Oh Susana…!


The GOP has a problem with women.  No, it is not the problem that you think it is, but a problem with several of our recently elected Republican governors:  Susana Martinez, Jan Brewer, and Nikki Haley.  They are a disaster, giving women in politics a very bad name.  Take Susana Martinez, please.  Recently, among other things, she decided we could not longer vote a straight ticket!

As The Pink Flamingo has been reporting this past week, Susana Martinez is in a bit of a jam.  I heard, via a friend (who did not lose her home!) that a mutual LOL (Little Old Lady) just let the governor have it the other day during a community meeting.  Seems the evacuated parts of the road leading to the airport were opened up, with people allowed to return so the governor’s PRIVATE plane (she was getting rid of such things, once upon a time) could land.  Our friend stood up and asked, flat out, why people weren’t allowed to return to their homes until the governor flew in for the meeting!

As The Pink Flamingo has said, quite often, Lincoln County is the most Republican county in the state and one of the highest concentrations of Republicans in a county, in the country.  If Martinez loses Lincoln County, she’s toast.

Try this one:

“...The director of a state public-records watchdog group as well as a teachers’ union head are upset about the recent revelation that state employees and computers at the Public Education Department were used to compile lists of teachers and their email addresses for Republican Gov. Susana Martinez’s political director.

“This just goes to show that there are special rules for special people,” Gwyneth Doland, executive director of the New Mexico Foundation for Open Government, said Wednesday.

A May 2 letter, unearthed recently by a left-leaning political action committee, showed that Larry Behrens, spokesman for the state Public Education Department, emailed Martinez’s political director, Jay McCleskey, with lists of teacher emails — one that included all teacher emails listed on individual school sites and one with only the emails of teachers working at school districts without union contracts.

Behrens has said the email was in response to a request from McCleskey. That request was made verbally, Behrens said Tuesday. A McCleskey aide later formally requested mailing addresses for all teachers, but that request was denied by the department’s records custodian.

On Wednesday, Behrens said, “I don’t believe responding to requests is treating anyone special. It is part of my job.” …”

The other day, it was discovered that those in the opaquely transparent government run by Martinez were using personal email for numerous things.  Thanks to the fire here in Lincoln County, the revelation did not get much play, but it was enough for Martinez to make the following announcement.

“…“Today, I am directing all state employees under the governor’s authority to utilize official state email when conducting state business via email. This includes discussions preliminary in nature to final decisions or actions that have occasionally been sent via personal email because they are not required to be maintained under state law. There is no state law that requires this to be done, but utilizing only state email to conduct state business in connection with public employees’ duties is another important step to ensure continued confidence in government.”

“This directive goes beyond what has been required or practiced in the past in New Mexico, and it exceeds what is practiced in most other states. In addition, given that numerous other public officials, including legislators, discuss public matters on personal email addresses, I am urging the Legislature, other executive branch agencies, and local governments and municipalities to also adopt a similar policy that requires official email to be used when conducting state business and retained according to state regulations. Furthermore, we would be pleased to work with interested parties to ensure that our records statutes and regulations are coherent, strong, practical, and consistent across government.”…”

NM political insider Joe Monahan has the story on his blog:

Joe Monahan's New Mexico

Monahan reveals what many of us have already known.  The real problem is the absolute corruption of Karl Rove and his operatives.

“…McCleskey, who runs Susana PAC, has been dubbed New Mexico’s Karl Rove, after the tough-minded Bush advisor. He is also known as “The Fifth Floor.” That’s a reference to the Governor’s office being on the fourth floor–the top floor of the Santa Fe Roundhouse–and McCleskey occupying a metaphorical “Fifth Floor” where the real power resides.

McCleskey has deep ties to the Republican National Committee whose philosophical footprint has been deep in this administration. McCleskey’s political associates include the aforementioned Rove, and lawyer and GOP National Committeeman Pat Rogers who played a key role in the US attorney scandal that engulfed US Senator Pete Domenici and Congresswoman Heather Wilson. Rogers and McCleskey have close ties to lawyer/lobbyist Mickey Barnett, a longtime player in state GOP politics. Informed sources say that these personalities, in addition to McCleskey, constitute the “shadow government” we refer to…”

NM Telegram

New Mexico has a real problem.  It may be the most corrupt state in the country.  Gary Johnson was well on his way to cleaning up the corruption (which is why he ran in the first place).  My Dem friends say he was a bit incompetent, but are planning to vote for him. He did leave the state with a huge budgetary surplus.

Big Bill was deliciously corrupt.  Not only did he squander Johnson’s surplus, but he managed to get in some ethical difficulties along the way.  BUT- he was competent.  He was modernizing the state.  The space port in Las Cruces was born on his watch.  He championed the film industry here in the state, growing NM into Hollywood “west”.

Susana Martinez not only appears to be corrupt, but she is terribly incompetent.  From what The Pink Flamingo has heard, she is also petty and vindictive.  There are some who say the only reason she has basically squandered and nearly ruined the film industry here was out of spite, to make Big Bill look bad.  Why knows why she’s blowing it on the space port.

Now we have this mess….

You really want her in consideration for VP?