Pesky Polling Numbers


One of the reasons The Pink Flamingo has so opposed Mitt Romney is because it is quite logical to consider the possibility that, come summer, his Bain Capital glass jaw is going to be a real problem.  It doesn’t matter what your opinion is on his years in Bain, it is going to ruin him.  He could have the greatest humanitarian job creating record ever, and still blow it.  It’s the way he has handled the issue.

The Pink Flamingo thinks this is a reflection of how Romney will handle things in a crises.  It is positively Nixonian.  That personality style is a proven disaster.  Doesn’t matter if his years were good, bad, or ugly, it is a personality problem.

He blew it.

The GOP blew it by nominating him.

“…As Murray points out, on a national basis Romney’s business record is seen as a positive by 23 percent of registered voters and as a negative by 28 percent. But in the swing states, it’s 18 percent positive to 33 percent negative. That may partly be a result of demographics and regional differences, but it’s also reflects the fact that voters in swing states are getting exposed to more information about Romney’s business record, both through local media coverage and television advertising….”


The likeability factor is a very big deal.

“…President Obama continues to hold a commanding advantage over Republican challenger Mitt Romney in terms of personal likability, but Americans are skeptical that either man has a clear plan for solving the country’s problems, according to a new poll by Gallup.

The polling firm asked Americans whether eight personal characteristics applied to each of the presidential candidates, and likability was the metric that Americans most associate with both Romney and Obama.

Yet more than eight in 10 of those surveyed said the president is likable, versus just 64 percent who said the same about Romney. The Republican challenger will likely need to chip away at some of that 17-point advantage to buoy his chances in the fall; the presidential candidate with the higher likability polling numbers has won every election since 1980….”

The delicious irony here is that Romney is being battered and hammered by Obama’s understated negative ads.  There aren’t even that many yet.  But, it proves that he who won by going negative is going to go down in flames by being treated the same thing.

From the Daily Kos:

“…Not only is Romney seen more negatively in swing states, but Obama is running stronger. As with Bain, that reflects the fact that President Obama’s campaign has been focusing on those states, not just with advertising, but also presidential and vice presidential visits as well as organizing on the ground. That said, so is Mitt Romney. Between his campaign and Karl Rove’s anti-Obama Super PAC, President Obama has taken a pounding in swing states.

Still, he’s leading in those states, and the fact that he’s leading despite Romney’s aggressive campaigning is a very good sign for the President’s reelection campaign, especially given the weak economic news that we began the month with. Obama has by no means closed the deal—he still needs to win the argument about whether his policies or Romney’s would be better for the country’s economic future—but despite Romney’s best efforts, voters still blame Bush for the economic challenges we face today. That doesn’t lock up victory for Obama, but given that Romney is basically proposing a return to Bush policies, it is a huge advantage for the president….”

Atlantic Wire

It’s still early.  Anything can happen.  In 2008 at this time, John McCain was a shoo-in for being elected.  Unfortunately, we all know what happened, there. BUT – it is near the 4th of July.  Within the next month or so, things will start getting serious.  Then we get down to the real fight.

No matter what you think or feel, logic says that Barack Obama has a slight edge, so far.  The Pink Flamingo has been told that he hasn’t even begun to attack Romney.  I’ve always said Romney will go down because of Bain and perceptions.  My fear now, is how badly it is going to damage the GOP in the fall.