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It’s all over folks.

Friends, Republicans and countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury the GOP, not to praise it.
The evil that men do lives after them;
The good is oft interred with their bones…

Make no mistake, Barack Obama did not kill the GOP, the far right, anti-Hispanic bigotry fed by John Tanton’s hate machine, Fox News, the far right white supremacist leaning blogs who pretend to be conservative did it.

The Pink Flamingo is going to say something on the record.  I never thought I would ever be proud of anything Barack Obama did.  Today I am.  Sure, he did it for all the wrong reasons – pandering for votes, but he did the right thing.  The problem is, he should have gone at it the way Ronald Reagan did in 1986.  The problem there is the fact that the right is so owned by the anti-immigration, anti-Hispanic bigots, that this is never going to happen.

It’s all over, folks.  Thanks to the haters on the right, Barack Obama has pulled off one of history’s great political maneuvers.   In doing so, he has proven that there are times when political expediency is doing what is right. It was politically masterful.  The GOP still doesn’t know what has hit them.  Be assured, if Mitt Romney is speaking with both sides of his forked tongue, and tacitly endorsing the move, you know it is sheer genius.

The Republican Party has no one to blame but the hard-core, anti-Hispanic bigots who continue to make trouble.

“...Noting the timing, Arpaio added, “Why not let Congress decide next year on this issue?” Lemon asked, “Is that even a valid argument?” After all, he said, it’s all politics. It’s the first step toward amnesty, Arpaio said, asserting that’s Obama’s goal. As for himself, Arpaio said, “We’re going to continue enforcing the illegal immigration laws, including the state laws. We do have state laws that we enforce.”

Arpaio underlined his concern about “the politics of all this,” countering Lemon, saying, “It does matter.” Congress should look at the DREAM Act next year, he said, and act on it — instead of talking about it, letting Obama bypass them with an executive order.

He then again emphasized that he will continue enforce immigration laws. Lemon wondered if that means he’ll ignore what the president is announcing today. No, he said. He won’t violate the Constitution or laws, but it should be Congress looking at the issue. He further said there’s no immediate impact of the policy on the state of Arizona, before asking if people are here illegally, “How come they haven’t been deported?”…”

I think that Congress should decide.  The problem right now, though, is Congress is so reflected of our splintered society, they are utterly incompetent and abjectly useless. Utterly, useless, also, is Mitt Romney.  He’s not going to let Obama push him into a corner.

“...Leading Republicans and cable news pundits are already dismissing President Obama’s surprise immigration policy shift as simple election year politics, designed, in part, to back Republican nominee Mitt Romney into a corner on the issue of immigration reform. But the Romney campaign appears determined not to let the President force their hand. “The Governor’s going to focus very intently on the issue of the economy,” Romney senior advisor Kevin Madden told MSNBC’s Chris Cilliza this afternoon. “I think the message that he has [for] Latino voters, Hispanic voters, will be related to what he can do to put the country on the right track and how it can help, how it will help folks who want more opportunity in this country.”…”

In Greece, there is now a problem with the extreme right.

Daily Mail

The Far Right has many reasons for not wanting the children of illegals, who were brought to this country when they were minors, kicked out, for good.  They are terrified that these children will reproduce, breed, have more children, and then bring their families here to reproduce.  They are also guilty of a criminal action of being here illegally.

They are guilty of being here, because their parents brought them here.  Ergo, because of the sins of their parents, they are guilty. No matter than many are “minors” and the crime is not a “felony”.  Doesn’t matter.  They are guilty of the sins of their parents.

This is where the anti-immigration right is getting it all wrong.  They have some strange view of the world, that requires us to rewind back to the days in Merrie Olde England where an entire family could be imprisoned for the sins of the parents, primarily debt.  For treason, the family lost everything, the thought being they were related to the traitor.  As family, as children, they should also suffer.

One of the reasons our “founding” ancestors came to the New World was to get away from things like debtor’s prison.  The really nasty irony here is the very individuals who pretend to worship the ideals of the founding of this nation are the very ones who are the most bigoted against immigrants, especially Hispanics.  Go figure?

We can question Obama’s motives ’till the cows come home.  It really doesn’t make any difference.  In finally finding the courage to do something, he has in one single swoop,  utterly destroyed the GOP.  If not this year, in the future.  Hispanics are our larges growing minority.  They are conservative.  They are Christians.  They vote.  Right now their numbers are overwhelming Democrat.

George W. Bush was making inroads with Hispanics as a voting block.  Then John Tanton’s bigoted anti-Hispanic, Planned Parenthood, abortion on demand, eugenics, and dances with white supremacists take-over of the conservative movement.  Any hope of a Hispanic voting block within the GOP has been forever destroyed.

We all knew this day was coming.  It is political grandstanding at its finest.  For the GOP, it is the end of the world as we know it.  It’s over.  Just stick a fork in the elephant.  He’s done.

Once upon a time, the GOP could have been saved.  If conservative pundits and the talking heads had had the courage to call out the bigots, white supremacists, and admit that people like Michelle Malkin were snuggling up with vile bigots like Peter Brimelow (who has an identical twin brother who was once the head of the National Socialist Party) maybe something could have changed.  When you allow people like Mark Kirkorian to rub elbows with normal people, there is a problem.  When you turn a blind eye to Vdare, Stormfront, and willingly use what bigoted groups like the CofCC creates, then you are going to fail.  Ignoring the existence of groups like American Renaissance, giving Pat Buchanan a pass, and laughing off the fact that Ron Paul’s “official” blogger is a white supremacist with ties to the Political Cesspool, you are going to fail.  When one of the darlings of FOX News has for the godfather of one of his children a leading neo-Nazi (who may or may not be an FBI informant), the end is near.

It’s over.


The end is near.

You did it to yourselves.  Right now, the conservative movement is shattered.  It has been exposed, and is putrid to the core. If there were any decency, what Barack Obama did on Friday would have occurred years ago.

R. I. P. GOP