-immigrant movement, when William Gheen, head of the nativist extremist Americans for Legal Immigration PAC (ALIPAC), pulled out of a series of rallies celebrating Arizona’s then-new anti-immigrant law because their organizer was a friend of Smith’s. At the time, Smith’s Facebook page indicated he was a fan of a Swedish white nationalist singer named Saga, whose ditties have included “Goodbye, David Lane.” Lane, a convicted terrorist who died in 2007 while serving a 190-year prison sentence for conspiracy, racketeering and his role in the assassination of Jewish talk show host Alan Berg, remains one of the most revered figures in the white nationalist movement. He came up with the famous “14 Words” slogan: “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”…”

One thing you will never ever see discussed by R. S. McCain, Michelle Malkin, or any of their little friends are some of the very nasty people the tea parties are associating with.  We’ve been told that there are no racists in the tea parties, no white supremacists, no neo-Nazis.

Oh, really?  Steve Smith is the one with the bullhorn.

Exhibit A:  One Steve Smith, GOP County Committeeman for Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

SPLC Hatewatch

“…Aryan Nations has been a full-on wreck since the 2000 lawsuit that destroyed them, and the splintering between the Pennsylvania and Idaho factions. But Steve found himself a new vehicle in the form of KSS, which is now calling itself Keystone United. Smith is their Northeast Pennsylvania leader and it was in that capacity that he decided to get himself locked up in Scranton. Antifa has had a lot of fun at Smith’s expense too. A bonafide dumbass, he has been publicly burned twice by people posing as WP to get information, one of those times reportedly resulting in him sending nude photos of himself to someone posing as an underage girl. This was before the “To Catch a Predator” days sadly, so as far as we know had never been locked up until the Scranton incident. He has since toned it down however, so there hasn’t been anything since he got his taste of the prison life. These days, Steve likes to make it a point to write letters to the editor or go to anti-hate events in the Luzerne County, PA area to complain about how white supremacists like him are picked on. “Keystone United will not stand idly by and allow these anti-White organizations to dictate public opinion and policy,” he wrote. “We will confront them in an effective and civil manner. We don’t fear debate because the truth, facts, and logic are on our side.”

Well, the truth and facts are that it is illogical for Steve to think that the public is buying any of his crap. That is why no matter how much he tries to play it mainstream, those he works with have to disavow him at the same time. He, along with other white supremacists in the area, working with Daniel Smeriglio and his anti-immigration group Voice of the People based out of Hazelton, PA, and has been a prominent staple at the VOTP rallies. Like VOTP, he is a supporter of PA State Senator Daryl Metcalfe and hypes him up on the white supremacist website Stormfront. Despite how close he is to them however, Metcalfe being an elected official isn’t saying jack about the kind of people he has been working with, and Smeriglio simply plays it to the media as if he doesn’t know where all the charges of racism is coming from…”


One People’s Project is being fair.  Quite fair.  They’re being a heck of a lot more forgiving than The Pink Flamingo.

“…The Luzerne County Republican Committee does not endorse or represent any of the hateful views of Mr. Smith, nor did any of the voters in Pittston City or Luzerne County.  The efforts of the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and its affiliated media organizations to portray anything otherwise are incredibly disingenuous, shameful, and insulting to all residents of Luzerne County.  Their efforts, however, are indicative of the underhandedness in which they are willing to engage to advance their hypocrisy and political aims.

Mr. Smith elected himself to the LCRC with one vote. For media outlets like “Think Progress” or others to suggest that the people of Pittston, let alone the voters of Luzerne County, support this man in any significant number is shameful and insulting to all of the residents of Pittston and Northeast Pennsylvania, Democrat or Republican.  In an ill-researched post on, Adam Peck wrote that, “Smith is also an active member of local Tea Party groups, a network that he used to gain support for his bid for the committee seat.”  This claim is blatantly false.  Smith has been banned from the NEPA Tea Party Facebook page and has not been welcome at their meetings.  Peck’s suggestion that Smith used the Tea Party network to gain support for his committee election would be laughable if this were not such a serious accusation.  This “story” is indicative of the underhanded, self-serving tactics used by the Pennsylvania Democratic Party and a happily complicit media, and illustrates the deep hypocrisy and lies they are willing to engage in for the basest political purposes….”

If you want my honest opinion, I have an idea Steve Smith is far more dangerous to society than is Brett  Kimberlin.  But, you won’t get any of the conservative extreme to admit it. When does the GOP denounce people like Steve Smith, Russell Pearce, and Joe Arpaio?  Will conservatives ever denounce R. S. McCain, Michelle Malkin, Mark Kirkorian, John Tanton, Jared Taylor, or Peter Brimelow?

“…Also in March 2003, another three KSS members — Keith Carney, Steve Monteforte and Steven Smith — were arrested in Scranton for beating up Antoni Williams, a black man, using stones and chunks of pavement. Smith, a co-founder of the KSS, is a former Aryan Nations member and former leader of the Philadelphia chapter of National Association for the Advancement of White People, which was created by former Klan leader David Duke but is no longer associated with him. Smith was recruited into the neo-Nazi movement when he was a soldier at Fort Bragg, N.C. Carney is a former member of the neo-Nazi National Alliance who was arrested in December 2001 for placing National Alliance stickers on the Korean War and Vietnam Veterans memorials in Philadelphia. In the 2003 case, Smith and Monteforte pleaded guilty to terrorist threats and ethnic intimidation, with Monteforte getting a suspended sentence of a year’s probation; Smith received a 60-day sentence and probation. Carney was charged with violating the terms of his probation from a previous criminal conviction and sentenced to a year in prison.


In April 2003, two KSS Lancaster chapter skinheads were charged with making terroristic threats and ethnic intimidation for racist and threatening comments directed at three black people in an area bar. The next documented violent incident involving KSS came in January 2006, when KSS Wilkes-Barre region leader Jason Honeywell was arrested for allegedly stabbing two anti-racist SHARP (Skinheads Against Racial Prejudice) skinheads outside an all-ages punk rock club. The stabbing occurred during a melée that erupted in the club and spread outside after KSS members made sieg-heil salutes and obscene gestures toward the black singer of the band River Side Riot, which was performing at the time. Both SHARPs — Timothy David Alonso and Sean Fitzmaurice — were severely injured. Honeywell was charged with four counts of aggravated assault.

Two weeks after the stabbings, the leader of the Pittsburgh and Greensburg chapters of the KSS, Todd Sager, was charged with criminal solicitation to commit homicide and criminal solicitation to commit aggravated assault. Sager was accused of ordering another KSS member, Edward Robert Locke, to stab a third KSS member during a brawl at a New Stanton sports bar. The fight erupted after the skinheads began allegedly harassing a mixed-race couple. Locke was charged with aggravated assault and attempted murder. The attempted murder charge was later dismissed.

In January 2007, KSS members Kenneth Hoover and Charles Marovskis were arrested for the 1998 murder of two homeless men in Tampa, Fla. At the time of the killing, the two were members of the Tampa division of Blood & Honour. The victims were attacked with a tire iron and an axe….”


Vdare was upset about an incident in Chicago.


I don’t take any of the Kimberlin story seriously until the right denounces people like Michelle Malkin, whose work appears on Vdare on a weekly basis, and has for years.  She has never stopped the white supremacist publication from using her columns.  She has never denounced Vdare.


No white supremacists.


Jared Taylor occasionally writes for Vdare, the same publication that features Michelle Malkin on a regular basis.  He is a known white supremacist who is part of the CofCC and connections to Stormfront.


Not one conservative blogger has even mentioned Steven Smith.

That should say it all.