Jerk, Bully, Vulture Capitalist & Can’t Identify a Chocolate Donut!


The Pink Flamingo has heard this take before, only the one I was told did not make national headlines.  Romney’s campaign staff happen to be, allegedly, a bunch of rude, arrogant jerks.  Want proof?  What I can’t imagine is a candidate going into a person’s business, after it had been disrupted for two days, and not have the decency to even speak to the owners!

Sorry, but that is rude.  It is arrogant.  It shows what this candidate really is.  There are no excuses for this sort of ill-bred behavior – none.  Maybe a Dem can get away with it, but not the GOP nominee presumptive.

Mitt Romney may be perfect in every way, but he can’t identify a chocolate donut!  Yes, he can’t identify a donut – total and complete fake.  He looks like some candidate you find in a really bad political comedy.  Where is SNL when you need it!


“...Appearing on Meet The Press in the roundtable segment, the Mad Money host differed with David Gregory’s perspective that Romney had a “real area of strength” over President Barack Obama on the economy. Gregory based his view on a recent ad from the Romney campaign that mentioned how the former Massachusetts governor would approve of the controversial Keystone pipeline if he was president.

“Romney is known as a job destoryer, not a creator,” Cramer said. “I just don’t think that this will stick, I think Bain sticks. I think the idea that you bring in Bain, which is what happened, in the 80′s. They fire people and that’s how they get prosperity for the rich.”…”

The worst thing – he thinks we don’t need more cops, firefighters, and teachers.  Perhaps he would like to send a few of his perfect sons out here to New Mexico to help fight our wild fires.  There’s one about ten miles from me.  But – we don’t need no stinkin’ firefighters!

WPost Plum Line

There are liberals who are now calling it “Romnesia”.

“…“At the time, it turns out, Democrats weren’t on board with an individual mandate, but Romney and his aides championed the provision,” wrote Steve Benen at the Rachel Maddow Blog.

“Romney did not just consider an individual mandate useful to Massachusetts, he considered it essential to a functional health care law — precisely what the Supreme Court is now debating,” added Annie-Rose Strasser at ThinkProgress.

Currently, Romney supports an individual mandate on a state level, but objects as unconstitutional the individual mandate at the federal level.

The progressive American Prospect slammed Romney for what they characterized as a flip-flop in an article titled “Inconsistent Mandate.”

“Romney has flipped sides. He hasn’t fully backtracked, still terming his Massachusetts plan as the right action for his state, but claiming that anything of a similar nature would be a disastrous assault on freedom at the national level,” wrote Patrick Caldwell.

This type of reaction was typical – one blog even accused Romney of trying to spread “Romnesia.”…”

We have  a very real problem with this idea that to be against venture capitalism is to be a socialist.  It is not even about venture capitalism.  It is all about vulture capitalism.  Mitt Romney is a vulture capitalist. Craig Barnes from The Moderate Voice, has an excellent commentary about the problems of culture capitalism.

“...Never was an elite in greater delusion. Predatory capitalism is killing the middle class goose that lays the golden egg. That’s the first danger. Secondly, it is unselfconsciously driving toward unlimited exponential growth that is producing climate change which eventually will lead to social and economic chaos. In the longer term therefore capitalism is killing the eco-system that makes golden geese possible. Finally, in both short and long terms capitalism’s oligarchs and supporters in Congress are fixated on a flimsy free market doctrine. In sum, the crisis of capitalism is created by the fact that today’s oligarchs still understand the world in terms appropriate for the agrarian 18th century, are opposed to regulation as if they were combatting a revolution of the proletariat, and their theoretical doctrine is to return to the simplicity of corporate life in times when monopolies were granted by kings.

The result is that today’s 1% are squeezing the blood out of the middle class, creating conditions of predictable eco collapse, and have no doctrine more sophisticated than Ayn Rand. But these, even combined, are not even the greatest danger that capitalism faces. The even greater danger to capitalism is plutocracy’s blindness toward the advantages that come from democracy. These are advantages in innovation, mobility, creativity, and productivity that all arise with popular government. Oligarchs have missed this point entirely. This month The New York Times carries a quote from a former Bain Capital associate of Mitt Romney’s who says, quite literally, “At base, having a small elite with vast wealth is good for the poor and middle class.” He could be an English aristocrat on the eve of the American Revolution.

What the Bain Capital investor and the rest of the elite do not seem to understand is how much he and they depend upon democracy. A prosperous economy requires reliability in contract, truth in science and medicine, widespread, popular education, and nonviolent processes of change. Without these, markets shrink, innovation is endangered, mistrust and corruption replace nonviolent process, and plutocrats themselves become insecure. For examples, look anywhere in the non-democratic world. Look at what is happening in China this month. Bo Xi Lai’s fall, and the power struggle in China that it represents, is no different than the fall of the Caesars, the Borgias, the Stewarts or the Bourbons. Insider power struggles, wrapped in secrecy and murder, rumors of pay offs and spying by one aristocrat upon another, are the hallmark of medieval Europe and still today of Russia, Central Asia, and Latin America, to say nothing of China.

Undermining democracy as the plutocrats seem wont to do undermines all values of equality and mutuality and, without these as a restraint, power concentrates, feudalism creeps back, plutocracy takes over and capitalism is itself endangered. Without democracy, the narrative to expect is like that of the Caesars killing the Republic in Rome, or the Medici’s suffocating the Republic in Florence, or communists stamping out the people’s revolution in 20th century Russia. They all tried democracy a little bit. But they then slid into plutocracy and cut themselves off at the knees….”

This is a person not ready for prime time.  We’re told how perfect he is, but the problem with perfection is that it is often masking other problems.  Mitt Romney is a bully.  He always has been.  We saw the problems Bill Clinton created for the country.  We don’t need a Republican, who is worshiped by FOX, and the punditry, in power.  It is a recipe for utter disaster.

The Daily Beast


Why can’t conservatives face the fact that Mitt was a dud as governor?

The Daily Beast

The problem is the fact that Mitt Romney is going to ruin the GOP.  The rumors are fast and furious.  They are not good.

One of the reasons The Pink Flamingo is abjectly disgusted with the GOP’s anointing of a pathetic candidate who is going to ruin things in 2012 is quite simple: He is alienating a large number of potentially new Republican voters.

I personally know three people who are die-hard Democrats. They were planning to vote for Santorum. Refusing to ever vote for Romney, like I am refusing to ever vote for him, they’re just going to either sit it out, or vote for Obama – again. They were seriously giving the GOP a look, but can’t stomach Romney.

Mitt Romney is nasty when it comes to campaigning. There is nothing wrong with playing hard-ball, but the way he plays dirty slime-ball is reprehensible.

“…Don’t forget, finally, that Romney is pretty adept at character assassination himself. What do you call it when in those crucial primaries that he barely won against Rick Santorum—Illinois, Michigan, Wisconsin—he was outspending Santorum six and nine and 12 to one with incredibly negative ads? Or the “tsunami of sleaze,” as my colleague John Avlon put it at the time that the Romney campaign dumped on Newt Gingrich in Florida, where 92 percent of the aired TV ads were negative? Those gutter attacks, aired over and over and over, are, it is worth remembering, the main reason the guy is the nominee. He was tied or behind in all those states until he emptied the trash. He wasn’t winning them over with his wit…”

The Daily Beast

I have heard that one very prominent conservative official has stated that, if Romney wins, it will not only destroy the GOP, but will give rise to a new political party.  This is someone who is heart sick over what Romney has done to the GOP.  So is The Pink Flamingo.