Not Their Finest Hour


“…epileptic seizures have a power and symbolism which, historically, have suggested a relationship with creativity or unusual leadership abilities. Scholars have long been fascinated by evidence that prominent prophets and other holy men, political leaders, philosophers, and many who achieved greatness in the arts and sciences, suffered from epilepsy….”

The reason John Roberts did what he did, according to Matt Drudge, is because he is an epileptic and his medication causes him not to be rational at times.  During the primary season, he did some vile things to anyone who opposed Mitt Romney, but this time, he has gone too far.  Evidently, the right is so angry because Roberts dared to cross them, that they’re willing to allow Drudge to get away with his scam.

They are acting like the very worst aspects of the Salem Witch Hunts, displaying almost medieval ignorance and behavior when it comes to Epilepsy, just to destroy a man who deserves our honor, not our damnation.

“...In most cultures, persons with epilepsy have been stigmatized, shunned, or even imprisoned; in the Salpêtrière, the birthplace of modern neurology, Jean-Martin Charcot found people with epilepsy side-by-side with the mentally handicapped, those with chronic syphilis, and the criminally insane. In Tanzania to this day, as with other parts of Africa, epilepsy is associated with possession by evil spirits, witchcraft, or poisoning and is believed by many to be contagious.  In ancient Rome, epilepsy was known as the Morbus Comitialis (‘disease of the assembly hall’) and was seen as a curse from the gods.

Stigma continues to this day, in both the public and private spheres, but polls suggest it is generally decreasing with time, at least in the developed world; Hippocrates remarked that epilepsy would cease to be considered divine the day it was understood….”

Before we go blaming Drudge for coming completely unglued, let’s put blame where it belongs – Michael Savage.  You might want to read the comments on RCP.

“…”Let’s talk about Roberts. I’m going to tell you something that you’re not going to hear anywhere else, that you must pay attention to. It’s well known that Roberts, unfortunately for him, has suffered from epileptic seizures. Therefore he has been on medication. Therefore neurologists will tell you that medication used for seizure disorders, such as epilepsy, can introduce mental slowing, forgetfulness and other cognitive problems. And if you look at Roberts’ writings you can see the cognitive dissociation in what he is saying,” Michael Savage said on his radio program this evening….

The RCP comments basically condemn Roberts.  No one bothered to condemn Savage, who should be booted off the air, but there’s no accounting for bad taste.




There were a few people who condemned Michael Savage, but most of the comments were like this:


The Pink Flamingo has read, over and over, from the forum at RCP that Thursday was a sad day for America.  You’re darn right it was.  From what The Pink Flamingo was told, Roberts had a couple seizures when he was outside working in his years.  He takes medication when he goes outside for this sort of thing.  He is NOT an epileptic.

Media Matters

Glenn Beck, who is pandering for Mitt Romney, is selling T-shirts.  Someone vandalized Robert’s Wikipedia page.

Think Progress

Steve Almond has a piece in the NYTimes Magazine entitled, Liberals Are Ruining America. He’s right. They are. Then again so are conservatives, libertarians, and Randians. The real problem is that America is being ruined by political extremes.

“...By contrast, consider the popular response to the Great Recession. The Tea Party — inflamed and partly financed by well-funded lobbying groups — took to the streets to blame government for a crisis caused primarily by Wall Street. Liberals did little aside from condemning the Tea Party. It wasn’t until the Occupy Wall Street movement began, nearly four years later (at the instigation of the Canadian magazine Adbusters), that those on the American left began to protest economic inequality, and even then the movement could articulate no specific policy goals. The same general passivity marked our reaction to the perceived moral atrocities of the Bush era, from the war in Iraq to domestic surveillance to our torture program.

The most insidious effect of our addiction to right-wing misanthropy has been the erosion of our more generous instincts. At least for me. I’ve come to regard all conservatives as extremists, a mob of useful idiots plied by profiteers, rather than a diverse spectrum of citizens, many of whom share my values, anxieties and goals. When I hear the crowd at a Republican presidential debate cheer for capital punishment, I write them off as sadists, rather than accepting them as citizens seeking a means of keeping themselves safe. Slagging conservatism has become my one acceptable form of bigotry.

I’m not trying to soft-pedal the very real pathologies of the modern conservative movement. The rich and powerful have clearly found in the Republican Party a willing collaborator. They’ve spent billions peddling Americans a failed theology of deregulation and lower taxes that is designed to foster and protect obscene wealth, not to serve the vast majority of our citizens. Thanks to the Supreme Court, the coming election will mark an unprecedented infusion of corporate propaganda into the political bloodstream…”

In order to be a conservative these days one must not think outside the box. One must not make waves, say anything that might upset Mitt Romney, and one must not disagree with the status quo. If one does, it is just really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really, really,really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really, really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really,really, really, really, really,really, bad.

PJ Media

Unfortunately, The Pink Flamingo knows all about this. I have a very bad tendency to be an independent thinker, skeptical, questioning everything. Ergo, I now display socialistic tendencies. I know other “former” conservatives (those who are now so ashamed of the whole conservative movement they refuse to be identified as “conservative) who are going through the same thing.

Now, John Roberts has joined our ranks. Once upon a time, yesterday before the Romneycare Obamacare ruling, he was proudly displayed as a thinking member of the club. Sure, there were some who harbored doubts about him. After all, he does not wear his politics on his sleeve. He doesn’t appear at Koch sponsored functions, nor does he proudly display his partisan politics.

And, that’s the real problem. Our country is so miserably polarized that if a liberal thinks independently they have betrayed the cause. Same thing with a conservative. Heaven forbid anyone act with intellectual honesty and try putting the country ahead of ideology. Only bad people do that. Instead, we are forced to put up with the likes of Ann Coulter.

The long knives are now after John Roberts. Their nastiness has reached the point where he joked that he might need to vacation in a hidden bunker. The worst of it is that he won’t be the only person damned for not marching the the beat of the ideological drummer. It is only going to get worse, until either the country falls apart of the extreme ends of both sides fall apart.

LA Times
This Week
Think Progress

The Wonkette is laughing about conservatives who think the Obama Administration has “something” on John Roberts, which is why he “betrayed” them.

The Wonkette

Megan Kelley, one of the “brighter” FOX bimbos, has it this way:

Fire Dog Lake

Rational conservative minds are starting to sober up, drink their coffee, and grow up enough to realize that all is far from lost. Jay Cost wrote:

“...But, in a subtle way, Chief Justice Roberts did away with much of that. Where he could justify Obamacare on existing federal authority, like the taxing power, he let it stand. Though his factual argument here was admittedly strained, his legal reasoning seems to have created no qualitative expansion of the federal taxing power, which is very broad to begin with (and has been for centuries). But where there was no extant power to back up the bill, he struck it down. In so doing, Roberts actually secured two, hugely important consitutional victories (if not policy ones) for conservatives. He lmited the scope of the Commerce Clause in a meaningful way, spoiling the liberal hope that it confers upon the Congress a general police power. He also won a significant victory for supporters of our dual sovereignty system; by striking down portions of the Medicaid expansion, he sent a clear message that there are limits to how the federal government can use money to boss the states around. These are two enormous triumphs in the century-long war over the principle that the Constitution forbids unlimited federal power….”

It is not all doom and gloom.

“...Libertarians declared victory. “We finally won a three-decades-long battle over the commerce clause,” John Eastman, a conservative constitutional scholar and a professor at Chapman University, told me hours after the court’s decision.

This might seem a paradox, given that the court upheld the legislation. But the decision may ultimately prove a Pyrrhic victory for supporters of expansive Congressional power. The opinion reads like a hymn to the ideal of limited government. And by embracing the broccoli argument, it sharply limits the commerce clause — until now the source of ever-expanding legislative power since Chief Justice John Marshall wrote in 1824 that Congressional power to regulate commerce “may be exercised to its utmost extent.”

Despite Justice Marshall’s sweeping language, much of the expansion of Congressional power under the commerce clause came over a century later, in a series of court challenges to New Deal legislation. Invoking the commerce clause, the court upheld the Fair Labor Standards Act, even though it regulated companies whose business was entirely local, and it upheld the regulation of milk prices even for dairies that never sold their products across state lines. In what Chief Justice Roberts cited this week as “perhaps the most far-reaching example of commerce clause authority over intrastate activity,” the court in 1942 upheld restricting a farmer’s right to grow wheat for his own consumption. These cases have long rankled many conservative jurists….”

The far right has turned into a laughing stock, to be made fun of for their irrational behavior following the decision on Romneycare Obamacare.  They are acting like individuals with Borderline Personality Disorder.

Famous epileptics and those with seizures.

  1. Julius Caesar
  2. Socrates
  3. Plato
  4. Muhammad
  5. Petrarch
  6. Bud Abbott
  7. Ward Bond
  8. Danny Glover
  9. Margaux Hemingway
  10. Martha Parke Custis
  11. Pope Pius IX
  12. Francis Liberman
  13. Ida McKinley
  14. Lenin
  15. Neil Young
  16. Prince
  17. Grover Cleveland Alexander
  18. Florence Griffith Joyner
  19. Dostoyevsky
  20. George Innes
  21. Napoleon
  22. Harriet Tubman
  23. George Gershwin
  24. Phillip K. Dick
  25. Ezekiel
  26. Paul of Tarsus
  27. Saint Brigitta
  28. Joan of Arc
  29. Edgar Allen Poe
  30. Leo Tolstoy
  31. Alfred Nobel
  32. Tchalkovsky
  33. Franklin D. Roosevelt
  34. Truman Capote
  35. Richard Burton
  36. Alexander the Great
  37. Alfred the Great
  38. Leonardo da Vinci
  39. Michaelanglo
  40. Martin Luther
  41. Cardinal Richelieu
  42. Louis VIII
  43. Moliere
  44. William III
  45. Jonathan Swift
  46. George Frederic Handel
  47. William Pitt
  48. Samuel Johnson
  49. Jean-Jacques Russeau
  50. James Madison
  51. Walter Scott
  52. Lord Byron
  53. Percy Bysshe Shelly
  54. Hector Berlioz
  55. Charles Dickens
  56. Soren Kierkegaard
  57. Guy de Maupassant
  58. Vincent Van Gogh
  59. Graham Green
  60. Alfred Lord Tennyson
  61. Sir Isaac Newton
  62. Agatha Cristie
  63. Theodore Roosevelt
  64. Charles V of Spain
  65. Pythagoras
  66. Hannibal
  67. Nicolo Paganini
  68. Peter the Great
  69. King Saul
  70. Bobby Jones
  71. Tony Coelho

The most outrageous of the haters on the far right are saying that John Roberts suffers from cognitive disability because of the possibility that he has had two seizures.  The more irrational these people become, the more ignorant they become.  I think this little list of some of the greatest minds in history has blown Michael Savage out of the water.

I guess, the same excuse cognitive disability can be used against James Madison – right?

You can’t have it both ways – unless you are one of the irrational haters of the left an the right.

Then again, with the constant historical and cultural ignorance that has damned the far right, I really don’t expect someone like Matt Drudge, Rush Limbaugh, or Michael Savage to recognize half the names on this list.




8 thoughts on “Not Their Finest Hour

  1. Very good summation.

    Count me as one of those former ‘conservatives’ who doesn’t think the world is ending with this ruling. In fact, I wish Republicans had passed something similar in 2001 so that when we had two kids in college, we didn’t have to pay for their healthcare at 22 when we had a family plan with the Federal Employees Health Plan. It is like conservatives going after Congress and their healthplan like it is free — it is not — they pay the same amount civil service pays and if you take the Blue Cross/Blue Shield option, it is over $400 per month — that is not free in my mind.

    After reading parts of this plan, I don’t see the problem. I also don’t see the problem of charging people a fee/tax for not taking insurance when those of us with insurance get stuck helping pay for them. The CEO’s of companies don’t take health insurance or the big companies self-insure and then cut benefits over and over again. Is that the problem — the wealthy will have to buy insurance or pay a tax? Is this really about the Koch Brothers and other wealthy donors? Nothing else makes sense including Governors saying they won’t implement it in their state because they are going to elect Romney, the father of Romneycare and the individual mandate. Talk about hypocricy — it is going through its finest hour with this group of so-called conservatives and their attacks on Chief Justice Roberts. Find their vile comments disgusting.

    Even the author of the Romney/Obama plan is saying they are the same plan but that doesn’t fit the conservative narrative, so he has to be lying. The real liars and hypocrites are Mitt Romney and the conservatives who went totally off the cliff over this ruling.

    The very idea that they feel they own SCOTUS is un-American to me. Justices are supposed to have blinders on with ideology and not rule because they are conservative or liberal but on the Constutionality of the law. Congress is way overstepping especially the House no matter who is in charge. They are not the people’s house this time but are bought and paid for by the likes of the Koch Brothers, Crossdroads, Fox, and conservative pundits using Drudge to do their dirty work.

    This is one person who no longer calls herself a ‘conservative’ after what I have been witnessing with the underhanded tactics and cheating to get Romney the nomination. I will not turn into a pretzel to defend Romney and will not vote for his brand of conservatism which is based on lies. I am staying a Republican for now just to be a thorn in their side and hope that someone with common sense like a Jeb Bush will come riding in on a white horse to rescue the Republican Party before 2016 or it is going to implode on its owns. As that ‘traitor’ Senator of mine, Dr. Tom Coburn, said said earlier this year if the country elects Romney and a Republican House and Senate, the Republican Party will not survive. He made that comment and out came the ‘traitor’ calling.

    When you take your blinders off, you realize that a lot of the conservatives today have no empathy for other people only the wealthy donors. Amazing what you can see when you decide to be an independent thinker and realize that both sides of the ‘my way or no way crowd’ from the far left and far right could care less about you and me and our ideas as we don’t count.

  2. I think that Roberts’ decision was a disaster. However, I can understand how he arrived at the decision that it was a tax. It passed congress as a mandate. Even the POTUS denied that it was a tax. Critics are saying that Roberts rewrote the law so that it would be constitutional. It is also rumored that Roberts changed his vote at a later date, but it was argued before the court as a tax because it was on shaky ground under the Commerce Clause. It is also interesting that the liberal justices ruled that the ACA was constitutional under the Commerce Clause. It was Roberts that ruled that it was constitutional as a tax. I feel that Roberts should have questioned the constitutionality of a tax, which would be used as a punishment for those who refuse to do what the government wants them to do. Right now, I can’t muster up much admiration for him. I feel that the decision was flawed. The justices ruled it constitutional for different reasons. In my opinion, Roberts could have done a better job and I am not on the far right. Regardless of the decision, the White House (Jay Carney) will not admit that it is a tax. On July 11th the House will introduce a bill to repeal the ACA, but with all the liberals in the Senate it will not go anywhere.

  3. To me it is obvious that Chief Justice Roberts made a political statement to uphold the impartiality of the Court.

  4. The problem with this “impartiality” is that it allows the government open season on controlling Churches through this “penalizing taxation”.

    No abortion, after morning pill, sterilization, birth control or black pill for the imperfect?

    Well, pay $1000 per incident. Justice Roberts said as long as the amount was low enough so $1000 is low–until you multiply it by millions.

    And how about the overweight? $10 a lb over the ideal weight for every month that you do not attend a weight lost clinic and/or gym.

    And that filthy habit of smoking…that’s worth at least $3000 for not going to a smoke clinic.

    The list is endless…oh and I learned from a doctor that the “precondition” clause is bogus as an insurance company can “delay” coverage for up to a year.

    No, this was a wrong decision, and like the abortion law, Roberts found a part of the constitution (mainly the ammendment to the constitution that allows the government to tax us.) to make this legal.

    And before anyone blame the guy who appointed him, please remember that the talk show mafia held up Roberts as the reason why Harriet Miers wasn’t good enough.

  5. Don’t be fooled by Chief Justice John Roberts. He knows where the money is. I’m not altogether convinced that the far right really wants those big insurance companies to lose 45 million new customers.

  6. I am so cynical about this that I swear the GOP is not going to make much of a move to repeal. They’re making big campaign bucks off it. From what I gather, the insurance companies like the mandate. Read The Pink Flamingo tomorrow. The GOP has been in power in the House since January, 2011. What have they done to even start taking this thing out…..? I sorta rest my case, there.

    They all know where the money is, that’s why I figure it is here to stay.


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