Thou Shalt Not Criticize the Governor or Her Associates


The Pink Flamingo has ignored some of the truly democrat-like actions of New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez because I consider her just another perfect example of the current crop of female GOP governors:  incompetent, arrogant, corrupt, and very thin skinned.  She is no different from Jan Brewer in Arizona or Nikki Haley in South Carolina.

The problem, right now, is that Martinez is trying to consolidate power by undermining and ruining the careers of very good and decent elected Republican officials.  This will eventually come back and ruin Martinez.  The Pink Flamingo wonders if it will be before she continues to pander to be on Romney’s VP list.  And, never doubt that this incompetent woman does not want the job.

Not only has she destroyed the film industry here, she did it out of spite.  It was done to hurt the legacy of Big Bill.  Ruthless, she injected herself into an election in Clovis, making a fool of herself and the GOP.  Like NM political blogger Joe Monahan wrote on Wednesday, why isn’t the GOP holding her accountable?

The Pink Flamingo will be honest here.  I find politics in New Mexico so corrupt that I just can’t bother with them.  There is no hope in this state, not when the GOP nominates and elects “leaders” who are every bit as deplorable as are the Democrats.  Monahan wrote:

“…Now that Jay has come off the tracks–and Susana’s patina is getting tarnished as a result–the events cry out for coverage, analysis and investigation. But the conservative press and bloggers have little or nothing to say. The New Mexican and a couple of the TV stations are on to it and use this new power paradigm featuring Jay at the center as a guide in their reporting of state government as we do.

The big story in Santa Fe is the continued consolidation of power–with the Governor’s acquiescence–by a non elected political consultant who is increasingly being caught in reckless behavior that impacts state government policy and perception of this administration, The media that continue to ignore this does so at risk to their credibility and relevance….”

The Pink Flamingo respectfully disagrees with Monahan.  The only reason Martinez is trying to look like a “leader” when dealing with the fires here in New Mexico is because she was not all that quick on the uptake.

The Pink Flamingo has been wondering if she dragged her feet on declaring an emergency and seeking the use of big air tankers was because she is part of the Romney cabal who thinks that we don’t need all that many cops, firefighters, and teachers?  It is at this point one might want to ask another question.

Did she delay getting appropriate help for Lincoln County in order to prop up Romney’s deplorable statement about not needing additional cops, firefighters, and teachers?

Is she also part of Romney’s desire to do away with the USDA and the forest service?

Is she going to go along with his idea of opposing no limits as to where oil may be drilled, even in valuable national parks?

When we knew on Saturday morning, that this was going to be a catastrophic fire, why did Martinez wait until Tuesday to declare emergency status?

What was she trying to prove, and to whom?

Right now, here in Ruidoso, people are naturally upset, waiting to hear if they have homes.  We know that at least 225 homes have been destroyed.  Very few people know the fate of their property.  If I were in their position, I’d be complaining from here until you know what.

There are some very serious questions being asked.  Please note that I am not in any criticizing local emergency responders or our wonderful hot shots.  This is aimed at the forest service and the governor.  Interestingly, The Pink Flamingo is not the only source raising questions.  And – things are getting a little testy here.

“...But residents tell KOB 4 when the fire first started local firefighters and equipment were not used to keep the fire from destroying nearby homes. That’s because federal authorities dispatched a priority list.

Freda McSwane stayed behind despite the evacuation order to care for her horses. She says she was shocked by what she saw — the U.S. Forest Service telling local firefighters on Airport Road to stand down.

The Forest Service says it has a protocol for these situations, but residents say it’s more like red tape.

For example, when the Little Bear fire first started two local helicopters sat unused. The two choppers are Type 3 fire helicopters with water buckets. They are long-line qualified and red carded, which means they are ready to go when needed.

But instead the Forest Service called in an already contracted helicopter that was farther away.

“They haven’t been overlooked,” said Fire Incident Commander Joe Reinarz. “We have a processes, and it’s dispatch.”

And as for the local and county firefighters told not to go in to protect some of the 224 homes that the fire destroyed?

“That’s a perception that they weren’t being told to utilize. Well, I saw it. I saw it. I know they weren’t being utilized,” said McSwane.

McSwane says firefighters and bulldozers were parked on Airport Road at the containment line. The Forest Service admits their people did nothing to save the homes nearby.

Firefighters say it’s a harsh reality — if your home is inside the containment line it likely won’t be saved because there is too much risk for firefighters to go in.

“We have to make a judgment whether it’s safe to go in there or not. Whether someone else goes in there, that’s their responsibility. Where I’m standing, I’m not going to send someone in there and get killed and say we needed to protect that house,” said Reinarz.

New Mexico Congressman Steve Pearce blasted the U.S. Forest Service Wednesday, saying it should have done more early on and utilized local resources more effectively….”

This is terribly important, because it directly contradicts something that came out on Wednesday.  It’s quite obvious that someone is not telling the truth here.  Someone is also quite ticked with Steve Pearce.

“...Tudor later addressed specific concerns, including Congressman Steve Pearce’s remarks that forest service officials had been slow to get water on the blaze.

“The question has come up, why wasn’t water used, why wasn’t a bucket drop used,” he said. Because of the elevation of the fire, 10,500 feet above sea level, helicopters were unable to respond with standard equipment, he said. A helicopter had been sent up to the fire within hours of its detection to shuttle the Sacramento Hotshots up to the slopes to begin suppression, he added.

“Water was never denied on the fire, it was never rejected on the fire, it just had to be taken in a different manner because of the altitude,” he said. “At that altitude it’s really difficult to get equipment off the ground and safely carry it.”

The judgment call on safety was left in the hands of the experts, the pilots, he said. “They tried to get off the ground and they just couldn’t do it. Quite frankly, we’ve had some tough weather days up there.”…”


So – the forest service and the governor are getting a little testy.  In fact, on Wednesday, on local radio shows, we locals were basically told NOT to complain, write about the situation, or say anything about the forest service or criticize the governor.  After all, WE the Little People don’t know what we’re talking about.

“...Gov. Susanna Martinez and Forest Service officials addressed local concerns regarding the purported mishandling of the Little Bear Fire during its early days at a briefing this morning at the Ruidoso Fire Station on White Mountain Drive.

Learning the facts regarding the fire before speaking to friends, neighbors or acquaintances would help prevent “the agony of learning that your house is gone, and later learning that it’s not,” Martinez said. A great deal of misinformation had made its way throughout the community, and that needed to stop, she said.

“I back what Gov. Martinez said, we need to stop the rumors,” Ruidoso Police Chief Joe Magill said. “If you don’t know the facts, don’t spread it.”…”

The Pink Flamingo thinks much of this criticism is aimed directly at Congressman Steve Pearce, who has made no secret of his contempt for the practices of the forest service.  According to one of the canards told by the forest service, the weather was not conducive for bringing in choppers to dump water.  On June 7, Thursday, the day before the fire broke the containment line, the weather was excellent to take up a chopper and dump water.

To further compound the lie, on Friday, when the fire broke the containment line, it looks like there wasn’t all that much wind!

One wonders why the Susana Martinez thinks that we should not criticize her handling of this incident or why we cannot criticize the forest service.

Obviously, the local bureaucracy screwed up, badly here, and wants to intimidate and attempt to shame anyone from pointing out their shame.


Is it possible that, being the bureaucrats they are, they don’t like being second guessed?

Is it also possible that not sending in a water crew, last week, was a cost cutting measure?

Who makes the call here?

Does the order to send in a crew come from the forest service, or must it be approved by the governor?

Why did she take so long to declare an emergency so Lincoln County could receive federal funds?

There is something else going on here.  One is left with the impression that our local congressman is much more on the ball, and knows a heck of a lot more about what is going on than our governor.  The Pink Flamingo has been told, way off the record, that something is very wrong here.  Is it possible Lincoln County was made to suffer in order to make Susana look good as a potential VP consideration?

The Pink Flamingo is hearing that things are not all sweetness and light.  The governor is tap dancing around the tip of a needle in order to make herself look good.  I’m hearing she is considered basically as useful as my Grandfather Froehlich would say ‘tits on a bull.”

The worst part of all of this is that well over a thousand brave men and women have their lives on the line fighting a fire that never should have happened.  Hundreds of homes have burned in a disaster that should have been prevented.  No one wants to take responsibility for something like this. It could end too many political and bureaucratic careers.